Are you excited about becoming a Certified Nursing Assistance (CNA)? Do you want to get the certificate right from your home?

CNA is one of best career types to deal with your demands. CNA works under the supervision of nurses to deliver high-quality assistance to patients.


This guide below will show you how you can get CNA certification online, its requirements, role, and what to expect.

How to get CNA certification online

One of the most important features to look for when searching for CNA class is your state law. You must complete a state approvedCNAclass first, because you may end up spending money and time on a program that does not offer any qualification towards state certification.

The state approved CNA classes have a knowledge section and a clinical section. The knowledge they offer online is similar to an academic class and will require a good quantity of reading and will include quizzes, MCQs, and others.

The purpose of the clinical section is to improve your skills that are a must for a top CNA.Skills like patient care, communication, stress management, infection control, CPR, and several others.


The eligibility criterion for CNA admission is not, as such, complicated. Here is a list of basic requirements for the potential candidates.

  • You must be at least 16
  • You must be able to communicate in the English language. Better yet, you must be fluent English speaker and writer.
  • You should have a high school diploma.
  • You must have a computer with internet access.

This is all that is required from you. Nothing fancy or complicated here, right?

Roles of a CNA

Before you enroll in an online CNAprogram,it is advised that you carefully read the roles of a CNA and what is expected from you. Some of the basic roles of a CNAinclude:

  • To assist patients with everyday tasks such as eating.
  • To offer all types of support to the patients.
  • To help RNs.
  • To provide medical treatment to patients.
  • To interact and communicate with the patients whenever required.

A CNA performs all those tasks that are performed by nurses but there are few differences, though.

CNA Careers

Certainly. What else is the purpose of becoming a CNA?

CNAs work in all types of hospitals. You can end up getting a job at a local hospital or a private hospital. The two best places where you can get a job as a CNA include:

  1. Hospitals (local, state, or private)
  2. Nursing and long-term care facilities.

It does not matter where you get the job, the thing that really matters is how well you do your job. You have to work for irregular hours preferably in a roster-based system where you might have to work on nights and holidays. This is, rather, frustrating for most CNAs and they do not expect such hectic routine.

You should be prepared for everything. You might be spending your next Christmas in a nursing facility.

Online CNA benefits

There are tons of benefits of enrolling in an online CNA class. Some of the most major benefits include:

  • You can choose your own class timings.
  • Access classes and course material anytime. You have missed a class. Not a problem, access class content whenever you have time.
  • Online classes are fairly affordable as compared to traditional CNA classes.
  • Access to some of the best e-libraries and digital publishers.

Are you ready to join the next online CNA class?