Today in this modern world everyone is so much busy in their work that they rarely focus on their diet and sometimes consume the food which is not good for their health. Everyday people used to follow the same routine, and the pressure of works didn’t allow them to do any physical exercises which make them more prone to many problems. Due to the excessive consumption of the junk foods, it causes the accumulation of sugar and fat in our body, and lack of physical exercises don’t allow these substances to burn thus increasing the weight of the body and further causing obesity. Our body needs 2500 calories a day, but the number increases due to the consumption of these junk foods. If this excess calorie is not burnt, then it gets accumulated in the form of fats in our body thus giving rise to many health related problems. A normal human being has the Body Mass Index of 18 below which one is considered undernourished and the above to be overweight.

GM Diet Plan To Lose Weight In 7 Days

To get rid of the problem people start thinking about the diet plan through which they can reduce their weight, but the majority of the people thinks that keeping them starve will help in reducing their weight. But it’s not true. A healthy diet plan doesn’t mean that to keep you starve rather, it means to take the healthy food which will provide the necessary nutrients to our body. Sometimes people are a little bit confused what to follow or not, so here I am with this article that would tell you about the most successful diet plan.


GM diet plan is one of the most successful diet plan accepted by the majority of the people. Also known as Cabbage Soup Diet it is said to be work on the principle that the food we eat helps in the burning of calories rather than providing excess calories to be stored in the form of fats. The main content of this diet is water, fruits, and vegetables, so it not only reduces one’s weight but it also detoxifies our body. Water helps in faster digestion and fruits and vegetables contains the essential nutrients which are very important for our body.

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The GM diet plan was started 28 years ago by the General Motors for their employees now expand its roots across the world. On August 15, 1985, it was approved by the Board of Directors of the General Motors at their annual meetings and was fully supported by their employees. The diet plan designed for 7 days received positive responses from the employees which further increases its popularity across the world with a loss of 10-17 pounds for each participant every week. The main content of this diet is water, fruits, and vegetables which not only reduces the body weight but also detoxifies our body.


It was planned with the seven-day diet plan with the diet mainly focuses on water, fruits and vegetables. Here I will give you the detailed description of the 7-day diet which you must follow.

Before going for the diet plan, one must prepare himself/ herself for the diet which they will take in these 7 days. They must consume the starch-rich foods so that the excess energy is stored in the body which will last for the next morning.

DAY 1: – On the first day of your diet plan you can consume as many fruits as you can. There are no restrictions on the intake of fruits. Your day must start with a medium sized apple and 1 glass of water, and it is an important point to be considered that apart from bananas you can take any fruits. Therefore, it must be avoided during our diet plan. At the brunch, you can take half a bowl of sliced cantaloupe with a glass of water. At lunch time, sliced watermelons and two glasses of water must be taken followed by an orange and a glass of water in the post- lunch snack. An apple and a glass of water must be taken in the snacks and sliced cantaloupe and two guavas along with two glass of water during dinner.

GM Diet Plan To Lose Weight In 7 Days

All these fruits contain fibre which provides energy for the whole of the day and flushes out toxins from the body. However, banana must not be taken during the day as it increases our body weight. Apart from bananas, there are many things which are not be taken such as proteins, carbohydrate-rich foods, milk, vegetables, and beverages.

One must also do the physical exercises during the day such as arm circles, wrist circles, neck rotation and ankle rotation.

DAY 2: – The next day is a green day where you have to consume as many vegetables you can. You can either cook them or consume them raw, but during cooking, you cannot use oil, so you have to avoid the potato chips. Your day must start with boiled potato along with a glass of water. At the brunch time, sliced cabbage and lettuce salad must be taken along with a glass of water. At lunch, mixed vegetable salad and two glasses of water must be taken followed by boiled broccolis and two glass of water in the post-lunch snack. In the evening snacks, boiled cauliflower must be consumed along with mixed vegetable salad consisting of broccoli, beans and two glass of water during dinner.

gm diet plan veg

These vegetables contain all the essential nutrients which are very important for the development of our body. Here also there is much food which must not be taken during the day such as proteins, beverages, milk, carbohydrate-rich foods, and fruits.

The day must go on with some healthy exercises such as ankle rotation, wrist rotation, stretching and much more.

DAY 3: – Now our body will be adjusted to the new diet plan and the third day will be the combination of fruits and vegetables. The day must start with some fruits such as a watermelon along with a glass of water. At the brunch time, either a pineapple or a pear must be taken followed by a glass of water. At lunch, some vegetable items have to be taken. A mixed vegetable salad is the best and must be consisting of boiled broccoli, cucumber and two glasses of water followed by an orange and a glass of water in the post-lunch snack. At the evening snacks, a pear and a glass of water are best and boiled peas, beans and broccoli in the dinner.

gm diet plans

The combination itself contains the essential nutrients which replenish your body and further satisfies your taste buds. The food containing proteins, carbohydrates must not be taken during the day along with beverages and dairy products such as milk.

This beautiful day must go on with some of the healthy exercises such as arm circles, wrist rotation, shoulder rotation.

DAY 4: – The day 4 will be a banana day as for the whole day we have to consume banana only and must consume milk thrice a day during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The day must start with the consumption of two large bananas along with a glass of milk. At the brunch time, you can take a banana milkshake with some honey on it as a sweetener. The lunch will consist of GM diet soup again followed by a banana milkshake in the post-lunch time. In the evening snacks, one must take 2-3 bananas and again the bananas and a glass of milk in the dinner.

gm diet chart

Bananas provide instantaneous energy to the body and also contains pectin which aids in digestion. Milk contains phosphorous and calcium which helps in the strengthening of bones. Fruits and vegetables must not be taken during the day along with proteins, carb-rich foods, and fat milk.

The healthy day must go on with some of the exercises such as leg rotation, spot jogging, bicycle crunches, arm circles, shoulder rotation.

DAY  5: – Day 5 will be a fast as compared to other four days as the diet consist of tomatoes, brown rice protein-rich foods such as chicken, fish, and lots of water. The day must start with the intake of red and healthy tomatoes and two glasses of water. Then at the brunch time, a yogurt and two glasses of water must be taken. The lunchtime will be a feast for us as it contains cooked brown rice chicken breast and tomatoes along with two glasses of water. The post-lunch snack consists of the salad with onions followed by an apple or a pear in the evening snacks and a GM diet soup in the dinner.

gm diet plan chart

Brown rice is rich in carbohydrates which provide energy and also helps in digestion. Chicken and fish contain protein which is very important for toning the muscles. Fish is also very important for our eyes and tomatoes to have high fiber content which aids in digestion. One should avoid eating vegetables such as potatoes and fruits such as bananas and milk.

The energetic day must go on with some of the exercises such as rope jumping, neck rotation, Kapalbhati, arm circles, Surya Namaskar and much more.

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For the non-vegetarians, they can take chicken breast and tomato soup in the breakfast which contains the essential nutrients to provide energy to our body. In the lunch, they can take hamburger along with brown rice and chicken, and at dinner, the chicken soup would add a new flavour to your diet.

what is gm diet to lose weight

For the vegetarians, brown rice can be consumed in all the three times along with raw tomatoes. Brown rice can also be replaced with white rice, but one has to add paneer while making the brown rice.

DAY 6: – Day 6 is almost similar to day 5, and by the day one can easily observe the change in the body. The day must start with mixed boiled vegetable salad followed by kidney sized beans during the brunch time. The lunch is same as that of the day 5, a bowl of brown rice, chicken breast and raw tomatoes with fewer dressings followed by again the boiled vegetables in the post-snack time and fruits during the snack. The GM Diet soup will be enough for dinner.

best gm diet plan

Boiled vegetables essential vitamins and fiber which replenish our body. Brown rice contains high carbohydrate content and chicken with protein.

The successive day will go on with exercises such as spot jogging, rope jumping, arm rotation, wrist rotation and much more.

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DAY 7: – On the last day of the diet one can take brown rice, fruit juice and an unlimited quantity of vegetables. The day must start with the healthy vegetables with the intake of a glass of water. At the brunch time, one can take the fruit juice, and during the lunch, a bowl of brown rice and boiled vegetables will be both healthy and nutritious. The post-snack time must be consumed with raw vegetables and the snack time with fruit juice. There is no limitation on the variety of fruit juice. Whatever you feel better you must go with that only.Finally, at dinner time, GM Diet soup must be taken.

gm diet plan to loose weight

On the lat day of the diet plan, the exercises such as neck rotation, bicycle crunches, Surya Namaskar, wrist rotation have to be done.


The soup is one of the most important items in the list of diet plan which helps in reducing the weight of about 10 pounds in a week. It is one of the tasty soup, and the ingredients required in the making of this soup are onions, peppers, cabbages, tomatoes, celery, and water. First of all, chop the tomatoes and add pepper to it and saute it by adding olive oil into it. Then chop all the cabbages, onions and celery and pour all the things into a large pot with water. Now cook it for 60 min and your delicious and nutritious soup will be ready.



The GM Diet does not contain chicken as a part of the diet, but in the past years, it has undergone modification and now chicken is one of the main items in it. So, here is the method through which we can prepare the delicious chicken soup. The ingredients used are chicken, tomatoes, carrots, broth mixture, celery, cloves, olive oil, garlic, and onion. First of all heat the olive oil in the pan and then fry onion, garlic, clove, and carrot until the light brown colour of onion is observed. Then add tomatoes and chicken then simmer it for 30 minutes, and after that your delicious and nutritious chicken soup is ready. Here one important thing has to be kept in mind that this soup can be consumed only on Day 5 and Day 6 at the dinner and lunch time.

gm diet plan


Before starting a thing, people are confused whether to start it or not. Whether the thing will be proved useful to them or not. Similarly, before planning for a diet, they think that whether the diet plan would be useful to them or not. So, here I am going to tell you about how GM Diet plan works.

  1. DETOXIFICATION: – The main feature of this diet is that it detoxifies our body. As one goes through the diet plan, they are free from the heavy carbohydrate-rich foods which cause excessive fat in the body. The dieters drink about 8 glasses of water each day which further removes all the toxins from the body. If one regularly detoxifies their body the faster, the digestion will be, and continuous emission of toxins from our body will help in reducing our weight.
  2. INCREASES THE RATE OF DIGESTION: – As the diet is followed by high consumption of fruits rich in fibre content, it increases our rate of digestion. The diet is also followed by excessive consumption of water which dissolves the nutrients present in the fruits and thus the overall digestion process is maximised.
  3. BOWEL MOVEMENT: – People faces the problem of obesity due to the excessive accumulation of fats in our body. The fats get accumulated due to the type of food we consume, and therefore this diet plan is very necessary for burning the excess calories present in our body. The diet plan consists of the food which has high fiber content, and the excess consumption of water burn the fats thus reducing the bowel problems such as constipation.

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The best part of this diet is that it makes you the habit of eating fruits and vegetables which are low in sugar content and high fiber content which helps in proper digestion. It detoxifies our body by removing the toxins by making us feel lighter and stress-free.

how to lose weight in 7 days


GM Diet plan is a tough diet plan and the most successful diet plan and to see the immediate results we have to follow the same diet plan. It has been rightly said that to want the good results one must be focussed and do the hard work in order to achieve the goal. Similarly here also if one wants their body to be in shape then they have to follow certain steps. A GM Diet plan not only helps in reducing our weight but it also helps in many other ways. It improves our digestive systems and provides energy to stay healthy. It helps in burning extra calories in the body thus managing the obesity. This diet plan is also known as fad diet plan because we have to be very strict while following the diet plan.

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GM Diet plan consists of the diet less in proteins which is the known as the building block for the body. Protein helps in the repair and recovery of the damaged tissues, and the lack of proteins in the body the repair and recovery process will be hampered, and the cells become weak. One looks unattractive and easily lose the muscles due to the low content of protein in the body. The diet plan is not for pregnant women as a pregnant woman requires all the essential nutrients for her and for her baby and the lack of any essential nutrients will cause harm to both of them. It leads to metabolic slowdown and one has a higher chance of gaining the weight after 7 days. The diet plan does not meet the person’s daily nutrition demand as it has only 1-2 foods per day.

diet chart for weight loss

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Though the diet plan promises to lose your weight within 7 days it has many side effects also. The diet plan which we follow contains food which are low in protein content and as we know that protein is the building block of the human being which helps in the repair and recovery of the cells. The lack of proteins in our body causes the loss of muscles which makes us unattractive.


4 regular sized bananas and if there are tiny bananas then 6 would be enough.


The diet plan is not good for the person suffering from diabetes, hypertensions as the diet plan does not fulfil the nutritional demands of these people. The person must be given protein, and carbohydrate-rich food that would provide them energy to do work and the GM diet plan does not contain protein and carbohydrate-rich foods.


No, as these things cause weight gain and other health issues.


The diet plan fails if one again follows the same unhealthy style which means they again fall into the trap of junk foods and all. After diet plan also one must eat the healthy and balanced diet in order to be fit. Many people own underlying health issues such as thyroid problem which causes increases in weight. Therefore, to be free from all these problems then one must eat healthily.


Yes, we can eat salt during diet plan.


No, one cannot have dried fruits and nuts as these are very concentrated sources of food. However, we can have these dried fruits and nuts but in a small quantity to avoid the further increase in weight.


No, one cannot do the GM Diet continuously as it is not meant for lifestyle. One can start after a gap of two weeks, but one must not go into their original unhealthy style in that time period and must eat healthy and nutritious food.