Is your stomach paining? Are you feeling uneasy? Have you eaten something wrong? Throwing out the harmful contents from your stomach makes you feel better and relax. In this article, I would tell you how you can make yourself throw up or vomit.


But suppose you have taken something wrong, and you want to eradicate it from your body, then how you can do this? So, here I am with it and in this article, I will tell you how you can make yourself throw up or vomit. So, let’s proceed.

  1. USE FINGERS: -The most common method to vomit is by using your fingers. In this method, one puts his finger into the mouth and then pushes it to the throat. When you start feeling gagging then immediately remove your finger from the mouth and then easily your body will get rid of harmful things. Though this method would be disgusting to someone but is the most successful method to vomit. If not happened in a single time then you have to repeat the steps.

2. WATCHING OTHER VOMITING: – Our body response to different situations in a different way. When our body someone is doing a particular thing, then our body immediately responds to it. If we see someone else vomiting a sensation of vomit is felt, and many times we also throw up. This is also one of the best ways to make yourself throw up.

3. OVEREATING: – It has been found that overeating also causes vomiting. Overeating causes overextending of the stomach and thus body forces that extra food to come out of our body and thus triggers vomiting. But here we have to keep in mind that while eating we don’t have to consume junk foods otherwise we will suffer from indigestion and stomach ache. That is why we have to eat healthy foods such as green vegetables, fruits.


4. EXPOSE YOURSELF TO UNPLEASANT SMELL OR SIGHTS: – When our body is exposed to unpleasant smell or sights, our brain responds to it by causing nausea which further causes vomiting. If this thing doesn’t work then again put the finger into your mouth and until you start gagging push it back to the throat.

5. USING A TOOTHBRUSH: – Apart from your fingers, you can also go with a toothbrush.  Using the fingers to vomit is often disgusting to someone, and then, in that case, the use of the toothbrush is the best way. In this case, we have to wet its bristles and then rub it on the back of your tongue until you start to feel gagging. If not happens in the first time then repeat the steps. One thing we have to consider here is that the toothbrush must be wet.

6. DRINKING WARM SALT WATER: – Warm water when mixed with salt water induces vomiting. This is one of the great homemade emetics that requires 20-30 minutes to work. The excessive sodium chloride present in our stomach triggers vomiting.

how to vomit or throw upself

7. MUSTARD SOLUTION: – Using mustard solution is also one of the best homemade emetics to make yourself throw up. The taste of mustard solution is very unpleasant which triggers vomiting.

8. GARGLE WITH EGGS: – Many people can’t bear the taste of egg and thus can be used as one of the best ways to trigger vomiting. One should cut the egg whites of 2-3 raw eggs in a cup and then gargle with it until you start to feel gagging. If it doesn’t work for the first time, then repeat the steps.

9. USE BLOODROOT HERB: – Bloodroot herb when mixed with water causes nausea and further vomiting. This herb works very fast due to its strength. However, care must be taken while using bloodroot herb as it is very toxic and causes foot pain, tunnel version, and fatal symptoms.

10. THINK ABOUT VOMITING: – One of the best ways to make yourself throw up is to think about vomiting. You can think of the unpleasant smell or the sights which will trigger vomiting. You can also think of the medicines which are awful to you.


Although vomiting releases all the harmful elements from our body. Many times vomiting causes many undesirable effects to our body. The American Association of Poison control centres also recommends vomiting only after the advice of a doctor a physician. Vomiting corrosive substances like bleach or gasoline cause damage to our digestive tracts and airways. It may not be effective in removing the poisons. Vomiting causes contraction of the stomach due to which poison is easily absorbed in our intestines which cause further damages to our body. The ingestion of the substances such as shampoos, bleaches, buttons are very harmful, and a doctor or a physician must be immediately called and avoid vomiting. Shampoos and detergents cause inflammation and swelling. The intake of the substances such as buttons causes cuts in the throat, and therefore vomiting must be avoided. Vomiting corrosive substances such as bleach causes damage to our digestive tracts and airways and causes burning sensation in our throat and mouth. Intake of the petroleum products such as gasoline, kerosene causes damage to the airways and on vomiting causes tears and burns in the throat and mouth.


Pregnant women are often advised by the doctor not to vomit as it not only causes damage to the mother but also the child. It caused dehydration and deprived the baby of the essential nutrients which cause damage to both mother and child.

Vomiting causes dehydration, and the stomach acid causes inflammation, swelling and causes tears and burns in the throat and mouth. Stomach acid also corrodes the enamel.


  1. RINSING YOUR MOUTH: – Immediately after vomiting rinse your mouth with plain to remove all the stomach acids from your mouth to avoid the corrosion of the tooth enamel. After vomiting tooth enamel becomes soft, and therefore it is always advised to not to brush the teeth immediately after vomiting.

2. DRINK WATER: – Vomiting causes dehydration and to rehydrate your body plenty of water is required. Therefore immediately after vomiting, one must drink plenty of water. One can also go with lemon water.


3. HERBAL TEAS: – Herbal teas are excellent for digestion and protecting the digestive tract. Evidence says that the ginger tea is excellent for nausea.

4. REST: – Vomiting removes the water and the essential nutrients from the body thus making us feel fatigue and restless. Therefore proper rest must be taken to allow your body to heal.


  1. SPOILED FOOD: – Spoiled food contains harmful bacteria which when consumed causes harmful effects to our stomach. It directly affects the digestion process by causing damage to digestive tracts and airways.

2. ALCOHOL: – Excessive consumption of alcohol causes many harmful effects in the body. The main damage it causes to liver further leading to many deadly attacks on the body.


3. ALLERGY: – A person who has an allergy to some specific thing, when brought in contact causes undesirable effects on the body. Similarly, when someone consumes the food which does not suit to his body causes damage to the digestive systems which further leads to stomach ache.



This is very serious, and one must be immediately taken to a doctor or a physician. However, the simple steps can be followed before going to a doctor. The person must be immediately given ORS solution to maintain the level of water in the body.


There is a high chance of vomiting blood if one is vomiting five times a day. If you vomit with a large force the inner lining at the junction of oesophagus and stomach is forced upwards through the small hole it passes through your diaphragm thus causing you to vomit blood.