Forget the horrific tabloid stories on online dating, good things have come from that space on the internet, and I am living proof. I met my fiancé and long-term boyfriend of four years on at a point when I had given up on Cupid and his gospel altogether. It was weird at first, and my friends stigmatized me for days for being ‘too desperate.’ Suffice to say, all three of them are now fighting to be the best mate on my wedding day.


The sour truth is that finding ‘the one’ on the internet can be more depressing than taking a payday loan to buy tickets for a Justin Bieber show only for him to cancel last-minute. First, there’s the need to impress through auctioning your personality to the highest bidder. Then there’s the nervous meet-up that usually leads to realizing that your date doesn’t look as handsome as they did on their profile. But can it be done? Oh yes, it can!

Here’s how:

Choosing a profile picture

A picture speaks a thousand words, and on dating sites, it speaks a thousand more. The highest possibility of someone reading your profile is if your picture is catchy and arouses interest. According to statistics, people who showed some teeth on their profile pictures experienced 93% more response than those who didn’t.


The best type of picture would be not so much a selfie as selfies tend show detachment. Avoid the over-formal dressing too as it may portray you as boring. On the other extreme, a topless picture will most likely get you sex perverts on the prowl but push away decent men. Simply keep it relaxed and fun and most advisedly put up an ‘action’ picture of you doing something you enjoy, like skating.

Writing profile information

After the picture comes the content on top of your wall. The secret is to avoid appearing needy or desperate but instead go for a humorous, conversational tone. Remember that online dating is not an interview so keep your C.V information to yourself.


The most appealing information to put up on your wall would be about the unique things you love doing(shun clichés like “I love meeting new people”).Be honest when expressing yourself but do not go overboard to give too much information. You want to leave some element of mystery for the inbox and actual dates.

Chatting habits

Once you get through the vetting process and move the conversation to Facebook or Whatsapp, the rubber is now on the road. Be confident but not arrogant in your conversation. You should also reply the messages in time so that your partner knows you’re interested. It is a turn-off to pour all your problems on someone you just met on the internet, therefore learn to be positive and make less negative comments. Check on your grammar too. Bad English has never been attractive.


At the end of the day, any soul brave enough to enter the bitter-sweet world of online dating should understand that nothing is guaranteed. Sometimes things work out; sometimes they don’t.

Happy dating!


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