Marketing is not something which is new when it comes to the selling of a product or service.

While a lot of your business depends on how you market and sell your product, to begin with, I’ll share you the meaning of affiliate marketing and later on will tell you the tips to earn passive income.

Online Affiliate Marketing Tips to Help you Earn Passive Income

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is where you share or promote a product or service which is not yours. Let me make it easy for if someone purchases a product through your recommendation, with the link attachment on your site, you get a commision.

The commission you receive depends on the product or service you share with a link on your website. You end up earning commision when people not just clicking on the product or service but by actually buying it.

Affilate marketing

According to Entrepreneur India, the definition of Affiliate Marketing is “A way for a company to sell its products by signing up individuals or companies who market the company’s products for a commission.”

Here in this article, I will help you with some Online Affiliate Marketing Tips that will benefit you in earning passive income.

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Tips to Earn Passive Income

  • Go with the product

Make sure that the product you choose has a connection to your site, a site where you affiliate products and services. Have a basic knowledge of the product you share so that you can create enough articles and research about the product.

Always choose a product that you are interested in and do not take into consideration the commision you will receive. Articles on reviewing products often lead people to your site and purchasing from the link attached.


  • Choose the right company

Once you know which product suits you the best and where you can throw in any information comes to your mind, choose the company. Well in most cases people tend to go with Amazon as you can have a wide range of products ranging from electronic gadgets to clothes.

how to earn money through affilate marketing

A return on investment depends on what commission rates, availability of products and the quality of the product. Also, you might have to consider the goodwill of the company you are promoting on your website.

  • Build a website

Well most importantly build a website, if you do not have one then where will you share the affiliate links? With WordPress, you can create websites on your own and not only just create but to customize the way you write your blogs.

Make sure your content is unique and different from all the other bloggers publishing a review. All you need to do is purchase a domain name and set up web hosting.

Sites like Skimbox, GoDaddy and Big Rock will be of great help.

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  • The Content

This is not something new for you; the content is the king whether you affiliate a link to your article or gather visitors on your site. The content needs to be informative about the product and not misleading or diverting the visitor to look for other sites. In short, keep the article engaging towards the audience.

how to earn money through online marketing

The company for which you are endorsing has paid you to affiliate its product then make sure that you specify the product.

  • Promote the blog

Well if you get through the steps mentioned above, then you are good to go. If you are looking to build an income, you are not yet done. The tip to get a passive income lies in this step.

You have written a quality content and have accurately given the information about the product and aren’t getting any views. Follow these steps to help you in promoting your blog:

  1. You can send your content via email as there are high chances of conversion. Make sure that you send one mail at a time to an individual if too many you will be spam in their list.
  2. Social Media is the easiest and quickest ways to promote your blog as the audience is live and engaging in it. Given the ample amount of friends and family members you have in your list, you are in to garner high conversion with regards to visitors.
  3. Rank your posts with the help of SEO, either you rank your website all by yourself or hire a person who understands the SEO better.

A passive income is basically the money you earn while you sleep.



Even though the product is not yours a lot of effort goes from your side by creating content and affiliating the link. So get on and crack the deal also promote your site in return make some money with the brands you endorse.

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