Got some stains while cooking or getting your bike fixed? Well, these stains might annoy you a bit, and killing these is a tough job. Removing grease stains can be a hectic process which cannot be done overnight. And with this article of ours, we help you to remove those stains quiet effortlessly.

Helpful Ideas to Remove Stubborn Grease Stains

The time you notice stains, they might have turned into much harder ones which are not so easy to remove. And this prompts you to take steps by trying to remove it with warm water and scrub lightly over the stain, but the stain seems not to be leaving your shirt.

This might also prompt you to believe the fact that the stains will stay on your shirt forever. With our helpful ideas, you can protect your pricey clothes once they meet with grease and other related stains. We have some great tips and ideas to help you get sorted with the stains you have been carrying up for some time now.

Learn about the type of stain

First and foremost, understand what type of stain you have it on your shirt, is it the grease stain or something else. And perhaps the best way to kill those stains relies on what exactly it is. The removing treatment is entirely different be it either oily or grease stain than the organic or maker stains.

Hence figuring out what the actual stain is before removing it plays an important role.

To understand the roots of the stain, ask members of your family where it came from, this will give you the knowledge of how it has to be treated and tackle forthcoming issues like these.

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Helpful Ideas to Remove Stubborn Grease Stains

Here are some of the ideas that prove to work out in vanishing those stubborn and adamant stains from your clothes.


The very first idea that is found in every bathroom of every household is a bottle of shampoo. And why limit it to make your hair shine and dandruff-free when you can actually use it to remove those greasy stains.

The use of shampoo works fine when applied on fresh grease stains, pour some shampoo on the stain and massage it with your fingers. Then wash it with cold water and allow some time to set and then iron it as usual.

 how to remove grease stain


Cornstarch proves to be another excellent solution to remove those grease stains. The use of cornstarch can come in handy even if the stains are old and look more like settled stains.

Smear some of the cornstarch onto a soft cloth and rub it on the grease spot until and unless it disappears or leaves it overnight. After doing this brush the spot and launder it as usual.

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Dishwashing Liquid

By now you might have heard from your friends and relatives that dishwashing liquids can be great when it comes to removing those tough and rigid stains. Although it works just fine with dishes but does wonders on clothes too. Here is how to do it:

  • Apply the liquid directly on the stain, or you can also dip the entire garment in a bucket full of soapy water.
  • Let it soak in stain for a few hours.
  • Rinse out the soap and wash the garment as usually do.
  • Once you allow it to dry, check whether the stains are removed or not.

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Toothpaste is not just here to brighten your teeth and save you from germs and cavities. They are beneficial in helping you remove the greasy stains on your garments. Squeeze some of the paste onto the stain along with it spill some water on the stain.

Wash and repeat the process as long as the stain is completely removed. Do remember that not all fabrics work well with Toothpaste.

easy way to remove greasy stain

Talcum Powder

Yes! Talcum Powder is another one of our helpful which will help you in removing the greasy stains. Talcum Powder is a dull and monotonous process but is equally compelling. All you have to do is cover-up the stain spot with the powder and leave it for about six to seven hours to allow it absorb the grease.

Talcum Powder work like a substitute of cornstarch which we have already listed above. Talcum also works great when cleaning those greasy fingerprints on your wallpaper.


To eradicate greasy stains, vinegar is another cool idea of ours which are quiet with these kinds of stains. Just take a soft cloth and mix it with water. Voila! All those greasy stains are now gone. Also, you can use it to remove other stains from your garments.


The Bottom Line

So here was the list of all the ideas that are helpful enough to remove those stubborn grease stains which force you to look for new clothes. Also here some of the honorable mentions that are equally effective as the ones mentioned above.

  • Alcohol
  • Ammonia
  • WD-40
  • Tape: No rocket science needed, just tape the spot if unable to remove the stain.
  • Baking Soda

Also, let us know if have some cool tricks or ideas which you think are convenient enough to remove the stains.