Learn Line Application Secret tricks; In the high and prime of social networking, it gave rise for people to connect with each other in a more unified way than ever before. So we have Line Messenger APP tips and tricks which can help you become a power user. It wasn’t long after that people got to chat or direct messages with other people on the network rather than just commenting in front of their posts or tweets. What followed suit was the rise of a huge list of Internet messaging Apps. Even Facebook launched their particular messenger application for just chatting with the users. In light of these new platforms there were a few that managed to present themselves as a way to have text conversation with each other over the Internet while just providing a huge list of features to become a Social Networking platform and one of those success stories was Line Messenger APP which boasts a 600+ Million users.

line messenger app secret tricks and tips

While the application blew up, there were some features that weren’t announced to every user and those tips and tricks are what we will be discussing in this article. Also, a few tricks to improve your overall appeal to everyone in your Line contact list.

Tips and Tricks For Line Messenger App

  • Prevent Other People You Know From Adding You

The last thing you want while using any social networking site or service is that certain people from your life who can just add you because they have your number. There’s a small trick that helps you from not preventing addition by adding a second layer of confirmation. All you have to do is goto “Settings” and select the “Friends” option and un-tick “Allow Others to add”. Now nobody can add you without your permission.

10 Helpful LINE App Tips And Tricks

  • Remove Your Phone Number

Well, this is tricky because once installed you can’t unregister your mobile number but what you can do is change your logging options to trick your app into un-linking or using another number. Before proceeding with this trick you might want to backup all your chat history because you might lose it all. After you are done backing it up you need to goto “Settings” and tap on “Accounts”. Now you just want to link your Facebook account and give all the permission the app requires. After your Facebook account is linked you need to uninstall the Line app. After that, you might want to re-install the app to login using your Facebook account. Voila, it’s done.

Useful LINE App Tips And Tricks

  • Master The Blog

Each and group chat you are on has a Timeline for you to post texts and pictures for people to interact with like a social networking site.  All you have to do is swipe left to access it. It’s somewhat impressive for them to have integrated something to give a unique experience. You can even share the things on your Timeline to chat for people to view.

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  • Self Destructive Chat

One of the worst things about chat-based communication is that anyone can see that and refer to at a later date and even when you delete something it still stays on the other side of receiver you are merely deleting your copy of it. In a world where people want more privacy Line has a hidden chat option. All you have to do is open any chat and goto tap on the name at the top and select “Hidden Chat”. Now all you have to do is add your friends whom you wish to receive your self-destructive message and a set timer for how long it stay. A great way to increase your privacy. To be fair, it still doesn’t prevent you from people who screencap your messages, but it’s still better than nothing.

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  • Managing Notifications Like a Pro

Nothing is more annoying than every app sending you notifications all day long and especially about things you don’t care about it. All the annoying level of invitations you get from Line because someone wants to play game plagues your day by bothering you with something you may not want to do. Well, there’s a simple way to disable this all you need to is goto “Settings” and tap on “Notification”. Here you customize everything about what kind of notification you want to receive from this app and even disable those invites. For disabling application invitations, you need to scroll down to “Customized Settings” and disable or un-tick “Receive Messages” in the Unauthorized App. While you are at the Notification settings might as well change your sound, so you know when you are getting pinged by someone on Line. You might want to scroll down on Tone and select “Others..” for using your sound.

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  • Change the Photo Quality

Some people want to send the best possible quality while other wants to save some bandwidth on their data plans and given how many photos you exchange over these chats you might want to change it to suit your needs. All you have to do is open Setting and Tap on “Image & Video” and switch quality of photo to whatever suits your needs.

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  • Find Photos Faster

Nothing is more annoying that scrolling like a maniac in a group chat just to find a single photo and to scroll through hours of text-based chat especially if there is a group in it. All you have to do is open any chat you want to get the photo from and click on the down menu on top and tap on “Photos”. Now you can only view the photos in the chat and choose to save it to your Line Album or your Device.

  • Up Your Typing Skills

No matter how much typing on smartphones have gotten better there’s no denying that using a physical keyboard is ultimately superior to the point where buying a keyboard attachment on a tablet is a must-have these days. You may not know this, but you can easily get the Line app on your computer. All you have to do is open your app store and download it. It currently supports Chrome, OS X and Windows. Be warned that you can only use one two apps in total one being on your phone and the other on your Computer. For any more Installation, you may need to register another mobile number.

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  • Save Important Messages On Chat

Sometimes you want just to save a message to a folder where you can later view them especially if they are important. You can easily do this by going to the chat and tapping on the drop-down menu button and tapping on “Edit Messages”. Select the option of “Save to Notes” and just tick the messages you want to save and click on Note You can even use these Edit Messages button to forward or delete them, so it’s an easy way to manage things.

Line messenger tips and secrets of 2016

  • Make Free Calls

Given how certain call rates can be pretty heavy especially if you don’t have the plan that lets your call, specific people, you may be interested in just using your internet connection to make practically free cost-effective calls over the Internet. All you have to do is open the chat with the person you want to call and click on the drop-down menu and tap on “Free Call.” You can even make a Video Call if your internet is fast enough to do so.

Line secret tricks

I hope these line app tricks have helped you have a better experience overall and for any further question and methods, you can comment down below.Also, if you do know some secret tricks of line application and looking to share somewhere, then you are free to share in down comment below.