If you don’t want a Sheldon like scenario at your business who comes up to the HR cabin knocks at the door thrice saying “Human resource department Human resource department Human resource department.” Then outsourcing the HR services is the best option. (Reference from The Big Bang Theory, American sitcom)

Managing employees is the most crucial factor of any business but did you know you can outsource the HR activities someone outside your business? If not, then this article will help you with the benefits and also why exactly you need to outsource your Human resource department.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your HR

Here is why you need to outsource Human Resources? Businesses are evolving and that there is more room for competition and HR is no more the need of the hour for in-house works. Many small companies cannot afford to accumulate the space given to Human Resources Department in the initial stages. Outsourcing HR can only mean that you can concentrate on core business functions. Although HR is productive, it performs various functions like payroll processing, benefit plans, recruiting, administration, training other HR related activities.

Also take into consideration that Human resources help a business manage legal compliance, files, and records and keep a track on training and development. If you are an HR and are looking for some motivation, check this quote from Thomas John Watson Sr.

“Recently, I was asked if I was going to fire an employee who made a mistake that cost the company $600,000. No, I replied, I just spent $600,000 training him. Why would I want somebody to hire his experience?”

Here are the benefits of outsourcing HR :

  • Cost and Time Saving

On top of the list is that the amount of cost and time it takes to set up an HR department which is considerably higher than other departments.

And a fully functional HR team need space, and along with it, they have to be trained as well, here it eats both time and cost.Business like small and medium size can opt for outsourcing as they cannot seem to afford the expenses and space.

benefits of not having HR

Outsourcing can only save money and in return can be used for the productive business purposes. In the case of outsourcing, things do get better when a business can reduce the costs whenever they wish to.

  • Risk Management

The risk factor gets minimal when you start outsourcing HR. There is workplace code of conduct to be maintained, and employees require time to get adjusted to it as the laws get updated day by day. Human Resource outsourcing can only mean that the services go uninterrupted by reducing the time spent on issues relating to an individual’s risk.

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  • Efficiency

Outsourcing HR means high efficiency in your workplace, and it only gets better when they provide services such as payroll benefits and compliance management.

advantage of not having HR

When companies outsource their HR services, it only means that most of the time is now spent on gaining profits and other business activities which are essential for growth of the business. And also another useful part is that it reduces paperwork.

You can check, Outsourced HR from here.

  • Employee Performance Development

Outsourcing goes one step ahead concerning managing employee performance and development. The business you run might have encountered the problem of nurturing a recruit foreseeing the time taken to improve. Well with outsourcing, the HR services can carefully monitor the workload of employees and also help them grow. And here is where most of the time of an organization is saved.

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  • A piece of talent around the world

This benefit is an enormous one when compared to the others mentioned earlier. The Professional Employer Organization are the ones who accept outsourcing of human resources and help in providing the best services of HR from some of the best in the world.

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  • Flexible

The amount of information your business has, you can outsource the HR services anytime, depending on the size of the business.

why HR is not required

The human resources only motive is to ensure that all the human resources services go into a flow and work smoothly.

  • Fresh Outlook

Outsourcing the HR services can get a fresh perspective on your business allowing growth swiftly with much ease. These services will only create objectives that benefit the organization. Not only they provide you with a new and exciting way of doing business but also grow your business exponentially.

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Here are some light-hearted jokes on HR(do not get offended HRs)

If you are someone who has a high grasp of sarcasm, then you might relate to these jokes.

  1. HR: Gopi, keep your revised salary confidential…!

   Gopi: Don’t worry, I’m equally ashamed of it!

2.HR: Are you on drugs?

  Candidate: You and I both know that you don’t pay me enough to have a drug problem.

One last one, I promise

3. HR: Why should I hire you?

Candidate: Because this company needs someone who knows why he should hire People.


These are only a few of the benefits that a business can get out of outsourcing the HR services. Although given the benefits there are a few things you need to consider the prices that various outsourcing agencies have set. Prefer the company that suits all your needs and which aligns with your budget.