Are you running a blog on your law firm but you’re struggling to gain traction? This is a common problem for many blog owners out there because even though you may have incredible content, it’s hard to fight through the noise. There are thousands of bloggers in every field these days, so even if you pick a very specific niche, there’s a chance at least 3 or 4 other people are also doing it.

8 Social Media Tools To Promote Any Blog

One of the ways that you can fight through this noise is to be better at social media than them. The way that I like to think of it is that you don’t need to be better than the thousands of other bloggers who are writing about law, just the few who are writing in the same niche as you.

These tools will be able to help you to stand out and get your blog noticed, no matter if you’re a personal injury lawyer in Toronto or a dog bite lawyer in Vancouver. Here are ten social media tips to put into your repertoire of marketing skills to instantly notice an increase in your traffic.

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StumbleUpon is incredible under the utilized platform as everyone seems to use Twitter and Facebook. I can understand the use of Twitter and Facebook, but StumbleUpon deserves some love too. This platform likes to use something known to many marketers as “The Wave.” Essentially the goal of using Stumble Upon is to get the wave to hit your website.


The wave is a massive influx of people that come randomly. It’s easy to get little ripples on the site, but once in awhile, you may get hit with 3,000 unique hits randomly. It’s beautiful for collecting website opt-ins. The key to StumbleUpon is to use the platform yourself for a couple of minutes each day and do not add every post to the site yourself (it’s an algorithm thing), see if you can get friends to post it on there for you.



This website specializes in helping you manage your social media profiles. You can add all of your main social media profiles to this site so that they are all organized and compiled nicely in front of your eyes and one area. You can schedule all your tweets and other posts far in advance so that you can get all your social media posting done for the week by Monday morning. It will quickly become a favorite tool of yours.



You’re probably already on LinkedIn, but are you using it to its full capabilities? Many professionals have a profile but don’t feel comfortable posting on the site. It’s understandable why as it’s not your personal Facebook account, but it’s still worthwhile to share your blog posts on here to share with your colleagues. It’s also a great way to make a “call for submissions” from other experts in your field who wish to guest post.


Google+ Groups

 Google+ has been on the decline recently, but there are still some valuable aspects to using it, though I do not suggest spending much time here. Establishing your blog link on Google+ can help Google to find your site easier, giving it a higher ranking. This higher ranking in the search engine will do a little bit to increase your traffic as the more links connecting to your site the better.

Goggle+ group

 In addition to this, Google+ goes by the theme of “hangouts.” This means that they are awesome about allowing people to create groups for a variety of things. Find some law groups on Google+ and become a member. You can promote your posts to other professionals who may then share it further. Just remember to not only promote your posts but to be active and promote their posts as well. People are not too fond of spamming in these groups.

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Pinterest is another under-utilized site as it’s mostly used by travel bloggers, foodies, and the health bloggers, but it can be useful for you as well. Post your content on here, and you’ll instantly notice a few extra site hits from here each week, and if you become a bit more active on the site and build a base of followers, it can bring you much more than a few extra hits. There’s a category for everything on Pinterest, including law.


Twitter & Facebook Advertising

The surest way to truly bring a mass amount of people to your website is through advertising, though the other methods are better in the long-run once they are well established. You can create ads on Twitter and Facebook to easily drive a few thousand of people to your website for only $250 on each. The obvious benefit is being able to get specific with choosing your demographic to attract the people you’d like, thus including your e-mail subscription opt-in rate.

Twitter & Facebook Advertising

Embedded Tweets

A fun way to spruce up your blog posts is through using a plugin that embeds tweets into your posts. Choose a sentence or two (under 140 characters) you really like and select it to have a “Tweet This” button next to it. It’s a fun tool to make your blog more interactive, and if readers choose to do this, you can include a link to your blog post as well as your own Twitter handle, giving you the chance to get more website hits and followers. Just know that this isn’t always successful, people need to feel inspired to use this tool.

Embedded Tweets

Analytical Tools

I would love to list all of the amazing analytical tools such as Google Analytics, but there are simply too many great ones to choose from. Analytic tools are the best way to gage who your demographic is including metrics such as age range, sex, devices used to access your blog, and more. This is vital to the health and success of your blog because it shows you what your marketing efforts are bringing in.

Analytical Tools

Research the different tools out there, including all of the tools for your social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to gage where your site is going. This will help you to tweak your marketing efforts and view your growth.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks provide you with fresh end-over-end growth with your law firm blog by allowing you to get a better position on search engines and to fight through all of the noise created by the other blogs. Start by choosing two or three of these activities to start with this week to focus your efforts and go from there.