Facebook Messenger Secrets & Tricks

You may be using Facebook messenger for a long time but do you know that you can use Facebook messenger not only to keep in touch with your people but do a lot more? Here’s we going to disclose top secrets behind facebook messenger which can turn around your life. Facebook messenger provides a lot more than just boring conversation. All over the world, it has approximately 900 million users which can easily cover three times the population of America. Facebook messenger contains many interesting games like Easter egg and useful bots, and we will present you all the information regarding the Facebook message app hidden secrets.

It is possible to log in using our own Facebook account after which need to customize chat by giving different particular nicknames to friends or by changing a conversation’s color theme. We can also use different emoji for the different conversation.

facebook messenger tricks & secrets 2016-17

Another amazing fact about the Facebook secrets and tricks is we do not need to have a facebook account for compulsory to use the messenger. If we don’t have any account on facebook still we can join messenger just by providing a phone number and have conversations with our friends, relatives.


In this article, we are going to share some of the Facebook Messenger Secrets:

1. Voice and Video Calling Facility From Anywhere

Free Video Calls

We can easily start doing voice call and video calls at anytime we want without giving any calling charge. We just need to click on the phone or video icon which is at the top right corner of the screen and thus we can start making calls right from with the messenger conversation. It totally does not matter if we are signing up using our facebook account or using our mobile number.

2. Raining Hearts and Snowflakes

Whether It’s Valentine’s day or not doesn’t matter we can still make a shower with red heart-shaped balloons. You can showcase your beloved ones that how much you love. We need to choose single heart emoji and send. In no time the chat room releases hearts. When the recipient will open the chat box they will see the emoji. Like that only Christmas has passed, but still, snowflakes live on. We just need to click on the Christmas tree emoji.

3. Sending Videos

Send Videos

Sometimes we feel very boring or a bit lazy sometimes or carry on the conversation by typing long messages. For that, we just need to tap the camera button and hold down of the middle circle for the video.

4. Send Someone Your Location

Share Your Location

This feature is very creative as well as indeed useful. Suppose in a get-together someone has reached first and he is the only one to guide others to the restaurant. Then he can simply open the conversation with the person he wants to share the location and tap the button just below the conversation, and if he clicks the location button he can see a blue circle showing his current location. So it is a quite easy trick to use.

5. Sending Bigger Likes

Sometimes we feel like, no a small like is not enough, it would be better if we could send a bigger one. In that case, there is a trick we can apply while using messenger. We just need to blow up the size of the like just by holding the thumbs up icon just at the right side of the typing message box. The sound of the inflating balloon also makes us feeling good. If we don’t like the bigger like then we can also have an option of using any other emoji such as a bigger Smiley. All you need to do is just change pre-set emoji.

6. Adding GIFs and Other Apps

We can make the conversation more lively with GIFs or memes or personalized emoji etc. But for that, we need to install the apps. First of all, click the three dots just at the bottom of the chat screen to download the apps you need. We can download many apps like QuizChat, doodle drawing game and much more.

7. Using Messenger From Desktop

Use Messenger on Your Desktop

Facebook messenger also has a desktop version. So it’s not necessary to have a mobile for using messenger. It has a web page that we can open also having no facebook account.

8. Organizing Group Conversation

If we want to communicate with multiple persons within a conversation then it’s a great way available here for organizing such conversation. For that, we just need to start a group conversation by opening a new window and giving the names of the person we want to include in the conversation. We also can leave the group whenever we want. We just need to click the information button followed by three vertical dots for more option.

9. Save on Data Plan, Downloading Media Using WiFi Only

Generally, messenger allows us to send or receive photo and video automatically. That is good when the phone’s data connection is off. But when data connection is on, it can cause consuming more data at a faster rate. But we can shorten the use of data by clicking the gear icon on the topmost right side of the chat. Then we just need to use less data option.

10. Playing With Chat Codes

In the mobile app, we can play some interesting games like basketball or chess in a messenger conversation just by typing basketball emoji or @fbchess respectively. Though they are not so good quality games still they are quite enjoyable. Hopefully, facebook adds more of these so we can play other things like Tic-Tac-Toe, Golden Bingo, Checkers among other things.

11. Uber Ride

We can even hire an Uber ride just at the time of using Facebook messenger from a conversation thread. The most amazing part is you do not even need to open the Uber app. You can do so by just simply logging into our Uber account or by using a transportation link.

12. Stickers

Send Stickers

Stickers are the sweetest thing of the messenger. There are a lot of stickers showing different expressions. Some of them are very funny too. If you click on the smiley face, the sticker will start to pop up. We just need to download the stickers which we want to use.

If we don’t want to see the notification for a while then we can easily mute the notifications till some time.

14. Notification Sound

In messenger when we get a message, it pops up with a sound that is very nice and sweet too.

These Facebook Messenger Tricks have made this social media networking more interesting.

15. Introducing Messenger story

Like Snapchat, Facebook also introduced story option in Facebook and Facebook messenger through messenger Camera. Now you can share your moments or customised any photo with tonnes of face masks, stickers, filters and frames.

facebook messenger trips and tricks 2017

facebook messenger trips and tricks 2017

facebook messenger trips and tricks 2017 You can also choose to whom you want to share your story But unlike Snapchat your story does not fade away in 24 hours.

16.Search a Friend through Facebook image code

Facebook introduced a cool new way to find a Friend. Just forget about all the old complicated way to find Friends on Facebook, Now you can just search a Friend through Facebook image code generated by messenger and get in contact easily.

facebook messenger trips and tricks 2017

Just go to the setting option of the Facebook messenger, there you will see your profile pic surrounded by a mind-blowing frame, tap on that frame your messenger code, your messenger code will be displayed, now you can share a code to the friend who is searching you for a while. Or if you want to find a friend, then where your image code is displayed there you will find another tab ” scan code”, tap on it, your camera will be open, now scan your Friend’s image code and get instantly connected.

17. Want to secure your conversation

Do you know now you can secure your private conversation through facebook end to end encryption? Well, Facebook messenger introduced “secret conversations” option to its messenger. Just go to the setting option of the Facebook messenger, there you will see secret conversation tab, click on it, and now you can secure your conversations or disappear it after having conversation.

facebook messenger trips and tricks 2017

Filter Messages in Facebook

Facebook is known to have two kinds of filtering systems – the basic and the strict. Under basic filtering, users will be able to see messages in their inbox from their friends, friends of friends etc. Strict filtering, on the other hand, blocks messages from unknown persons.

How Do I Like Something on Facebook Without Everyone Seeing It?

Believe it or not, with the developments in the privacy settings of the facebook, it is now possible to like status or other stuff without everyone to let know about it. This can be accomplished by limiting the posts in the privacy settings of Facebook. It is possible to limit the posts to family, friends or even no one in accordance with your choice.

How Do You Find Your Hidden Messages on Facebook?

A number of people are unaware of the fact that Facebook has a spam section where the hidden messages are generally stored. To view the filtered messages, you need to visit the Facebook Home page at first after which you need to click on messages in the left column under Favorites. As you look at the top of the page, on the left-hand side, you will be able to see Message Requests. As you click on the same, you will be able to view the hidden facebook messages.

Next to that, you have to move to More. You will see a drop-down menu. You have to click on Filtered Messages to view the secret messages.

What Does It Mean To Be Active on FB Messenger?

You can view the same under the Help section of Facebook messenger. As you look for viewing the conversations in the messages, you will be able to see when your friends interacted recently in Facebook. So “Active now” means they are active now on facebook whereas “Active 3 minutes ago “ indicates they were active in messenger 3 minutes back.

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