If you’re a reader and fan of the magazine Forbes, then you may have stumbled across this article about the lawyer Jeremy Diamond. If you haven’t yet, give it a read. It’s a great article on how Diamond grew his law firm in Canada through advertising and managed to stay ahead of his competition because they weren’t as aware of how important marketing truly was and is.

7 smart ways to grow law tactics

Marketing, no matter your industry, is the most important aspect of your business you can put time and effort into the outside of assuring quality for your clients. Marketing takes a lot of work (and money), however. So in addition to just marketing ourselves, we need to know how to grow our law firms through as many methods as possible.


LinkedIn is the Facebook for professionals. It’s here that you may showcase your achievements in your field such as your degree and any awards you may have won. You’ll be able to connect with other lawyers and people you know as well so that you’re visible to the largest number of people as possible, while also maintaining a strong relationship with your peers.

LinkedIn allows you to compliment colleagues on recent job successes, post things on your profile such as interesting articles (like you would on Facebook), and show off who you are. It’s a must-use tool for anyone who is an attorney or lawyer.

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Community Events

Participating in local community events is a brilliant way to get ahead of the pack and create brand awareness for your law firm. You can host your own community events such as a children’s toy drive during Christmas, a spring clean-up, or a community BBQ to celebrate something such as being in business for so many years. You can also take a simpler approach (or do both) by sponsoring local high school sports and clubs and other events in the community like a Relay For Life.

7 smart ways to grow law tactics

Sponsoring and hosting your own community events will help to make a great impression of you on those in the community, and it helps to build trust between you and them. It’s a smart way to push your brand while making yourself look really good to everyone else. Most of all, people will appreciate what you’re doing.


While a little unconventional sounding at first considering you’re not a radio station, hosting a contest can be a smart way to get involved in the community. This can be done as a sponsored event, or something is done on your own, just make sure you at least buy radio ad space for it.

If you want people to know more about your law firm, then create a contest that gives away a useful prize such as a lawnmower or gift cards if people come to your law firm and do an activity such as picking up a brochure. You’d be amazed at how active people can become over small things if it’s free.

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Buy Ad Space

Buy ad space in four mediums: online, TV, radio, and newspaper. Buying ad space in these four venues will get you in front of your viewer’s eyes to help create more brand awareness. Online is the best option out of all of them if you’re looking to target specific demographics and social patterns such as people who search for lawyers in your area, but it may be less successful than another medium such as TV because it’s a more involved form of advertising for the viewer. It’s hard to say what the best option overall is because they all have their strengths and weaknesses, so do a bit of each and see where you have the most success.

7 smart ways to grow law tactics

Go To Conferences

Going to conferences is a fantastic way to make connections with other lawyers. It may not grow your business in the sense of clients, but it will grow the number of peers at your disposal to seek advice if you have questions on a case or feedback on an important issue. You can never have too many colleagues to lend a hand when one is needed.

There are dozens of conferences across the states, and they range in topics, but they are almost always on the forefront of law and up to date with the latest in the industry, which helps you stay one step ahead of your competition who doesn’t attend them.

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Look At Your Numbers

Are you pricing too much for your services or perhaps even too little? Business is all about perceived value to a client. There’s only one reason people pay $350 for a pair of sunglasses or $800 for the new iPhone. It’s all about perceived value. Pricing can help clients perceive your law firm for what it’s worth, but that may not be entirely accurate of how you want to be perceived. Pricing too high makes clients perceive your firm as being untrustworthy, while pricing too low may make your firm seem like it’s not nearly as good as it actually is. Take a look at the books and see if there’s something you should change.

7 smart ways to grow law tactics

Public Speaking

Public speaking can be a useful way to not only make some extra money but to grow your brand as well. By booking speaking opportunities you’re getting in front of more people and proving that you’re someone who is trustworthy and an expert. This is also a good way to build a rapport with potential clients because if they’ve seen you speak and are in need of legal help, they are more likely to go seek your counsel and help than your competitions because they see you as the top expert in the area.

There are dozens of ways to grow your law firm, but here are a few that can have the most amount of success. Play around with theme and tweak theme as needed to see how you can grow your law firm as much as possible.