As we get older, we start to lose our independence and our ability to look after ourselves. At this point, we will need additional care and support, and this can result in an elderly person being moved to a nursing home. Typically, it’s the grown child’s decision when a parent needs to move to a nursing home. But, is it the right decision to make?

A Care Home Might Not Be The Best Decision For Your Parent, Here's Why

Their Independence Will Deteriorate Further

It’s true to say that there is often some level of neglect present in nursing home care. This has been shown through a number of media stories, investigating the conditions of these living areas. Your parent may continue to lose their independence and may give up completely. Nursing homes have been seen to make both physical and mental conditions worse.

They Might Be Unhappy

Due to the poor conditions of some nursing homes, many people living there are unhappy. They feel isolated from society in a way that they weren’t before. Often, they are visited very little, and while the child believes they are being looked after, it may not be the case.

Nursing Homes Can Be Dangerous

As already stated, there have been widespread reports of neglect present in nursing homes. Elderly patients have been put in danger due to poor regulations of the system. There have been cases of sexual, physical and mental abuse by staff working there. If your parent is placed in nursing care, they might be in danger. However, due to their vulnerability, they may not be able to do anything about it.

This infographic highlights the dangers currently present in elderly care.

Infographic Produced By Donald W. Fohrman & Associates, ltd.