Punctuality plays a very important role in every individual’s life. No matter to what age group that individually belongs to, if ignored it can let you face the catastrophic effects. Your punctuality indicates the pure dedication and attention towards that work and makes you glow setting an example for others.


But everyone can’t be punctual. There are people who blame others for being not punctual. They use the surrounding things as a medium to explain their excuse for being late to a particular work. But here time plays a very important role. It is a very common saying that each time the sand slips down your fist, it makes you prone to the bitter taste of life. So, no matter how lazy you are, a time will come when you will understand everything better. This article will give you tips to avoid being late in the race to success. But before that let us look at the type of latecomers and the excuses made by them.

  1. The first type of latecomer is always with a regular excuse for being stuck in the traffic jam or the one through which we are already familiar with.
  2. The second one is the scheduled one. Those who have clearly categorize all his work and the time they have to spend in an individual work are always found upset and stressed at the end of the chore. Thus they make an excuse though everything was planned, time didn’t allow them to do it.
  3. The third one thinks that they have got enough time to do the work. They take a strong dose of coffee and sleep upon their comfortable bed. No matter the time is slipping from their fist, they still think that the time will wait for them.
  4. The fourth one always has the habit of forgetting the thing. Sometimes he can forget his daily stuff or the important appointments which he had to attend and when time stuck in their head, they memorize they still have some other pending works to do.
  5. The fifth one is the rebellious one. He will not accept that he was not punctual to his work and thus always has the habit of arguing with his co-workers.


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  1. If you set the deadtime to reach that place then always try to reach there before your set time. It has been seen that though you left your home at the right time the hindrances such as traffic jam will let the time slip from your fist. So, left your home at that time when you are sure that no force can pull you down in reaching your destination on time.
  2. The next important thing which you have to do is to prepare for the day ahead. Whatever important tasks you have to complete or the meetings which you have to attend just make out the notes for it. These notes will help you in your path and ultimately you will be able to complete your work on time.
  3. The next important thing you have to do is to organize your time. Suppose you have to do two tasks on a day then prepare so that you have got enough time after the completion of the first task where you can take rest and prepare well for the next one. This will ultimately relax your mind and you will be more energetic and focussed on the successful completion of the work.
  4. Never try to fill your calendar with the multiple numbers of events. Just try to put according to your will and strength. This will ultimately create the interest towards your work and you will find it easy and interesting. However, once you have set the deadline then you have to work according to it. Then don’t make excuses that due to some reasons you were unable to complete the task.
  5. After the successful completion of the task indulges yourself in activities that can refresh your mind. Do whatever you want. If you are fond of playing outdoor or the handy video games then do that only. These extra activities will snatch your tensions and worries and will land them in an unknown world.

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  6. Always praise yourself that you have done a tremendous job. This will ultimately boost your confidence level and make you more focused and determined towards your next goal.
  7. Once you have got the free time try to meditate your mind. Just forget about the worries of the overpowering world or the tension from which you are suffering and take your mind into the world of silence and peace.
  8. Point out the points that make you late. Make a list of the things that pull you down on reaching on time and then act on it with your full force. Challenge them that you don’t have the power to stop me. This will ultimately increase your confidence level in tackling any of the situation coming right the way.


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