Top Snapchat Tricks That You Didn’t Know About It In 2017

Need Help with Snapchat? Look no further!

A quick guide to confusing aspects of Snapchat and its secret tricks!

To begin with, there are numerous aspects to this multimedia application. The sharing of photos with friends, the filters and lenses that can be used, and not to mention Stories and its wonders!

The Snapcat secrets that it holds within, it is no shame to look them up if you are new to the app. With the rise in technology, social media is taking over many lives. Snapchat, with all the tricks it has, has been on a steady rise through the ranks too.

By learning this new Snapchat Tricks & Secrets can help you interact Snapchat app with all new experience which possible can change your point of view.

Snapchat tricks

Here is the list of crazy tricks and secrets in Snapchat you can take advantage of, with other additional features:

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1. How to Save Snapchat Media(Videos/Photos/Stories).

Snapchat revolves around its ability to send and share media, such as photos and videos, edited with filters and lenses, or even text and colours. The main theme itself is Media sharing.

With all the hype about sharing of media, one fact of Snapchat is that after a set amount of time, the picture or video disappears and cannot be viewed again, apart from a replay given.

In order to save media you wish to see again, there are a few things you can do.
Apps available on the iTunes Store, or on the Play Store, are an amazing way to fulfill your desire

1). SnapSave: An app that can help you download received Stories/Photos. It is available for IOS devices and available on the iTunes Store.

2). SnapBox: Another app that allows you to download Stories and photos. Available only on the iTunes Store for IOS devices.

3). Casper: An Android app available on the Play Store that can help you save Stories or Photos. It can also be downloaded from their website

4). SaveMySnaps: Available on the Play Store for Android devices, it allows you to save Stories and Photos from Snapchat. It can also be downloaded from their website

save snapchat to camera roll

But more than all of these apps, it’s easiest to just take a screenshot of the photo!
There may be many ways to download and save a photo, which you would like, but more than complicating ways, just screenshot it!

2. Video Motion! Make your videos go in any motion.

Videos are fast paced and a blink of an eye can miss the main plot of it! With this in thought, Snapchat introduced a feature where you can edit the speed of a video!
The three extra settings provided are to speed the video up, to slow it down, and to rewind it.

snapchat video filters

Aptly put, as basic as using a filter, the snail icon depicts slow motion, the rabbit for fast forwarding, and the backward arrow to rewind.
Simple and effective.

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3. How to stop ongoing video on snap chat

You always wonder why people sometimes update quotes or words when the stories are been played for 3-4 sec. Or you haven’t read the quote or properly saw the image and story ended. It feels terrible but here is the solution, the trick is very small and you can use this trick in Instagram stories also, so whenever you play the story just hold your thumb or any finger on the screen, the story will eventually stop and now you can easily watch the post.

How to stop ongoing video on snap chat

4. You can restore old Snapchat lenses.

Back in September of 2015, Snapchat first introduced lenses! With this, videos and photos were amped up with funky cool designs, and it made the users find creative and funny ways to use it.

Due to bug issues, the Lens store was closed in 2016.

Now, that did not hinder people from finding ways to have access to the old lenses again.

On IOS, Go to Settings > General > Date and Time, turn off “Set Automatically”
Set the date accordingly, and you will have access to the lenses again!

On Android, Go to Settings > Date and Time, Uncheck “Automatic Date and Time”
Set the date accordingly, and be as funky as you can with the lenses!

When you have used your fair share of these lenses, it is advised to go back to the settings and set the date and time to be automatic. This will prevent potential harm to other apps that may be affected.

snapchat old lenses tricks

5. You can add new friends without having their contacts.

You can add new friends on your Snapchat by searching for their Email address, Usernames. You can also invite people from Facebook and email.

But, if you have lost your friend’s contact, there is one more way you can connect with them on Snapchat.

Snapchat provides another way to add your friends.

how to add new friends without having their contacts

“Add Nearby” Is a feature that allows you to add friends or a group of friends by searching for them in nearby places. At times, this is very helpful!

To do this, go to “Add Friends”, then select “Add Nearby”!

That’s all there is to it!

6. Access More Colors!

There are numerous colours within the color slider that are easily accessible. In order to use those which are not on the slider itself, drag your finger across the screen to different areas!

If you need to use black, press down on the color slider and drag your finger to the bottom right corner of your screen!

If you need to use white, press down on the color slider and drag your finger to the top right corner of your screen.

It is as simple as pie!

For other colors, drag your finger from the color slider to the left across the screen. Then slide your finger to the bottom, and you’ll be able to select colors that are not present on the color slider.

7. Double Filters!

It gets a little monotonous to choose from the limited number of filters Snapchat has to provide, doesn’t it? Well, did you know that you can use more than one filter at a time? Yes, that is right. Snapchat allows the usage of two or more filters on the same snap.

How to  Double Filters on snapchat

To do that, click your fabulous picture and swipe left, choose a filter of your choice. Then hold it down with one finger and swipe left again to find the second filter. Now you have two overlaying filters. Now your snap is all good to post!

8.Resize & Edit Your Texts.

When you want a specific way for your text to look, not only can you change the color, but you can also position, resize and angle your text to your liking!

If you wish for it to be on a single line, then you do not need to move it, but if not, then; you can click on the “T” Icon at the top of the screen. Click on the text you wish to change, to switch to text editing mode, and then you can resize it by pinching or expanding your fingers!

9. Travel Mode! Save Data While Using Snapchat.

Snapchat is a multimedia mobile app. It is understandable that it will drain the battery faster than other social media apps. Luckily, there is a way to prevent this.

Travel Mode turned on in the settings will greatly help you in this!

How Travel Mode! Save Data While Using Snapchat

Not only will it conserve your data, but also your battery will not vanish as fast.
It will not load stories and photos you do not wish to see, and it greatly reduces the lag on live videos you record using Snapchat!

To turn this on, go to Settings> Additional Services> Manage > Toggle “Travel Mode” on.

Another point to be noted is that you can control the camera using the volume buttons of your phone!

To record videos, to hold the button for extended periods of time can be bothersome and annoying because it limits the way you can hold your phone and angle it.

Pressing the volume button instead can work just as well.

A quick tap on a photo, and holding any of the volume buttons to create and shoot your own video!

10. Increase Space for Text!

A 31-character limit is quite cumbersome to many people. Those who wish to write more, really have a hard time with this.

To get around this, go to your designated notes app on your phone, be it an Android or IOS.

On a blank Note, press enters a few times, to acquire a few lines worth of space. Copy this space, and paste it on Snapchat.

This trick will add a lot more space for text for those of you who need it!

11. Increase Emoji size!

Just like text, you can alter your emojis!

By pressing on the “T” symbol which is present on the Top of the screen, you can easily pinch and zoom into your emoji, to increase or decrease the size!

Not only can you do this, but can position and angle it too, to add to the creativity!snapchat Secrets

12. Check out who gazed at your story

If you are curious to know about the ones who watched your snaps, then tap on your story first. An eyeball with a number text following a number to it would be visible.

Click this eyeball to see the list of the people followed and watched your snaps.

13. Switching Cameras!

While filming a video, you can easily switch between your front and rear cameras by double tapping on the screen. This will flip it over and continue recording what you wish to show!

14. Camera QR Codes!

While on Snapchat, if you see any QR code in front of you, you can scan it from the app itself!

How  Camera QR Codes Snapchat

Doing this, will link you to the respective site it was tagged to, and allows you to browse through the app itself!

15. Geofilter of your own 

In a recent update of Snapchat, it now allows you to create your own Geofilters right in the app itself!

In settings, under the heading “On-Demand GeoFilters” One can find it!

It allows you to pick from a list of preset occasions, Select a template and edit to customize using text, Bitmojis, and Snapchat’s Sticker library too!

How to recover snapchat pictures

16. Voice or Video Calling!

From the app itself, while messaging a friend, you can click on the phone or video icon, which will then directly call that person.

This allows for direct voice calls or video calls, on a live basis, and saves the time of typing out long texts!

secrets of snapchat17. Your Stories!  

Do you ever have the curiosity to see if the person who you wish would see it, viewed your snap story?

Well, thankfully, you can now!

Going to your own story, and pressing on the eye icon below will give you a list of all those who have viewed your story!

18. Finding Songs

Snapchat is becoming an all in one toolbox for every need you may have!

If you ever hear a song, and cannot make out the lyrics, or wish to know what it is immediate, there is a pre- integrated app within Snapchat! Shazam!

This immediately can help you recognize songs that you were unaware of before!

snapchat trick

19. Read Messages Without Marking Them!

Well, this one is a bit odd, since you may not be able to view the full message. If you ever are in a position where you wish to know what message you received, but do not wish to let the other person know, then slowly drag the chat to the right, and view it as best as you can.

It is easy to make out words and the basic gist of the message, but won’t give away that you have!

It does not appear marked when you push it back to the left either.

20. See Who Saw Your Stories!

Eager to know who watched your story? , no problem with snap chat new update now you can know who all watched your story which amazingly also works  on Instagram, go to your story, see downward there’s an eyeball symbol with number, number shows how many people saw your snap and if you click on eyeball then you can see people who all watched your story.

21. Follow your favourite celebrity

Snap chat fever has also taken over all the celebrity, now they can easily share what they are doing, where they are going, what they are eating to their loyal fans.

Now you can easily follow your celebrity by searching their username or simply by name.

snapchat tricks

22. Snapcash!

There is a money transaction feature provided by Snapchat, called Snapcash, which allows you to transfer money back and forth! It is definitely useful in many ways too.Snapchat hack

23. Emoji Meanings!

While chatting with a friend, an emoji appears next to that person’s name. Each emoji has a separate meaning for itself.

Here is a given list of what all may show!
Snapchat emojis meanings

24. Message Indicators!

While chatting with a friend, one of many icons may show on the left side of the person’s name.

These icons have their own distinct meaning, given below!

25. Saving Chats!

Snapchat is known for how messages get deleted after being viewed.

One feature of Snapchat is that it also allows you to save chats. While chatting with a friend, if you wish to save a message or a photo, you can press and hold the message. Doing this, will alert you that the message is saved.

Not only you but also it will alert the person you are chatting with that the message is saved.

The next time you open the chat again, swiping up will show you the saved messages, which you can read again!

It comes in handy when hilarious jokes are made which you wish to remember!

26. Group Chats!

Snapchat, like everything in its arsenal, allows group chats too! With a deadly catch that they will disappear within 24 hours!
The group chat, created by adding more and more people, allows you to send stickers, messages, videos, snaps, change the name of the group and everything that can usually be done on other social media group sites! But like everything in Snapchat, this disappears with time!

27. Nicknames!

Of all things, the simplest to do on Snapchat is to give nicknames to your friends! Change their names by going to “My Friends”, Select the friend you wish to rename, and click on the settings icon that appears next to their name. Have fun!

Make funky, funny nicknames, and really enjoy yourself with this!

How Nicknames on Snapchat

Like everything, Snapchat is an amazing multimedia app that gives you the best weapons to be crazy and have fun!

The more time you spend with it, the easier you will learn, and create more enjoyable content for you and your friends to snap and view!