We are often confused in choosing the products and if that particular product is new to the market then there is always a dilemma in our mind. So in this article I am with a juice which is new to the market and it is none other than Organifi Green Juice. Its taste is delicious  and mind blowing. Initially, my view was like that only but when I tasted it it was beyond my imagination. Further after drinking it, I feel like someone has given me extra powers. It is a superfood based green drink which boosts mental clarity, detoxifies our body, improves overall mental health and boosts our immune system. The best thing of this juice is that it is 100% organic. This powder is surprisingly good, with a mild flavor and a touch of mint. It has made all the things quicker, simpler and delicious. It provides us with the essential nutrients that balance the hormones, removes toxins that cause skin problems and overweight. It allows us to buy a simpler formula and enjoy the same benefits as provided by many fruits and vegetables.

ORGANIFI green juice


It was started by Drew Canole with the aim of making the whole world healthy. According to the official website of Organifi Green Juice, Drew has dedicated his whole life to helping millions. Drew wanted the people to think deep within themselves to create healthy and prosperous lifestyles.


Drew Canole is the founder and CEO  of Fitlife.tv. Their members are very much passionate towards elevating humanity and inspiring lives. It was founded on the principle that a positive thinking can start a revolution. It inspires people to create healthy lifestyles and to spread the same idea among the people. Drew himself spreads the idea through his videos and articles about health and fitness.  Drew was from a small town but he took each day as a different day to do something. After completing his education he entered the finance world. While slumped over his computer with his sleep he was brought to a green concoction which changed his entire life. First of all Drew also hesitated when he was offered this green juice. But when he chugged it, surprisingly it was awesome.  The more important was that he suddenly feels more energetic. From there the idea of green juice came in his mind.

organifi juice- drew canole


It was a time when Drew was overweight, but after an encounter with the green juice he began thinking on this and decided that and move to San Diego. He started juicing daily, eating out clean and working smarter. He started making videos on health so that the people could know much more about health. He also posted articles to draw the viewers attention. Drew was determined to change the world, and he continues to do today. Before his juicing career began, he used to spend hours in a gym. Sometimes he even thought of leaving the idea and until he had the epiphany that only he can make a big change, he put his steps forward. And thereafter he never looked back.

organifi juice

Their mission is to create a movement that would inspire the communities around the world through education, inspiration and empowerment. Drew has published many books that tell us not only about what to eat but also tell us about how to transform our’s diet. His writings are small and informative, which provides the necessary information to the readers about how to change our approach towards the diet.


Organifi Green Juice is an USDA CERTIFIED, non-GMO product. Revolutionising probiotics in the juicing industry this juice boasts of the following ingredients.


Chlorella is known for its disease fighting properties. It contains high protein content and healthy polyunsaturated fats. Chlorella is beneficial to the entire body in supporting healthy hormonal function. It regulates blood pressure and cholesterol. It also helps in the detoxification of the body.


It is known for it’s healing properties.  Its leaves contain essential vitamins, amino acids essential for the body’s ability to grow. It also contains sufficient amount of Vitamin A, C , E and calcium, potassium and protein. It reduces diabetes symptoms and supports both brain and cardiovascular health as well as the liver.

organifi juice


It is also known for it’s healing properties. It contains powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help us to lower LDL and triglyceride levels and regulates blood pressure.

  1. MINT

It is used to add colour and distinct flavour to the juice. It is also used as a sleeping aid and helps in promoting healthy digestion.

organifi juice

  1. BEET

Eating raw beet is often tasty. The Organifi Green Juice contains a high amount of beets in its mix. It contains high immune-boosting elements such as fibre, potassium, manganese. All these properties make it an essential ingredient for healthy nerve and muscle function. It also helps in reducing birth defects.


It is a common beverage in Japan. It helps to reduce stress, suppress appetite and regulates hormones. It is also known to deliver a calming effect. It also boosts our memory and concentration and increases the endurance level of the body.

organifi juice


Another astounding ingredient is wheatgrass. It is also the lifeblood of plant life. An effective healing plant it contains all the essential nutrients that a body needs. It contains Vitamin C, I, E, B-complex and potassium. It contains vast amount of proteins and 70% chlorophyll, a robust body builder.


The Indian ginseng, Ashwagandha has a wide range of benefits on body and mind. It is considered to be an adaptogen which makes our body and mind to easily adapt to stress and any change around us. It is very much popular in the treatment of cancer, asthma and arthritis.


It is an additional ingredient for Organifi Green Juice. It is used to add a sweet taste to the juice.

organifi juice


It is also known as the queen of spices. It contains powerful antioxidants, which is very important for the functioning of our body.

  1. LEMON

Lemon contains citrus acid which has incredible appetite fighting effects. It is used to cool and alkalize the body. It is also crucial in maintaining blood sugar level in the body.


This natural refreshment has high potassium contents and helps in the transportation of all the above essential ingredients in the blood stream.

organifi juice


1.BOOSTS IMMUNITY: It contains the essential ingredients which boost the stamina and immunity of our body. It also helps in the proper functioning of hormones.

2.REDUCES STRESS: The main causes of stress are a lack of sleep, smoking, and excessive consumption of alcohol. Organifi Green Juice helps in reducing the stress. It contains the ingredients which reduce the frustrations and stress troubling us.

  1. DETOXIFIES THE BODY: When excessive toxins are accumulated in our body, the fat inside our body doesn’t get easily burn. Due to which, one faces the problem of overweight. The survey report claims that 36.5% of the U.S adults faces this problem. This juice flushes out the toxins from the body and helps in the complete combustion of the fats. It also rejuvenates our skin.
  2. IMPROVES MENTAL CLARITY: The Organifi Green Juice contains the essential ingredients which improve mental clarity. It means that our mind will be focused towards a particular chore. It boosts our brain power.
  3. IMPROVES HEALTH: This juice flushes out the toxins from our body, due to which the fats present inside our body easily get burn, ultimately making our body healthy.
  4. SAVES TIME: Today in this busy world one rarely has the time to go for a gym or buying the groceries. Organifi Green Juice contains all the essential nutrients that a normal fruit and vegetable have. In simple words, it let you the same benefits. Thus a lot of time is saved.
  5. GLUTEN FREE: It is 100% organic juice. It is completely free from all types of artificial compounds like gluten or soy. While other body maintaining products make use of the artificial compounds, it is completely natural. One must choose this if he is conscious about his health.


POSITIVE ASPECTS: This juice is 100% organic. It does not make use of the artificial compounds. It flushes out the toxins present in our body. It improves the mental clarity and helps in proper functioning of the hormones. It reduces our frustrations and stresses troubling us. Its major advantage is that it makes our body adapt to the changes happening in the surroundings. It is cheaper than other similar products.

organifi juice

NEGATIVE ASPECT: It is not miracle green juice. One has to take the juice for a particular period of time.

It is not available in the medical shops. One can only purchase the product through online.

This juice contains an excess amount of Vitamin A which causes a headache, nausea and drowsiness.


It has an earthy taste that is tempered by cane sugars included in the powder. It has a texture which makes it nutritionally dense. It is also available in other flavours like chocolate and pineapple making it more palatable than other Superfood powders. It tastes good, mixes well with water and can be added to protein shakes. It is packed with nutrient dense foods. It also contains probiotics from barley, wheatgrass.


People are happy after using this juice. They found it more juicy and tasty. The first time when I used it I noticed the changes within 3 days. I suddenly feel more energetic. After continuing drinking for 1 week and working out in a gym, I lost about 3 pounds of my fat. I think this is the best juice I had ever had.

organifi juice



The best way to made the juice without a juicer is to use a green juice powder. However, two main things have to be checked before using this powder. Always choose the organic sources the for the juice, and the most important thing is to avoid using the powder which has more additives.


Adding green juice to our daily routine supplement a number of nutrients we are getting on a regular basis. However, we must make sure that we are balancing our overall diet with the right amount of all the food groups.


Today we are living in a world full of machines and to make juice in a small nap of time then Horizontal Masticating Juicer would be best for you.

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