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Many e-commerce businesses start off with drop shipping because of the perceived ease and cost-effectiveness of the business model. However, with increased competition across niches as well as expedited and two-day shipping methods becoming the norm, drop shipping models face challenges in today’s online marketplace.

So, is the drop shipping model still viable in 2018?

Drop shipping can still be an effective way to start an e-business because the inventory, packing, and shipping functions are outsourced. Instead of managing your own product in a warehouse that you have to pay for, you never see or touch the products you’re selling.

If your e-commerce venture includes selling makeup from home, for example, drop shipping will free you from keeping an inventory or taking care of shipping. This type of e-business can be profitable after completing an analysis to see how much you make on each product after your supplier and shipping costs.

Shipping Times

Shipping Times

Amazon and other companies have helped change customer shipping expectations, thanks to their now completely built-out logistics infrastructures. As a result, customer expectations are now higher than ever when it comes to shipping times.

Meanwhile, slow shipping times continue to plague drop shipping. If an e-retailer sources their product from Europe or Asia for example, customers could end up waiting upwards of 20 to 30 days before they receive their order. This can be a significant deterrent for customers and cause them to look elsewhere.

Communication is the best way to get around long shipping times. If you can set expectations regarding your shipping times, it will lead to fewer customer issues. According to Drop Ship News, providing a dedicated page with your shipping policy details and listing everything there is to know about your shipping helps soothe customers in this regard. Don’t try to hide anything, explain products will take up to 28 days to arrive. Also mention that with some orders, the products may arrive separately at different times.

The Cost to Drop Ship

The Cost to Drop Ship

Yes, you can begin to drop ship your products for low fees that can result in considerable savings versus having control over your own shipping and inventory operations. Unfortunately, the costs to continue drop shipping can increase once your business expands, especially if your supplier is a virtual drop shipper.

Drop shippers who do not own any inventory are what the industry calls virtual drop shippers. Since they are buying at slightly more than the actual wholesale cost, they often charge more for wholesale and add a margin on their price.

Virtual shippers also markup shipping costs, which can severely impact profit margins if you offer free shipping to your customers. Since these virtual drop shippers move a high volume of shipments, they get discounts on shipping but rarely pass those savings back to the e-retailers. Once you take a look at the details and add everything up, there isn’t as much room to make a profit as previously thought.

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Is Drop Shipping Still Profitable?

Is Drop Shipping Still Profitable?

Still though, drop shipping can be profitable in 2018, if you can manage the expectations of your customers and count on your suppliers to perform efficiently. When you also avoid virtual drop shippers, there will be no extra costs coming out of your pockets.

At this point, you can see how asking a question like: “is the drop shipping model still viable in 2018?” can quickly get hairy. Without any sort of effort to set expectations for your customer base, then drop shipping can cost you customers and dollars. While the drop shipping model is still feasible, it’s important to watch out for the pitfalls that can make drop shipping wholly ineffective.

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CYPRUS GUIDE : WHAT TO KNOW WHEN STARTING A BUSINESS http://www.whitedust.net/cyprus-guide-what-to-know-when-starting-a-business/ http://www.whitedust.net/cyprus-guide-what-to-know-when-starting-a-business/#respond Mon, 15 Oct 2018 07:10:42 +0000 http://www.whitedust.net/?p=7364 CYPRUS GUIDE : WHAT TO KNOW WHEN STARTING A BUSINESS

Starting a business in a foreign country requires one to dig deeper to research and understand the environment. If Cyprus is your target business location, knowing their market trends, political environment, culture and other important details will help you when making a final decision. However, Cyprus is generally a prime business hub that most foreign investors are eyeing.

It means, therefore, that business people should prepare their immigration to Cyprus early enough so that they have sufficient time to set up the business. In all these situations, the most important part is understanding the process of starting a business in Cyprus.

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What Type of Business Do You want to Start?

It is a no-brainer that some businesses do better than others in certain locations. There are some businesses that do better than others in Cyprus. If you are starting a subsidiary company with a parent business elsewhere, then you will be left with no choice of the type of business.

Open-minded entrepreneurs can check the banking, insurance, hospitality and real estate industries. They are the best performers in the country, and a good strategy will bring easy success. All in all, other areas like education, fashion and electronics also perform well in this state.

Writing a Business Plan

Writing a Business Plan

Any business, irrespective of size, deserves to have a business plan. It is not advisable at all to start engaging in setting up a new business without preparing a business plan. It is a blueprint that guides the entrepreneur on everything that the business entails. The professional business plan includes the business name, scope of business, shareholders, finances, and operations. With a detailed guide, the process will go smoothly when the operations start.

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Registering a Business in Cyprus

This is the main step if you are starting a business in this state. It is a straightforward process that is mandatory for all businesses as set by the law. Here is the process.
· Name of the business – now that you already have the name of the business selected, all you need is to fill it in the provided business incorporation forms. The name should be unique, which means it should not be registered with another business.
· Name of the directors – Cyprus allows the directors to reside anywhere and be of any nationality. Therefore, an entrepreneur is not limited as far as this is concerned. The minimum number of required directors is one, which also means that you can start a business alone.
· Name of the shareholders – it is also required that you provide the names of the shareholders of the business. Just like the requirement for directors, only a minimum of one shareholder is needed here.
· Minimum share capital – the minimum is simply 1708 euros.
· Company secretary – all companies are required to have a secretary to perform the administrative work.
· Register an office – finally, you are required to have a registered office in Cyprus.
With all these in place, the registrar of companies in Cyprus will be glad to process your application and provide you with a certificate of incorporation. It is easier to use an authorized agent who will help you go through the process.

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Cool Names For COD And COC http://www.whitedust.net/cool-names-for-cod-and-coc/ http://www.whitedust.net/cool-names-for-cod-and-coc/#respond Sat, 13 Oct 2018 10:49:10 +0000 http://www.whitedust.net/?p=2798 Cool Names For COD And COC

We all love playing games whether it is a PC game or an Android game and the game itself add to its feature when we are able to play with anyone across the globe. We have games like Clash of Clans, Call of Duty where one can easily connect to anyone across the globe and play with that person. All these games itself acts like the social media where one can chat with any other person. But what attracts them the most is our names which we use when we are playing these types of games.

Many people think that why the only name matters the most. Well, a name reveals a maximum thing about the person’s character. It has also been said that a person’s first attraction point is his name itself and that is why only on any social media platform we register with our names first. If we use some funky types of names, then it attracts a large number of people across the globe. In playing games either we use our original names or the funky names which we create ourselves, to be a point of attraction. All my friends are playing any game always and use the cool and funky names to create their player in the game.

But what should we think while creating our names? What are the steps to be followed? So, here I am with this article that would give you a brief description of how to create your own funky name.



It is not so simple to create our names either in the gaming or on the social platform and one has to follow certain steps in creating our own names. The first and main thing one should focus that their name must be unique and must add special characters in-order to modify the name. The next thing is that the name should not be too long.

A short name is always a point of attraction for other people as the longer name is sometimes ignored by the person. One must take his full time and be patient in order to think of a catchy name. One must observe his /her surrounding to think of a unique name. Well, to think also one must be imaginative with the thoughts otherwise he would not think of the unique name. The name can think of, through many ways like from the favorite T.V shows, the best superhero character.



Well, one must be patient and consistent with his thoughts. The more you think, the faster you can create your unique username. Creating a username also depends upon one’s creativity and imagination. If one is able to think, then he/she can easily create a unique username otherwise one faces hindrances in creating the username.





Clash Of Clan Funny Name



Call Of Duty Heroes


Arrow Assassin Avenger
Blaze Bodhi Captain
Cyborg Dark Death
Demon Doom Doctor
Enigma Fallen Fate
Flame Frozen Ghost
Great Infinite Killer
Knight Mist Neo
Nightmare Ninja Outlaw
Seeker Shadow Silver
Slayer Sniper
Tears of Gaia Instinct Martial Warlocks
ReaPeR Gift of Prometheus The Immortal 50
solar Immortals Embers Rising Written in Blood
iEnVy UraniumPotato sTaTiiCzBlackstock
Zombie Hordes ClashForCash Scrymgeour
Legendary Spalding Clan of Coats
Swarm Kung Fu Phooey Zombie Canibus
Matrix Clan CraZe Shields
Melville Fenton Ogilvy
UprisingRivals ifarm.01 Team Y.o.l.o
Arbiter Maxton Letters of Marque
Grant DATING CLAN Volume Zero
Nevoy Pantheon Mad Scientists Powerful Peons CochraneMoffat
Nova HaigMcKerrell Montgomery
Thedarkwim Twoearth Gaia Farmer
NaDeZ Newlands WeirSinclair
Marjoribanks SpongerzThe Art of War ReC
KerrQuantum Performance MiSTaKeZ Parabolic Projectiles
ReCoiiLz RioT ForresterPatullo XaGLeZ
Rutherford Hope Russell
Phoenix Viking Vivisection
Void Clan Axis Lamont Myst
Heart Vs Feather Power Within Noobs Hitmen
Beg For Mercy Survival Strategy DispatchEdmonstone
Logie clashmebro Bloodline Apocalypse
Inglis Cathcart Wallace
FORUM ELITE Magister Mortalis (masters of death) Xenocide
Green Bobin Mercer Whitefoord
Tactical Telepathy Primeval Pest Maggot Militia
story unfolds CarNaG3 Ether
Shape shifters Glendinning Urquhart
Monteith Harvest
Lammie Redemption
Ralston Hannay
Knaves Graham BlaDe
Destroy The Noobs Ritzy Kings Epicenter Glas
Armifera Fatum (bearer of fate) Derezzed Exentric DreTron
Talisman Sons of Ra RaG3 Sliice
Slay and Flay Buchan iLLuZioNz
Clan or Clam? Vultures Death Bloom
TuRRe7z Untitled Clan Dunlop
Echoes of the Lost Age Purves Executor
smash and grab Rebels Blair Ripper
FalconerMorrison dFuZe Sandilands
Meldrum Moncreiffe
S.Y.G. (Stole Your Glory) Hippocratic Heresy eRaZe
Ramsay CoC Boss Tweedie
Dalmahoy ShoTz Gregor
green Zone Sudden Death Eye for an Eye Trace
Lumsden Diplomacy of the Sword Broun Tennant
Rait Porterfield Crawford Wedderburn
Aikenhead Turnbull Hamilton Babos
Aiton Hall Dalziel
CoD Detonate Farm4us Carmichael Boswell
Alpha Helix Call of BeautyDeMartino Under_eS!:timated
angles cry Buchanan Sundown Rising Norvel
Tronners Clan Natural Born Killers
Auctorita Kroniikz
ReaP Darroch
Squeeling Hog
sunset moon Nesbitt
ThunderCats Ross Forsake the Fallen
LockhartReddit Troopers
The Oracle Death DealersSuRE
ButchersXtreme Tronners Concord
DeLiiRiuM Kinloch
Hangmen Mar Byres
Jackals Demolition Demons
Laing Tait
Battlefield Brawlers
Clan or Fam Regicide Menzies
Mow Turtle
Salt of the Fields
Philistines Anatomy of Death
 Blood Lust Arrow-Clan 
Lost Legion Superfluous Optic
InsomniaSwordplay Velocity DeViiLzTank
DONATORS United Warriors nyx`Clan Doom Hammer
Vans Pennycook Murder For Hire
Tronners UnlimitedSkirving Bitten Bone Bits Red OnslaughtKilling Code
Encircling Inferno Chemical Death Herries
Gunn Avl ClanAnstruther Greek Fire
Super Squad Anderson Cubed2 Heir of Thrones
aMaZeee Lumencidium Apex Stratagems of Sedition
Muirhead CoC Inspectors Lennox
RiseOfAbyss Predation Black Magic
Blades of Rage
CreD Speed of Light
NoNerdsJustGeeks Spens Sutherland
CoC Crew
FreaK CoD Dominate
Osiris’ Scale Maori Tribes
Swift Primrose Cannibals Halkerston
Marauding Maces Wardlaw
Makgill Stewards of Gaia
Collision Rossie Cheyne
Delicious Deserts Paradox
Meet Your Maker
Auchinleck RaZe
Pentland Death Dose
Cameron Live to Kill
Seven Scimitars Pownage Wood
Micro Bus City Song of the Blade
Fairlie Halket
Plague Death Eaters
Synergy Super Powers
Lyon Immortal Dynasty
This Is My Clan Epsilon
Ged CoC Craze
Ringing Blades
Galloway FullartonNobmping
Xy Clan
MocK 420 spartans
 Baxter eRaZoR  Strange 
Last Stand Earthly Arbiters Straiton
Jardine Boyle NORTH 43
Iron Edge MathesonOverpowered Vindicated Villains
Rollo Clan This Fallow Field FLaM3z
DoDG3 United Noobs of Armagetron Vitality
Pure Luck Sydserf GalbraithSins of Salem
Black Plague Annihilation Hominid Hegemony
Dunbar Dunbar Arbuthnott
Keith Gardyne Death Zone
Inevitable Prodigies BiGTyMeRz Scott
Eliott Agnew Elemental
DarkSyndicate BrisbaneMasterton NORTH 44
Defaced by Mace VaPouRz Fire Dragons Mechanistic Mutation
Locusts NORTH 69 Serenity
POWN Beat clan Magi
BlaSTz McCorquodale Whats in your Clan Gray Kelly
Sons of SalemCollateral Damage Final Strike Immortal Essence
Beautiful Diztruktion Lyle Pollock
Elphinstone SicK Terran Titans
Ochterlony Clephane Maori
Tools of Death Butter Battlefield CarrionMiddleton Whitelaw
Blue Clan MiDNiT3 Hive
Iron Clan Swinton Orrock Ne Agito Oppeto (death is unavoidable) Tragiic
ViiPeRz Bounty Hunters Twisted Rats
Blood Rich Army Of 4 Death By Distraction
Baillie Follow the Fallen Ainslie The Fallen
WarheadCarruthers RisingPhoenix Paterson Moubray Medieval Methods
KampretRiddell Kennedy GuTshotzFotheringham
Assaultz Alpha ProjectArthur Keepers of Hell
Gladstains Seventh Circle PuRe Henderson
Blood of the Soil Ra Power Bitter End
Gibsone Eat What You Kill Adam Chalmers Logan
Titans Craig degree
JumPShoTz NooBz GodlyCurry
Sacrament Kinninmont Heron
Route of Rouges Maule Lineage
Newton Death to Tronners Mercenary Guild
Contract Killers Monypenny Preston
dFuZR Raven demonic faces
A Martyr’s Death FaKe Hoplite
WidowmakersEnmity Kirkcaldy Fleming
Ethereal Entities Napier This is itSpRaYz
Metamorphosis Adair The Bad Guys The Ancients
ToMoHawkzPhi Supanova DynastyAllardice
Maxwell BlaDeZDouglas Common Grave
Cloak of Twilight Bizarro Zenco
Colville TeMPeR Berserkers Mortal Selection
Pervigeo Neco (perpetual death) Dundas Watson
The DJ Clan Sixth Sense Blood Circle
Mutable Artisans Zone Avengers TexasFight
DimDimDim Clan Amoeba Human Shield Carnegie Armored Army HepburnAlchemic Elixir
A House Divided Mercator Mortalis (merchants of death)An Ancient Score Gwaps25 Clan
Elixir FiReZ Team Rocket Pcc
Bonkers FresH Bannerman
RaPiiDz Balfour Guardians of Terra
FraGzZ Severed Remains Vector
Poseidon’s Whim Disgruntled Programmers Stewart
Chattan CripTik Order of Acolytes
Clelland Undead Means to End
TrueRoadRunnerZ Hutton Martial Law
Cocoon Forsyth Kinnaird
moveableRezurrection Mutalist Hellfire HelixBattle Cry
Gunslingers Forgotten Warriors Glen RawR
AtomicPotato KaRiZMa Kill-or-die
Fergusson Nairn OutOfCurry
broken wings Vlad’s Children TriB3z
Munro Wild West Pwnage
Quiet Moguls Quiet Moguls Habitual Deadly
Uptight Force Nostalgic Butchers Difficult Sharpshooters
Garrulous Thugs Rigid Power Puzzled Criminals


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Clash of Clans is one of the top grossing games available in play store and app store. Talking about the cheat code of the game there is one which is XMOD, But it will ask you to root your phone. Another method is that to buy gems and then one can go for cheat codes.


It is very difficult to create such a game which is very similar to any social media like Facebook.  The whole credit goes to the people who are involved in the making of these games. The game requires a good programmer, sound recordist, game designer and a marketer who give their full time to making it popular.


Well, having a unique username is a point of attraction for other people. It allows the maximum number of people across the globe to connect with you. Here are some of the funky names WITCHES, DIAMOND EAGLES, MAGICIANS, IRON BOX and much more.


There are many games in the series which are the best. It varies from person to person and it is complicated to tell which is the best. But still here is the list. BEST STORY SETTER: – CALL OF DUTY 4MW.



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6 REASONS WHY YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS AN ONLINE PRESENCE http://www.whitedust.net/6-reasons-why-your-business-needs-an-online-presence/ http://www.whitedust.net/6-reasons-why-your-business-needs-an-online-presence/#respond Sat, 13 Oct 2018 09:18:02 +0000 http://www.whitedust.net/?p=7315 As of June 2018, more than 32% of the world’s population uses the internet. In 2015, the International Telecommunication Union approximated about 3.2 billion people would be online come to the end of the year. Of this number, 2 billion would be in the developing world, including approximately 90 million from least developed countries.


Today, 4.021 billion people around the globe are using the internet – which is well over half of the world’s population. If these numbers are anything to go by, then it is critical for businesses of all sizes to shift online, and pitch camps where their prospects are hanging out – the internet. Ignoring this potential marketing platform is the same as saying, “I don’t need any new client.”

Luckily, there are numerous ways to tap into the online market. By creating highly interactive websites and even social media pages, a business can display their products and services the same way they would in real life.

Here are six reasons why businesses need an online presence


The internet never sleeps, and every sales channel you avail provides your business with a virtual 24/7 showroom. Think of it this way, your website or social media page serves as your salesperson. The only difference is that it works 24 hours every day, without the need to go for leave or holiday. So, whenever a client is looking for a product or service that you are offering, they are always going to find you. Besides, the accessibility gives the buyer the freedom to purchase from the convenience of their home, whenever they feel like it, as opposed to having to wait for you to open your store the next day.

Brand building

At its most basic, “brand building” is building the trust of the potential customer in your product or service. Having an online presence not only gives prospects access to whatever it is you are offering, but it also offers a way for the prospects to “check out” your company. Your interactions with other clients, online reviews, customer testimonial as well as the frequency and quality of your content help create a positive impression of your business in the mind of your potential client and play a critical role in determining future sale.

Brand building

Greater audience

Unlike your physical store, which is limited to your local area, or to your country, an online one is open up to the entire world. So once you set up your business online, the world becomes your audience. You get to expand your customer base because now it is possible to sell to people who are miles and miles away from you. And thanks to online payment methods, there’s no limit to what you can and cannot do online.


Easier selling and marketing

Well, it’s a fact that people love buying things; however, no one loves to deal with the pushy salespersons at the physical store. With an online business, it is possible for you to provide well-written copies that inform buyers, and allows them to make more relaxed and well thought through decision to buy, as opposed to feeling pressured by anyone. Marketing your company is also easier and more far-reaching since electronic format lets you distribute your content everywhere.


As a business owner, you’re probably keen on saving. You want to make sure you save as much as you can, to use the extra money on something else, like expanding the business, paying workers, saving for an emergency or restocking inventory. An online store offers an incredible way for you to advertise your business, bring in more leads, and convert them into buying clients, without the need of paying an arm and a leg. Unlike the conventional methods like radio or TV advertising, billboards, brochures and so on which will require a considerable amount of money, you’ll only need a couple of dollars to get your message through to your clients online. And sometimes, you won’t even need to pay a single dime – that’s true saving.


Customer care

customer care

With the rising competition, you want to ensure that your clients are always receiving the best attention, so you don’t end up losing them. An online presence allows you to communicate with your existing clients as well as prospects. This way, you can provide them with answers, and get feedback regarding your solutions.


As you may realize, online presence is nothing to sneeze at. And if the above reasons do not convince you to have an online presence, then this one will – all your competitors are online.

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Modern Education and the Impact it has on the Society http://www.whitedust.net/modern-education-and-the-impact-it-has-on-the-society/ http://www.whitedust.net/modern-education-and-the-impact-it-has-on-the-society/#respond Fri, 12 Oct 2018 06:30:39 +0000 http://www.whitedust.net/?p=7334 MODERN EDUCATION AS THE MAIN ENGINE OF YOUTH DEVELOPMENT AND THE IMPACT IT HAS ON THE SOCIETY

Here in this article, we speak about how Modern Education acts as the main engine of youth development and the impact it has on the society.

It is rightly said that education plays an essential role in the development of the country. It also plays a pivotal role in the advancement of both science and technology.

Let me throw a question, why do people with degrees earn a lot more than those who do not have one?
How does the education system of associate with this economic development?

Understanding how education and training interact with the economy can help you and people around you understand why few businesses and economies thrive, while others stall.


Education’s impact on society

Education's impact on society

Right from the ancient times, education has been going through a constant and consistent transformation with the changing times. In the old times, education was quite fondly related to religion and social values of the day. And as of recent centuries, the scope of education has reached new heights, including much more than what was there in the previous century.

The growth or the impact caused by education has made us expect great clarification in civilization attitudes, conscious administration and social development. In recent times, education is reaching all corners of the globe and striking some revolutionary changes in understanding the nature and reality of the universe.

There is one such research paper writing service for students to help them create essays. The research paper writers at EduBirdie assist in delivering the best article on time and of the most exceptional quality. The essays that are written by the writers at EduBirdie are native, fast and highly experienced so that your audience can appreciate the work, therefore making them learn more about the current education system.

Importance of Education and its Purpose:

The sole purpose of education is to teach people the things they didn’t actually know. Education teaches a person day-to-day life skills.It allows people to move from ignorant ways and practices; thereby making them lead better and exceptional lives. However, it is necessary for one to start their education at a very early age.

From the society’s point of view, education has great social importance, specifically in this modern society that we are living in – To assist in social and economic development.

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The Current Education System and the Education Institutions

The Current Education System and the Education Institutions

The current education system targets more on needless results, which not really affects the actual capability of the person but concentrate majorly on just numbers.

As of now, the educational institutes have their focus on research and charity activities; these are publicity stunts and marketing gimmicks. The success of any educational institution highly depends on how the students have gone on to become better human beings or not and how they show their responsibilities towards society.

The requirements of human beings and their intake levels have increased, therefore driving in some pressure on natural resources and bothering the level of pollution. We are now witnessing the sudden rise of numerous diseases, health hazards and natural disasters due to the greedy nature of humans and the over-exploitation of nature.

Education, and only, education can solve these problems with extensive research and development and also prevent all the levels of deterioration.
You can also say that, wherever education was absent, things like cruelty and many barbaric activities used to take place.

But wherever there is some quality education, we find quality life and significant improvements in the fields of science and technology. Take, for example, the modern world, the societies that are impacted by education; we often find peace, consistent development and vibrant culture.

Education, with its entry, has brought in several improvements in public health and living standards. There has been tremendous growth in the number of branches of both science and technology, making life more comfortable and helping us find solutions to newer challenges and problems.

Some social evils have been removed with the help of education. And several of the social reforms have flourished since the arrival of education. It helped eradicate cannibalism, which was normal in some parts of the world. There were some superstitious effect on societies. And only education helped these social evils in eliminating from the world.


The Bottom Line

Education has served as opportunities to many in their livelihood. One can also consider that; education has not only brought some good deeds to society but some harmful threats as well. Elements like criminals and terrorists are creating fabrics that can destroy the society with the help of modern science and technology.

The internet is providing them with information that will help them in creating bombs and chemical weapons, which has led to the loss of many in the past few years.

If education is utilized in a right manner, it will definitely boost the morality of life and can also act as sustenance and exuberance to humanity.

http://www.whitedust.net/modern-education-and-the-impact-it-has-on-the-society/feed/ 0 7334
Tips if you are moving abroad to study http://www.whitedust.net/tips-if-you-are-moving-abroad-to-study/ http://www.whitedust.net/tips-if-you-are-moving-abroad-to-study/#respond Thu, 11 Oct 2018 14:11:51 +0000 http://www.whitedust.net/?p=5567 Just done with your studies in the native and have a dream of studying abroad? And now you are close to witnessing it by actually going to. Not all countries have the best of education systems, but when they do then you are pulled by the number of fees you have to pay to get admitted to a college.

You already might have convinced your parents or they might have convinced you to pursue your studies abroad. So I will be telling about the process and the things you have to keep in mind before you leave your country to move abroad for pursuing your studies.

Well in this article I have not concentrated only on studies but also various other reasons which you might consider if you have made your choice to study abroad.

Tips if you are moving abroad to study

Not that studying abroad is not just a cup of tea and also it is not only about paying a hefty amount of fees in a highly reputed college. There should be proper planning and execution; I am sure that this article on how to crack the code of studying abroad will help you.

So let’s get started and hold your excitement till you finish reading this article.

Talk to the people living abroad

As I begin with the first point on the topic, I would be requesting you to first enquire about the people who you know and are already ended up staying there after completing their studies.

tips for studying in abroad

Do not hesitate in taking suggestions and be ready for disappointments as the country you choose to study it might not be a right one according to your whomsoever you might ask be it either your friends or relatives. Their opinions might come in handy to you.

Choose the right course you want to study

Before making your mind on which country choose for abroad studies, make sure that you find the course you are looking for is available in that country or not. Take your career seriously when it comes to choosing the right course, you cannot be changing a course just because you feel that it is not available in the country you wish to live and study in.

things to do before going abroad

Your career depends on which course you choose and not the lifestyle you want to live in. There are countries which will give you the best atmosphere and environment and the kind of lifestyle you need but what about the course you were looking for?

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Know the language

Culturally the countries which offer a lot regarding education differ vastly from India. Well if you are moving to a country like India make sure that you have detailed knowledge about the language is spoken in that particular state. As in India, language varies from state to state. Although English is a language spoken all over the world in some countries you may have to learn the local language. If it is hard for you to understand the language you can always sign up for language classes.

If you feel that the locals are not dwelling and not adjusting to the language you convey, then you might as well try apps that will help you and the locals clear the language barrier. Try Duolingo or Google Translator these apps might help you in getting the job done when it comes to learning a foreign language

things to do before going abroad for study

Well with time you can adjust to the language spoken in that respective country, sometimes you get so used that language that you tend to dream also in the same language.


Well if you want to pursue studies in a foreign country, the first thing you need to do is keep your budget in mind. There might be some places where you get the best education but what if they are not in your budget?

You can always apply for a loan from a bank and allow them to specify the details about the repayment of loans. As and when you have found the country of your choice to study in, make sure that you create a bank account. With a bank account, you can know not only keep your money safe and also have a track of your money.

Double check the documents you carry as you will need a passport, proof of residence and proof that you are a student. Know the currency exchange rate and carry enough amount of money with you until you find an ATM or open bank account.

things to know before study to abroad

If you have a bank account try and carry international debit cards with you which will come in handy to use anywhere in the world and these cards are also easily available at any nationalized bank in India.

Once you have settled in, try to enroll yourself in part-time jobs like you can earn even while you are learning or pursuing the course of your choice. A part-time job might as well help you in clearing your debts of the loan you have taken.

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Going abroad and just studying?

Try to explore the foreign land where you stay, visit sightseeing and learn more about the history of the country.

Some countries provide with International Student Identity card which can help availing traveling charges for cheaper rates. With this card, you can also avail discounts while shopping in centers and malls.

Try and use more of the public transport to your College available in that country like Bus, Tram, and Trains.I would suggest you to initially hire cabs or use local transports, avoid purchasing a new vehicle as it would be a burden and affect your financial conditions and sometimes in the early dos you might not be used to the directions.

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So it is a new beginning in your life, and you are all set to live all by yourself. As the country you find is of your choice now, try finding a place which can suit your basic need like electricity, water and also try to find a room which is close by the area you are studying.

The rent agreements vary from country to country, and some require you fro signing up for waiting lists.

tips to do before going abroad for study

If you are facing problems in finding a suitable room try to opt for hostels which your university or college provides. This might help you in saving some cash whereas hostel gives you food and also you might end making friends with your roommates.

When hunting for rooms try to get in contact only with the verified landlords and stay away from those fake ads and click bait sites those are merely just scams.


Have detailed research on the plans that the country you are studying offers which will provide you the suitable network along with some exceptional roaming offers. Remember that Countries other than India require you to sign a contract which usually is based on the social security number and postal address.

But you can always buy everything buy a prepaid card with a temporary number. Stay connected with family and friends while you are studying abroad for video chat such as Google Hangout or Skype. A video might be a better option considering your parents will have a better knowledge about your health.

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Understanding the Culture

Make sure that you do a detailed analysis of the culture where you are about to study.

The culture varies from country to country although understanding a bit of language spoken in that particular country help a little knowledge about the culture will save you in a lot of ways.

problem you face when you study abroad

Understanding the foreign culture should also be given the same importance as we give to languages and the course that country has to offer.

Get the Docs right

Many countries require a student visa. Almost all the countries you choose for studies require a visa. Apply for a Visa well in advance after getting to know the dates and the country you want to study.

Make sure that the visa will cover your entire study abroad duration. Ask for the documents that are required to be submitted, some documents vary from country to country and then you are all set to apply for Visa.



Get yourself insured as it is worth an investment. Make sure that you do not have any sickness or have any serious medical issues.

checklist before going abroad for study

If you currently have health insurance, verify whether it includes coverage for overseas care. If it does not then opt for another insurance that specifies health insurance abroad.

Be ready for loneliness

Start accepting that you are all along and nobody you know is around you start accepting it and move on. Make new friends and learn about their customs and religions.

Try and engage yourself in activities that will keep you busy and never have a chance of missing your family and friends who are way back in your country just left. In short be ready to beat homesickness.

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I hope this article has given you the better understanding on what it takes to study abroad. As it is said studying abroad is not someone’s cup of tea.So plan wisely before selecting a country.

So which country are you studying in or are planning to study?

Mention the country in the comments section below and let’s see whether how many are studying in the same place.

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CUSTOMER INSIGHTS : EMPOWERING YOUR EMPLOYEE WITH RETAIL ANALYTICS http://www.whitedust.net/customer-insights-empowering-your-employee-with-retail-analytics/ http://www.whitedust.net/customer-insights-empowering-your-employee-with-retail-analytics/#respond Fri, 05 Oct 2018 10:24:00 +0000 http://www.whitedust.net/?p=7274 Working in retail is not that different than working as a mind reader. Retail workers have to anticipate the wants, needs, preferences, and particulars of everyone who walks into the store. Then they must use that knowledge to deliver a seamless and stellar experience. It’s not easy, and retail workers don’t get enough credit for the hard work it takes to operate on the front lines of commerce.


The good news for retail workers and retail executives alike is that consumers are becoming a lot less mysterious. Retail analytics empowers merchants to calculate what users want instead of guessing. Customer data is collected from as many touch-points as possible. It’s then analyzed to learn objective insights about segments of customers or even individuals. And thanks to those insights, every future interaction is more seamless and successful.

It probably comes as no surprise that better customer insights lead to higher sales figures. In the case of retail analytics, however, those insights are broad and deep. Just consider some real-world examples of how retail employees are using analytics in exciting and innovative ways.

Nordstrom – Tracking Pintrest Enthusiasm

Fashion retail Nordstrom tracks Pinterest to learn which products are getting the most traffic and pins. The retailer then uses that data to promote specific products on social media. Instead of trying to guess which products are appealing and attractive to customers, marketers already know. That leads to more effective marketing spending as well as higher sales figures.

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Warby Parker – Extensive A/B Testing

Eyewear maker Warby Parker has found success both on and offline by relying on extensive A/B testing. Everything from marketing copy to coupon offers is tested in multiple formats. This process reveals which option is most appealing/successful before an ad campaign or product line is launched. Thanks to retail analytics, the brand understands what its customers actually want.

Warby Parker – Extensive A/B Testing

Walgreens – Emphasizing the Mobile Experience

Drugstore chain Walgreens has made its mobile app a central part of the shopping experience. Users can do everything from scheduling prescription refills to having digital photos physically printed. The ease-of-use of the app means that users spend more on mobile than they do in-store. It also means that more customer interactions take place in digital space. This is a huge advantage because digital behavior can be monitored and tracked for the purposes of retail analytics. Walgreens is learning important things about individuals each and every time they use the app.

Costco – Making the Most of Push Notifications

Big box retailer Costco is only open to members, which means that data from every purchase is tracked and stored. Costco uses this data for many things, but not always to drive sales. For instance, when one of Costco’s fruit suppliers announced a major recall, push notifications were sent to every customer who purchased that fruit. As a result, fewer people got sick and Costco came across as a conscientious company.

Every sales professional is looking for an edge, and retail analytics presents an unprecedented one. The applications are endless for retailers who embrace data and all that is has to offer. The question facing these retailers is simple: Continue to think of shoppers as anonymous consumers or treat them like unique individuals instead.


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HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU NEED TO BE “WEALTHY” http://www.whitedust.net/how-much-money-do-you-need-to-be-wealthy/ http://www.whitedust.net/how-much-money-do-you-need-to-be-wealthy/#respond Fri, 05 Oct 2018 10:22:28 +0000 http://www.whitedust.net/?p=7260 HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU NEED TO BE _WEALTHY_

Have you ever sat down and thought about the exact dollar amount you’d need to feel wealthy? If so, you might be missing half of the equation.

The tricky thing about terms such as “wealth” and “rich” is that they are relative. Wealth could mean enjoying personal freedom, having novel experiences, and maintaining positive relationships. It could also mean being able to afford the next purchase that comes without thought, having a stock of assets that others don’t, and maintaining a certain savings amount. For some, it might be the fulfillment of a dream, such as buying a home in a particular region or owning a small business in a passion area.

These things vary so much in what they require to attain. How can wealth be defined on the terms of an entire society?

It really can’t. But considering the average American household that carries credit card debt has over $15,000 of it, and the average amount of household debt with mortgages is north of $133,000, it’s a safe forecast to say to live debt-free is to be wealthy.

Does society agree?

Does society agree?

In a 2017 Charles Schwab survey, 1,000 respondents averaged to say a much different statistic: $2.4 million—or—30 times the median net worth of U.S. households defines what is “rich”. Another study focused on people living in the U.S. yielded estimates between $2 and $12 million to account, which would be enough to earn hundreds of thousands in passive income a year, pay all taxes, have a lavish housing budget and up to $12,000 of disposable monthly income.

Is either of these estimates realistic when taking into account the U.S.’s high cost of living and what an ideal leisure lifestyle looks like?

The answer is: it doesn’t really matter.

Here’s why you are becoming wealthy has nothing to do with an exact dollar amount and everything to do with your actions, attitude and ability to lean into the type of life you want to have.

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Get the Most Out of Your Finances with Good Habits and Goal-Setting

If we’re making money, we have financial options to explore. Some of us have more financial obligations than others, but in most scenarios, ways exist to save money through frugality and thinking about purchases before we make them.

Making a reasonable budget and sticking to it helps keep us in line each month without us having to use extra energy knowing if we’re in good shape. Planning payments effectively, especially with multiple balances, ensure on-time payments that prioritize paying the debt back the fastest. This will improve your credit, which is a must in our society if one seeks any type of personal freedom.

If your income isn’t allowing you to put much money away, try to increase the amount of money you can earn through side gigs or selling things you don’t need. Or, invest the to learn about something you’re passionate about that can eventually turn into an additional or main income stream. Too many free online courses exist these days via the likes of Skillshare, Udemy, Coursera and others.

Get the Most Out of Your Finances with Good Habits and Goal-Setting

Once there’s any breathing room in the budget, build your emergency fund, then start contributing to your retirement savings, invest in passive income streams, and most importantly, keep making strides toward the type of lifestyle you desire through short- and long-term goals.

According to one study reported by Inc., people who set ambitious goals for themselves tend to be more satisfied than those with lower expectations.

However, this doesn’t mean you should be inflexible with the goals you set. What we think of as the perfect life when we’re 25 is a lot different than the type of life we might be happy with when we’re 45. As CEO of the Freedom Financial Network, Andrew Housser has advised, set goals of where you want to be in one, three, and five years and then take actions to make it a reality.

Create goals that steer you toward a sound long-term financial position but aren’t too tied to one specific outcome, so you can keep your effort focused as you grow.

As you live intentionally determined to be the person you want to be and have the life you want to have, it’ll be easier to weed out the old financial habits that no longer have a purpose on your new quest.

As any spiritual guru would tell you, ultimately, it’s not about how much you need, but harnessing what you already have. And if there’s something specific you do want to strive for, then lean into that with all of yourself through daily habits, a positive attitude and the commitment toward short- and long-term personal goals. These goals can be purely financial or purely emotional based, or maybe a little of both.

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TOP 4 TIPS FOR PAYING OFF YOUR MEDICAL BILLS IN YOUR 20s http://www.whitedust.net/top-4-tips-for-paying-off-your-medical-bills-in-your-20s/ http://www.whitedust.net/top-4-tips-for-paying-off-your-medical-bills-in-your-20s/#respond Fri, 05 Oct 2018 09:30:32 +0000 http://www.whitedust.net/?p=7254 TOP 4 TIPS FOR PAYING OFF YOUR MEDICAL BILLS IN YOUR 20s

Your young and your healthy, so you don’t really need to worry about big medical bills, right?

Well, think again. Even if you are both of these things, that doesn’t mean you won’t have a medical emergency tomorrow that will leave you with some whopping bills to pay.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the big numbers you see on your medical bills and just forget them all together.

But, let’s be clear about one thing: you have to pay these bills. If you don’t pay promptly, it will come back to bite you. In fact, recent reports by the Federal Reserve say that medical bills negatively affected the credit scores of 2 in 5 Americans.

So, how do you make sure you’re not freaking out about your bills and they get paid in a timely manner? Read on to learn 4 tips for paying off your medical bills in your 20s.

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1. Look at Your Insurance Plan

The real reason for your expensive medical bills may be a deeper issue.

It may be that you are currently on an insurance plan that isn’t right for you. There are insurance plans out there specifically for those in their 20s, such as a catastrophic health insurance plan, which is great for those who do not want to pay an expensive monthly premium, but still want protection in case of a major event.

2. Make Sure Your Bill is Accurate

Before you worry about how you’re going to pay, make sure what you’re about to pay is the correct amount.

Yes, billing mistakes happen all the time, and more often than not, the mistake is not in your favor.

Oftentimes, these mistakes involve billing you for medications you never took or services you never received.

For example, if you have an extended stay in the hospital, sometimes they will accidentally charge you a full day’s rate when in reality you checked out in the morning.

Therefore, it’s important to comb through the details of your bills before paying them to ensure you aren’t unnecessarily paying for anything.

3. Don’t Use Credit Cards to Pay Off Bills

While it can be tempting to just use your credit cards to pay off your medical bills, you should never do this.

Carrying a balance on your credit card can quickly lead to an endless cycle of debt, which in turn can lead to a negative effect on your credit score, making it more and more difficult for you to purchase things later on life.

Plus, medical bills often come with little to no interest, so putting the bill on your credit card, which likely has a higher interest rate, is just pointless.

Don’t Use Credit Cards to Pay Off Bills

4. Create an Interest-Free Payment Plan

It’s important to know that interest-free payment plans for your medical bills do exist.

However, for obvious reasons, they often aren’t explicitly advertised. So be sure you do some digging to find these.

Also, be aware that depending on the hospital or doctor’s office, your monthly payments are negotiable. Typically, they’ll start with a number that’s pretty high, so don’t be afraid to talk them down.

With these 4 tips in mind, it should be much easier to pay off your medical bills. If you have any questions about paying your medical bills off in your 20s, be sure to drop us a comment below.

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AWESOME BENEFITS OF HERBAL COFFEE http://www.whitedust.net/awesome-benefits-of-herbal-coffee/ http://www.whitedust.net/awesome-benefits-of-herbal-coffee/#respond Thu, 04 Oct 2018 08:30:58 +0000 http://www.whitedust.net/?p=7236 Coffee is the instant relief drink for many; be it when fingering eyes to take sleep out of them or to complete that one final chapter before the day of an exam.

Coffee has become the most popular beverage globally. Due to the presence of a chemical compound called “caffeine”, which has exhilarating effects on the human body. And because of this, debates are still ongoing whether the consumption of coffee is good or bad.


Caffeine for a long time has been the solution for people who groan for energy and alertness. For this reason, to battle out the harmful effects of caffeine, herbal coffee has now come into existence.

Since the initiation of herbal coffee, a caffeine-free beverage which is now helping to conclude the debate on whether coffee is good for consumption or not.

The History of Coffee

Coffee was introduced in the 15th century; prepared from roasted coffee beans, the seeds of berries from specific Coffea species. As of now, the coffee plants are in cultivation in over 70 countries. It is mainly found in the equatorial regions of America, South East Asia, India, and Africa. Although numerous types of coffee are consumed; the two most commonly grown coffee seeds are Coffea Arabica and Coffea Robusta.

During the 15th century, Yemen handed out the credible evidence of the coffee drinking experience, and the coffee seeds were first roasted here. In the 16th century, the drink entered into Persia, Turkey, and North Africa. It was from here that it went on to spread to Europe and the rest of the world.

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Herbal Coffee

In 1895, people started to look for alternatives, hence came herbal coffee, a substitute of coffee carrying no caffeine content. In Europe, coffee became popular among the members of the family; also experiencing scarcity owing to the war.

Adults experience a rich coffee-like taste, and the young find quite a few health benefits while drinking the herbal coffee. At present, it serves multiple purposes like medical and religious and even more.

As per research, herbal coffee is prepared from roasting the following grains: The roasting of following grains are used in preparing a herbal coffee:

  • Almonds, acorns, asparagus, beechnut, malted barley, chicory root, beetroot, carrot, corn, dandelion root, fig, boiled-down molasses, okra seed, peas, potato peel, rye, sassafras pits, sweet potato, and wheat bran.

There is one particular type of herbal coffee that has immensely gained commercial acceptance which is ground roasted chicory root. The chicory root has been around since the 1970s, which later went on to become a mainstream product in America.

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So what is Herbal Coffee?

Herbal Coffee is, for now, a perfect alternative to regular coffee

Herbal Coffee is, for now, a perfect alternative to regular coffee. It has a blend of different spices, variety of fruits and nuts to cater coffee without caffeine, therefore, makes it a healthier beverage. There are herbal coffees that come along with nutrients like fiber and potassium as well. Also, these coffees are gluten-free, making it ideal for people who are on diets and even to those who cannot afford to drink something caffeine.

Before stepping into the benefits part, here is one such company called CBD, which has some fantastic collection of herbal coffee. CBD coffee helps one recover from anxiety, pain and can also be used as a nootropic for focus. It includes high anti-anxiety to improve one’s mood.


Some Awesome benefits of Herbal Coffee

Some Awesome benefits of Herbal Coffee

As Herbal coffee is caffeine free; bringing in a lot of benefits to people worried about the consumption of a coffee. Coffee owing to its rich taste and aroma entices people in taking a sip of it for at least once.

Sadly, the harmful effects it has on one’s health has prompted people to look for different uses and alternatives.

The Benefits of Herbal Coffee:

  • Drinking regular coffee pumps up the adrenaline glands and releases opiates from the brain. They fill in a small amount of energy and elation for some time. They often come with disadvantage leading to the crashing of the body.
  • Caffeine increases the heart rate up to almost 15%, also slowing it down again. It also leads to effects like severe ups and downs that cause irresistible shaking of hands, depression, and impairment of the nervous system.

And because of all this, it becomes essential to look for an alternative, herbal coffee.

  • Keeps you young: According to many researchers, herbal coffee slows down the process of aging and naturally softens the body. It helps in maintaining the youthful glow in a person.
  • Antioxidant: With the herb, it contains, it also serves as anti-oxidant. Because of the presence of herbs, it helps in fighting the harmful cells that are present in a body which might lead to severe diseases.
  • Heart Problems: The regular coffee or caffeine pumps your heart rate exceptionally thereby causing heart-related diseases and sometimes even hypertension. Herbal coffee supervises heart and enables a calming sense of effect on the nervous system.

Heart Problem

  • Memory Loss: Consumption of herbal coffee can sometimes prevent illness such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Herbal coffee enhances the cognitive functioning of the brain, thereby, curbing down memory loss and other problems relating to age.
  • Raising Appetite: Caffeine is believed, by many, to increase the appetite levels. By increasing appetite, you get more addicted to food and look for snacks between meals. Herbal coffee holds your appetite at a steady pace, also assisting in weight loss and better digestion of food.

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Ultimately, looking for a healthy substitute for the regular coffee is not entirely possible in today’s world. Although, one can also say that the rich taste and alluring aroma of coffee can neither be ignored or replaced. But the fact that can’t be denied is that caffeine-free herbal coffee offers a healthy and delicious alternative to the regular one.

However quitting regular coffee might not be easy, few people maintain the streak of not drinking it for weeks but then hop into a coffee shop again.

If you have plans on switching to herbal coffee, try consuming it on a regular basis. Try not to stick onto just one flavour of herbal coffee, look for exciting flavours to not bore your taste buds.

If you’ve been consuming herbal coffee lately, let us know in the comments section about the flavour that entices you.

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