You’re thinking about hiring a company to help write your dissertation, but you’re still on the fence about it. Don’t worry; today I’ll be lifting the veil and pointing out the pros and cons of hiring a dissertation writing company.

Before we jump into that though, let’s quickly revise why people decide to hire these types of companies in the first place.

Why Hire a Dissertation Writing Company?

For the most part, people who need these kinds of services are in a deficit of either time or have too much work on their hands to handle the workload. In these instances, reaching out to a professional service can mean the difference between a passing grade and a failing grade.

The problem, however, is that there are so many different companies to choose from that it becomes difficult to know which ones are the right ones.

It is precisely why I am writing this content piece outlining the pros and cons of acquiring the services of dissertation writing companies.


Let’s be frank, one of the most important reasons why people obtain these services is because of time. When you’re studying and have a lot of work on your hands, getting professional help is critical. It means you have time to focus on the more critical subjects allowing you to deliver quality results.


Additionally, if you find a reliable company, you will always be ensured to get the highest level of quality These companies have professional writers that do this for a living. Unlike you, who have to balance life and school, these folks only focus on writing. It means that they can dedicate some serious time to delivering a product that is of the highest quality.


Furthermore, these companies usually include free editing and rewriting with their products. It also plays into the time factor as you won’t have to worry about grammar, spelling or even whether or not the citations are in the correct format.

There is also a wealth of talent within these companies. It means that irrespective of the subject you are covering, they probably have someone who is already sort of an expert in the field. It says that there is less research for you to do and you’ll have someone who is passionate about your particular topic.

They also write at different levels of academia. Whether you’re writing for a graduate program or a master’s program, they will have someone proficient at that skill level.


Now let’s move onto the cons of hiring these kinds of services.

Since there are many different companies out there, finding the right one for you can be difficult. If you go based on a cheaper price tag, you might end up with more reasonable quality which will reflect poorly on your grade.

Another con to hiring these services is that you aren’t learning anything. You’re outsourcing your academia to another person who defies the entire point of writing the paper yourself. The main reason why teachers want you to write a dissertation is that they want to reinforce the concepts. If you outsource your efforts, you’re not learning anything except that money can get the work done on your behalf.

Furthermore, you still have to prepare the outline of the paper beforehand. A writer might be skilled, but if you don’t provide the writer with direction, they won’t be able to complete it to perfection. It means you will still have to invest time to ensure that the writer knows where you want to go.


Additionally, you will still need to edit the paper yourself. While you might have someone who can write exceptionally well, might not use the same lexicon as you. In other words, they will use a different voice that can be detected by your professors. After all, your professors have been grading you all this time; they will quickly notice when you aren’t writing as you talk.

Thus, you will still need to go over the paper and perhaps even rewrite it in your own words. Of course, the writer did do all the heavy lifting, but depending on how fast you write, you could still be spending a few hours on making the essay entirely yours.

The Bottom Line

To buy or not to buy…that is the question. Whether or not you believe that buying your academic works is ethical or not, you will need to wait out the pros and the cons to ensure that you are making a substantial investment. After all, it is your money on the line and your academic career.

The pros and cons listed above aim at providing you with the insight to make an informed decision about your academic future. The ball is now in your court.