If white particles are present in urine, most of the medical experts state that it is a sound condition. The urinary bladder in the body maintains the level of water in the body. It releases the waste materials from the body. The quantity of urine that you pass daily also depends upon some fluids or liquids consumed. Some people who tend to sweat regularly and hence they do not pass urine frequently.

White Stuff In Urine

Most of the medical experts state that woman most commonly this problem. They should visit a physician only if they are experiencing pain the area or suffer from fever. But if a woman is experiencing the problem during midnight, then she should be directly placed in an emergency room. The doctor can diagnose white stuff in urine due to different medical conditions.

What Are The White Particles in Urine?

Sometimes, the state of a woman is not a big deal, but the medical technicians notice white clumps in the urine, then the woman requires urgent medical attention.

Infection of the Urinary Tract

If a patient is suffering from urinary tract infection, then usually the an of the urine changes to amber from yellow. Due to bacterial infection, the color of the urine appears cloudy and tiny particles can be noticed in the urine. You experience a severe problem if bacteria called Escheria Coli dwells at the opening of the urethra and the person experiences a severe problem. So, the patient needs immediate medical attention under such condition.

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Parasitic infections

If parasites such as schistosomiasis or filariasis invade your urinary bladder, then particles can be noticed in the urine, and they can cause trichomoniasis infections. If you are suffering from a fungal infection or candidacies infection, even then you see white particles in urine. In critical condition, if you have developed bladder cancer or polyps, even then you find white particles in urine.


Due to the problems of phosphate debris in the urine, sediments can be noticed. You need not worry about this condition. On the lining of the urinary tract, you can find detached walls.

white stuff in urine

Kidney stones

If kidney stones are present in the bladder, then these white granules change the color of the urine. If need not worries if the stones are smaller in size. These little stones can be released from the feces. Some of them dissolve automatically when you drink plenty of water. If you notice this stuff for many days, then you must consult a physician. If you have suffered from the problem of kidney stones earlier, then the chances of occurrence are very high. If you are experiencing kidney stone problem recurrently, then you must consult a physician. These stones will affect not only the bladder of the body but also the other parts.

Bacterial vaginosis

This fluid can be released from the vagina of a woman and hence the color of your urine also changes to cloudy. Under such conditions, bacteria tend to multiply and are continuously released from the vagina producing a foul smell. So, a woman feels itchy across the vagina, and she need not worry unless the problem is leading to severe skin problems or vaginal pain. If you are experiencing bacterial vaginosis problem, then the problem can be treated quickly. If this issue is not resolved quickly, then the patient may, later on, suffer from pelvic inflammatory problems that can cause serious problems. So, you will notice the cloudy color of the urine.

Monilla yeast infection- White particles in urine female

White particles in urine female are noticed when she experiences vaginal problems. When yeast is growing excessively in the vagina of a woman, then the white discharge may be released through her tract and hence white particles are noticed in the urine. The area becomes red, and a woman experiences itching and inflammation around the area.

Infection in men

The semen that is released in the sex organs enters the bladder instead of releasing from the penis. Such people experience white stuff while urinating. The men who have undergone prostate surgery in the past suffer from urinary problems. As the upper sphincter muscles or deep sphincter muscles do not close, the semen is released into the urinary bladder and hence the color of the urine also changes to white. The urine then consists of plenty of puss cells and it causes an itching sensation in the urinary tract.

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Minor problem due to white particles in urine

You may also experience some minor problems such as pus or infection that can be cured. Sometimes, if you feel dehydrated or consume less water, even then you can notice some white particles in urine. To know the cause for white particles in urine, you must undergo various examinations such as Gram staining, urinalysis, or urine culture examination.

Otherwise, due to the release of urinary proteins or albumin from the body, some white particles are noticed in the urine. Some experts also state if you have experienced the problem of kidney stones earlier, then these stones dissolve and are notified in the form of flecks. When kidney stones are formed in the urine, then they consist of calcium which makes the urine color white.

White tissues during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the woman most commonly experiences vaginal discharge, or the white tissues enter the urinary bladder from the vagina. This condition is known as leucorrhoea. A pregnant woman may experience this problem from the second month. The color of the urine can also change to white due to sloughing of epithelial cells in parts such as a bladder, urethras, ureters, etc.


The urinary bladder problems may be minor or major. But if the minor problems are not treated within a short time, then the problems become severe, and a person needs immediate medical attention.