The rise of smartphones has made significant development in mobile gaming as gamers get the same experience when compared to PCs. But is playing games online, ruining your social life? It is and what if I tell you that there are apps that allow you to text and play games at the same time.

10 Best Online Chat Rooms & Games

If you have been playing games for a while, you might hate the fact that you need toggle between two apps: one being the game and the next one is the messaging app. There’s good news for gamers out there who face similar kind of problems as there are games that offer to meet new people and engage in friendly matches.

There are a plethora of options to interact with right people as long as you play the right kind of games. So what makes chat rooms and games to go along with each other more interesting and what are the games that support this feature?

We will discuss all these in this article, which are those games that give you maximum entertainment along with an extra dose of making social connections. And with this article, we will bring out some of the 10 Best Online Chat rooms and games that are enough to satisfy you in engaging with friends and playing games with them.

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Why are they popular?

The reason is simple; they save the time of users by satisfying the needs of playing and interacting with members gaming online under one platform. In recent times there has been popular demand for these apps, and the market has witnessed rapid growth, allowing developers to create more games like these.

online games

Some brilliant graphics and content-driven storylines, make gaming a more real life like experience. Online gaming is a different category, allowing gamers to interact and play games under one app with the help of an internet connection. Most of the games not only feature text-based messaging service but also have voice-based conversations as well. Tired of finding the best app which is convenient enough for both chat & games, try buy essay.

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10 Online Chat rooms and games:

And here is a list of games that are quite popular in this category allowing one to enjoy socializing and gaming together. If you find, any of these apps in your collection, you can always try out a few different options.

Try not sticking to just one game, look to play others, to know which one is the best.

  1. Mini-Militia: With this gaming app, experience intense battle combat with up to 12 players using Wifi-connection. It features intuitive shooting controls and warfares that have access to online and local multiplayer. You also have access to various maps by purchasing the Pro Player Pack.
  2. Minecraft: Create buildings, explore a new world of gaming with an experience to play and engage with friends from different devices. Although it is slightly expensive when compared to other games, this makes Minecraft offer the best gaming experience.
  3. Oz World: This game dates back to 1999 and is quite popular since then. Create avatars, which plays a vital role in meeting strangers online. It boasts features like changing dress and designing a house.
  4. Roblox: This game is quite similar to Minecraft and is also the most extensive social platform to play on. Roblox lets you build a 3D world and allow gamers like you to meet and create the cube-like structures together.
  5. IMVU: This is currently the best-ranked 3D based game with excellent experience in terms of socializing with complete strangers from anywhere in the world. Create Avatar and walk around the map with complete freedom.
  6. The Sims: Create and customize your appearance with different hairstyles, outfits, and makeups to choose within the app. Attending and hosting parties with other Sims, allows you to earn rewards, build relationships and most importantly, socialize.
  7. Clash of Clans: Join clans and take part in battles by starting your own clan and inviting friends. Socializing is a useful tool here as it helps you take up friendly challenges and wars.
  8. 5th Street: This is a fun and interactive game allowing for socializing with other players by engaging in dancing and other activities. A word of advice to fellow gamers, 5th street is a highly addictive game.
  9. Atom Universe: Atom Universe is a free social virtual world, featuring a lot of fun people in a theme park. You can socialize, enjoy games, rides, and amusements available in the theme park.
  10. Second life: And taking the last spot on my list of best online chat rooms and games in Second Life.  It is an online virtual world, allowing you to explore the world and meet other residents also allowing you to take part in socializing activities like building and creating properties. Second Life is up and running from 2003; this tells you how popular the game is for 15 years.

And these were my picks for the 10 Best Online Chat Rooms & Games, hope you might have played all by now, and if not all, try out a few before hooking to one game. These games are quite entertaining and socializing at the same time.

Till then, have fun meeting new people and challenging them to gain extra points to increase your rankings. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, in the end, you improve your gaming skills.