Becoming a personal injury lawyer is a noble job as you serve to help people get the care and respect they deserve. Sadly, sometimes companies try to hide from responsibility as much as possible so it’s up to personal injury lawyer’s to make sure that their clients get properly compensated for unsafe working conditions and being dealt with unfairly in order to provide a better lifestyle for the client.

How To Become A Personal Injury Lawyer

Becoming a personal injury lawyer like this one in Hamilton is an incredibly long, but worthwhile process so that you are fully qualified to represent clients who have been wronged. On average, personal injury lawyers are well compensated themselves, earning just shy of $120,000 annually. Some job requirements are strong speaking skills, strong analytics and organizational skills, and a vast knowledge of federal state laws that are specific to personal injury.

So what’s the first step?

Earn A Bachelor’s Degree

The first is to get a bachelor’s degree, this is a must to have prior to entering into law school. It doesn’t necessarily matter what that degree is in either, as most law schools accept students from a diverse background in academics. Common study for personal injury lawyer’s in their undergraduate include fields such as political science, history, English, and social sciences because all of these skills are important to being a successful lawyer.

How To Become A Personal Injury Lawyer

Once you finish your Bachelor’s degree, you will need to take the LSAT, which is an acronym for Law School Admission Test. The exam is multiple-choice that will measure your abilities and skills to see how compatible you are with lawyer’s abilities in the field. These skills assess important aspects such as your ability to research, task management, logic (take a philosophy class for this one!), and critical reading ability. It’s important to remember that getting into law school is competitive and will require a high GPA in addition to the LSAT, so study hard. Very hard.

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Get Your Law Degree

Once you’ve completed the LSAT and have a 4-year degree under the belt, go to law school. Law school traditionally takes about three years of study. The first year will cover your general legal subjects that are important for background knowledge in the field, the last two years are similar to a graduate school in that it’s all elective courses to specialise in a specific style of law. During your time be sure to get an internship otherwise you will struggle to find a job after law school, it’s about the experience in the field as much as it is about academics.

How To Become A Personal Injury Lawyer

The Bar Exam

After Law school, it’s time to take the bar exam. This is perhaps the most nerve-wracking part of the process, as it’s pass or fails to earn your certification. Each exam is specific to whatever state that you’re resident in, so make sure to take this in the state you wish to live in. However, it is not specific to personal injury lawyer’s as it’s simply a general exam to test your overall knowledge about the law.

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The MPRE: Multi-state Professional Responsibility Exam


The MPRE is required by many states in addition to the bar exam. Like the LSTE and the Bar, this is also multiple-choice and its goal is to measure your overall understanding of professional conduct. This will not determine a lawyer’s ethics, but how laws apply to certain cases in certain situations. It will test you on what things will put you in contempt of court, censure, and overall criminal doings within your profession. This is your last major test you will have to take in order to become a lawyer.

How To Become A Personal Injury Lawyer

Head Out And Work

Work hard to rise in the field and find a place where you’re comfortable. It’s okay to start at a small firm to build experience as experience is important in order to grow as a personal injury lawyer. Hopefully, your law school offers job placement services to help get you placed in a good law firm right away so that you can start paying back our student loans and work in the profession that you have been studying for so many years.

How To Become A Personal Injury Lawyer

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Further Education

In order to maintain your ‘bar’ status in your state, you must continue with your education. You can do this a few different ways. For one, you can go take more classes at a Law School, whether the one you graduate from or a local one. You can also take more classes through the American Bar Association (ABA) itself with the Center for Professional Development. This is the more common of the methods to continue your education. This is incredibly useful to keep you up to date on the latest laws and keep yourself as sharp as possible for your high-paying clients.

How To Become A Personal Injury Lawyer

Becoming a lawyer is a long and arduous process, but it’s worthwhile if you wish to help victims of crimes who are in need of proper compensation for the acts committed against them. Law school will do wonders to help you grow into a lawyer and to practice all of your skills, so if you’re worried about your current public speaking abilities, or knowledge of law do not fret because their goal is to ready you for the stage in the court.

Research your law school options to make sure that you get into the best one possible that fits what you want to do the most. The better the reputation the school has and the more committed the law school professors are to their students the better it will be for you to grow as a lawyer and as a student.