Top Snapchat Tricks That You Didn’t Know About It In 2017

These days, though people are busy in their duties, they never miss out a glance on their social networking sites. Snapchat is one of the top most video messaging application that most of the youngsters and adults are addicted today. Yes, one cannot blame anyone as the app itself is a kind of attention grabbing! But you must not be aware of the few cool features provided by Snapchat that makes snapping more interesting.By learning this new Snapchat Tricks & Secrets can help you interact Snapchat app with all new experience which possible can change your point of view. So Whitedust Blog presenting Snapchat tricks & secrets to all of you.

Snapchat tricks

Here is the list of crazy tricks and secrets in Snapchat you can take advantage of, with other additional features:

Before getting start with Snapchat Tricks, Let’s look into history about it.

Snapchat is a mobile application that was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown when they were students at Stanford University. It was launched with the name ‘Picaboo’ in July 2011, and after two months it was relaunched under the name ‘Snapchat.’ Snapchat is an image messaging and multimedia mobile application. The photo messages which are sent, are automatically deleted after being viewed.

Throughout the years, Snapchat has attracted the attention of millions of users. It is currently the third most popular social network application. It was reported recently that 70% of college students posted at least once a day on Snapchat. It is valued as high as 10million USD. It is quite easy to get started with this app. However, like many other apps, Snapchat has its secrets and tricks. Are you curious to know what they are? Then you have stumbled upon the right place. Below is a list of secret filters, Snapchat tricks, secret effects and Snapchat Secrets of 2016 that are allowed on Snapchat.

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How To Save Snapchat Videos/Photos/Stories
On Your Android & IOS

It is probably the most important thing to any Snapchat user, as we always find that whenever someone sends us a picture, as it automatically gets deleted within 15 seconds. So, we all are in search of software or an app that which can help us to save received images/video/stories in our phone quickly. There are few apps for Android and ios, which is available on the Google Play and iTunes market. So let’s learn how to save videos/photos/stories on your device. So now play Snapchat Tricks & Secrets on someone else very quickly.

  1. SnapSave: Snapsave is an app which can help you to download received photos/stories on your smartphone, but unfortunately this app is only available in iTunes store for iPhone users only.
  2. SnapBox: This is another app used to save Snapchat photos/videos on your ios device.
  3. Casper: This app can also help you save Snapchat photos/videos but on your Android device. You can simply search for this on Google’s Play Store, or else you can visit this website:
  4. SaveMySnaps: This can help you save photos/videos on your Android device. You can easily find it in the Play Store or visit the site for the app on your Android device:
  5. Manually: Or if you just want to save an image then you can take a screenshot by pressing both home and up volume key simultaneously.

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Make your videos go in any motion!

It can be a bit boring at times to watch a video at full length. Sometimes you want to slow down at that particular moment. Want to watch your favorite video over and over again? With this trick, you can do all the three activities on Snapchat.

The recent updates on Snapchat allow you to fast-forward, rewind or make any video go in slow motion.

These features work just like filters. First, make the video, then swipe sideways to find the icons.

The snail icon is the one for slow motion, the rabbit icon for fast-forward and backward facing arrows for rewind. Pretty easy, huh?

How to stop ongoing video on snap chat

You always wonder why people sometimes update quotes or words when the stories are been played for 3-4 sec. Or you haven’t read the quote or properly saw the image and story ended. It feels terrible but here is the solution, the trick is very small and you can use this trick in Instagram stories also, so whenever you play the story just hold your thumb or any finger on the screen, the story will eventually stop and now you can easily watch the post.

You can restore old Snapchat lenses.

Snapchat launched a new feature called Lenses in 2015. With this, you can make your videos creative and funny. Lenses were getting sold, and the feature was a big success. But there were many bugs, so Snapchat closed its Lens Store in 2016. The reason that Snapchat told the media was that they wanted to focus more on their advertising business.

But you can still have access to the old lenses! We are sure you’re excited to know about this Snapchat trick.

• On iOS, go to Settings >General > Date & Time and turn off “set automatically.”

• On Android, go to Settings > Date & Time and uncheck “automatic date and time.”

After that, set the date according to your needs or according to the date offered for the lenses. For the very first set of lenses, you can go back to September 2015.

After you’re done with it, it is recommended that you change your date settings to “Set Automatically” or it might affect the working of some apps.

snapchat old lenses tricks

You can add new friends without having their contacts.

You can add new friends on your Snapchat by searching for their Email address, Usernames. You can also invite people from Facebook and email. But what if you lost your friend’s contact information?

Snapchat provides yet another way to add your friends by this new feature “Add Nearby.” This feature allows you to add friends or a group of friends by searching them from nearby places. It can be helpful at times.

For doing this, go to “Add Friends” section. Then select “Add nearby.” There, you’re all done.

You can expand your color palette.

There are plenty of color shades to choose from. But what if you needed more? It’s interesting to know the trick to introduce new colors which aren’t even on the color palette!

To get black color, just press down on the color slider and drag your finger downward.

To get the white color, press down on the color slider and drag your finger left, across the screen.

For other colors, drag your finger from the color slider to the left across the screen. Then slide your finger to the bottom, and you’ll be able to select colours which aren’t present on the color slider. Now you can boast about it to your friends. Fun, isn’t it?

Tricks for secret filters.

It gets a little monotonous to choose from the limited number of filters Snapchat has to provide, doesn’t it? Well, did you know that you can use more than one filter at a time? Yes, that is right. Snapchat allows the usage of two or more filters on the same snap.

To do that, click your fabulous picture and swipe left, choose a filter of your choice. Then hold it down with one finger and swipe left again to find the second filter. Now you have two overlaying filters. Now your snap is all good to post!

Resize your texts.

Is it not annoying when your text just goes over one line, and you wish it would fit in the same line? There’s a solution to that! You can resize your text to fit into a single line or as many lines as you want.

To do this, tap the “T” icon at the top of the screen. Then tap on the text to switch to text editing mode. Next, use your fingers to zoom to resize it.

Save data while using Snapchat.

Snapchat is a multimedia mobile app. It is understandable that it will drain the battery faster than other social media apps. But luckily, there’s a way to conserve your data.

Turn on “Travel Mode” in Snapchat. Turning this mode on will not let pictures or videos be loaded without you choosing to do so. This helps in two ways. Firstly, it will save your data and not load stories or snaps you don’t want to see. Secondly, it reduces video lagging when you’re recording a video using Snapchat.

To do this, go to Setting >Additional Services >Manage >Toggle “Travel Mode” on.

Thus, in this way, you can control the camera using your volume buttons.

While recording videos, it can be a bother to tap the capture button or tapping and holding it for videos. It is a lot more so when you are using the front camera. Thankfully, there’s a way around it. All you have to do is press the volume buttons to capture a picture and press hold it for making videos.

Get more space for texts in your Snaps.

A 31-character limit is nearly not enough to caption your snaps. Just a little more space would have been so much better, right? Follow the given steps, and you should have as much space as you want.

Go to the Notes app. Then write your magnum opus and add lines of blank space by hitting enter +and then copy it. Now go back to the Snapchat text area and paste it there. You can add a lot more text with this simple trick.

Blow up emoji characters 

If you want to make your emoji look great, then press on the emoji of your choice. Then hold on ‘T’ symbol which is present in the right corner upside of your snapchat app. Then hold on with two fingers and zoom in and zoom out to make the emoji of any size you want. By interacting with this snapchat trick, you can easily blow up your emojis quickly within seconds. What does the emojis on snapchat mean?

snapchat SecretsCheck out who gazed at your story

If you are curious to know about the ones who watched your snaps, then tap on your story first. An eyeball with a number text following a number to it would be visible. Click this eyeball to see the list of the people followed and watched your snaps.

Tap- to see the stories and snaps.

Instead of holding on to a specific snap to view it, just use your finger to give a single tap. If you want to move into the subsequent stories or exit a story, then all you need to do is just strike the screen and swipe down respectively.

Filming the video with switching up of cameras

The days when you had to stick to only one side of your phone while recording your videos are gone, you are now able to switch between the front and rear camera during snapping.

Geofilter of your own 

You can create your own Geofilter instead of waiting for Snapchat to develop a location-based art-filter. If you are good artists, then you don’t have to waste your time waiting!

How to recover snapchat pictures

Real-time video chatting.

It would be fun to use this feature of video chatting bringing up a feeling of closeness and more reality.  Real-time video chatting can be used to have long conversations with friends or family if you are put up far off. It’s a good feature of having a conversation instead of sitting and typing a whole lot of texts!

secrets of snapchatBoring stories? You can skip     

It’s not mandatory to keep staring at your friends big and long snaps, instead, you can jump into a story of someone else’s snaps just by tap.

Finding song

We have always been in this same situation when a song in the background was being played and we wanted to know the name of the song but you don’t want other apps (Shazam) to install on the phone.But now you can save yourself from these troubles because snap chat has a pre-integrated shazam app which helps you to recognise any song.

snapchat trick

See who saw your stories

Eager to know who watched your story? , no problem with snap chat new update now you can know who all watched your story which amazingly also works  on Instagram, go to your story, see downward there’s an eyeball symbol with number, number show how many people saw your snap and if you click on eyeball then you can see people who all watched your story.

Follow your favourite celebrity

Snap chat fever has also taken over all the celebrity, now they can easily share what they are doing, where they are going, what they are eating to their loyal fans. Now you can easily follow your celebrity by searching their username or simply by name.

snapchat tricks

Now read chat without marking it read

Sometimes some people spam you or you don’t want to talk to them but inside you, theirs a curiosity that what he has to send you. Now you can read the chat without marking it read by clicking on your friend’s name and slowly dragging it to right edge of the screen, you will see the message and after reading it then just slowly drag it back to the left screen and you will see that snap chat has not marked the message as read.

Snapcash for fast cash

You can now use the money transaction feature provided by Snapchat. You can look at the transactions with the money-transfer tool of snap chat. It can prove favourable in many ways.

Snapchat hack