10 accessories to enhance your 4K TV in 2021

Gone are the days of black and white TVs of our days.

Now is the time for new generation TV.

4K HDR TV as we call it is an experience you don’t want to miss.

Because if you did, you are losing something magnificent in your life. 

Want to buy a smart 4K HDR TV in the advanced world of technology today?

You can start streaming 4K content that is becoming very popular these days.

You can hook up a smart TV with 4K HDR streaming apps. One accessory in that case, but we are going to describe ten such accessories to help you choose from options. 

There are too many accessories to choose from, starting with Xbox one X to wireless TV headphones. 

I remember when my son wanted to buy his Xbox for the first time he saw it in the UK, there was nothing better that could make a little boy of ten years old so happy as this piece of technology could.

There’s no end to technology and the new generation goes on adding color to their lives unlike we never knew.

£400 was a big amount for me in those days. But nothing could match the new excitement and joy of my little son.

Let us examine them one by one going by their popularity.

The new generation must have 4K HDR TV to get the feel of the 21st century. They are not going to lag behind the Chinese, for example.

An experience you don’t want to miss living in the age of technology.


  1. Xbox Series X and Playstation 5.


Both are great for gaming consoles and both support Netflix and Amazon Prime video streaming. 

Without them, you can’t get the best out of your 4K HDR TV.

So invest in a few accessories that would enhance your 4K HDR TV experience. 

Xbox Series X with HDR Blu-ray drive will make your 4K HDR Blu-ray Collection shine. 

PS5 and Xbox Series X are both excellent for 4K content streaming and they both also have a large array of games in 4K HDR. 

3840×2160 resolution is not always possible with both of these consoles but your games look very good as an end result which is all you need without going deep into the technology.


2.Chromecast Ultra/Fire TV stick/Apple TV 4K


Perhaps you have an elementary level 4K TV  and perhaps it’s not a smart TV.

Perhaps it doesn’t have popular streaming apps.

 The Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, and Apple TV all have 4K variants of their hardware. The 4K Chromecast Ultra and 4K Fire TV Stick are not available in India but the 4K Apple TV has arrived. You can however get your hands on the Chromecast Ultra and 4K Fire TV stick in the private market.

Things that arrive here may not be original but illegal copies made in China.

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3.NVIDIA Shield


The one answer you are looking for is the perfect Android TV box to sit under your TV is the NVIDIA Shield. 

It can stream all 4K content from all popular streaming, be your great Plex streamer and run all android apps available on the Play Store. 

You can also stream your PC games to your TV using the Nvidia Shield.


4.Universal remote control

If you have a large 4K TV, a home theatre setup, and multiple gadgets connected to the AV receiver, you will need a number of remote controls, one for each gadget.

A universal remote control will eliminate the need for several remote controls with a single remote control. A device like the Logitech Harmony is recommended for such a situation.


5.Soundbar/Speakers/Home theatre

Although 4K TV is great for viewing the content, TV’s audio is not optimum.

You need a good soundbar, home theatre, or bookshelf speakers depending on your taste and room size.

A great sound system is a must addition to your content viewing experience. Let’s listen to Linus what does he say about the soundbar. 

6.Wireless TV Headphones

 Watching late-night movies on the 4K TV can disturb neighbors if you decide to blast your home theatre at full volume. There are a lot of Bluetooth headphones available that are great for watching movies. A pair of wireless headphones can be the perfect solution to enjoy content on your 4K TV if it doesn’t come with Bluetooth headphones.

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7.HDMI Switcher

With too many gadgets sitting under your TV, you may fall short of HDMI ports. If you have an AV receiver, then this problem can be taken care of. You can always consider an HDMI switcher as an option to add about 5 HDMI ports to your TV.


8.Wall Bracket

The wall bracket that comes with your TV isn’t usually flexible. If you want to be able to adjust the height, angle, and position of your TV, you may want to invest in a good flexible wall mount to watch your 4K TV lying down on your bed with high pillows or sitting up.

 You can check some amazing tv wall brackets from vogels.com

9.Cleaning solution 

We can’t use household cleaning solutions to take care of dust on the 4K HDR TV which is a prized possession. We can invest a bit in a nice cleaning solution designed to keep our 4K HDR TV display free of dust and fingerprints. 

You also find dusters that absorb dust while you are cleaning and leave your TV screen shining like a spectacles cleaner.


10.Ambient Lighting

Watching TV in the dark can harm your eyes but switching the lights on may cause glare. To solve both of the problems, invest in good ambient lighting. This is essentially neutral lighting which acts as a hue around the TV. Your eyes won’t hurt when watching TV for long hours.

You can also think of a bed light behind your head that illuminates the wall and not the room with a direct glare.

Time for you to go shopping for a few accessories to live in a world of 4K HDR TV. Don’t forget to look for bargains keeping an eye for quality at the same time.

Check out these amazing ambient lightning in google search.

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