Every year we see different trends in the marketing world. Certain things become more popular than others, and everyone starts using them. Today, I’ll talk you through the top three internet marketing trends of 2016 so far:

email marketing software

Email Marketing

A lot of people consider email as ‘old-school,’ which says a lot about how internet marketing has advanced! However, email marketing is still a top trend in the modern world. Create a mailing list and send emails out to your customers. This is a very effective way of generating more sales and retaining your clients. Email marketing lets you contact people directly, and tailor things to them. You can check their purchase history on your site and then offer deals that appeal to them specifically. Also, you can use email marketing to bring in new customers and increase traffic. There are companies that let you buy mailing lists, which give you a list of contacts that you can convince to visit your site. It’s very effective, and email is well-deserved of its place on this list.

SEO Practice


When it comes to internet marketing, SEO is still right at the top of the pile. It’s a trend that just won’t go away, as it’s so important! If you want to market a website, this is one of the best ways to do it. There’s a constant battle between websites to make that top spot in the organic search results. Everyone knows how crucial it is to do well in the rankings because consumers often use Google to find a website. SEO has definitely come on leaps and bounds since it first burst on the scene. Nowadays you have things like 5 Digital Quotes SEO comparison services, as there are so many SEO companies on the web! It’s easy for businesses to find SEO help and hire a company to develop a plan for them. Optimizing your search engine performance is still a top trend and this will continue through 2016.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are becoming extremely trendy in 2016 for marketers. They represent a way for your customers to help promote your business for you. The best way to make affiliate programs work is to find influential people. Contact some bloggers with large amounts of readers, and things will be very effective. Then, get them to post a link to your site, and pay them every time someone clicks it and does the desired action. For example, if someone clicks their link and buys a product they promote, the affiliate gets paid. Or, you may want people to fill in a form, so, the affiliate gets paid if people do that via their link. It’s a simple concept, and as blogging becomes bigger and bigger, this trend gets more popular.


If you want to keep up with current marketing trends, then you have to use the three techniques above. The reason they’re so popular is that they’re useful and get the job done! Using all of these techniques will help you form a solid marketing strategy that leads to plenty of success.