We all know that an Android app is an application software which runs on Android platform and all these different apps are used to perform a particular and different function. These apps have revolutionized the world, and for anything, we need an app whether it is from the chatting with our friends or family members to the ordering delicious food and enjoying it. It is not wrong to say that today these apps are the need of the are. We all have used the Apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp and much more and we all know about these apps and its functionalities.

10 apps you should have


First of all the app must be user-friendly and this is the main criteria which attract the public towards itself. The next thing which people see that their app must communicate with data and give them the proper results and information. These two features are the main criteria which decide the popularity of an app.


Today, I will give you a detailed description of the 10 Apps which you should know and must be kept on your phone. So here is the list:-


  1. EVERNOTE: – Evernote is a multi-functional app which allows the user to do a variety of tasks. Evernote is a voice recorder, note taker, list keeper, web page clipper digital tool. The best thing about this app is its Optical Character Recognition feature which is used to search text in photos. Here’s the official website for Evernote where you can download their app from it.

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Download this Evernote app on play store

2. GREENIFY: – Today everyone spends their maximum time in using their phone and thus the threat to the battery life increases. Greenify is one such app which is used to save power by updating you all about your apps which are draining the battery power. It freezes the app which is more responsible for the power consumption as per your choice and immediately defrosts it as soon as you want to gain access. It is one of the great apps in reducing the power consumption apart from the battery saver and the memory boosting apps such as 360 SECURITY.

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Download this Greenify app on play store 

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3. NEXT LOCK SCREEN: – Next lock screen is the app which has been laid down by Microsoft’s Garage Projects offers advanced fingerprint locking system followed by Smart contacts and Smart Lock System which let you configure how to unlock your device. The best thing about this app is that it gives you all the notifications regarding the missed calls, messages and about the new apps without waking up your phone. Because of the advanced lock service offered by this app, it has also won the “best lock screen Android App ” Award.

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Download this Next Lock Screen App on play store

4. POCKET: – This is also one of the apps which all android users must keep in their phone. This app allows you to save articles and videos and then reading or watching it later with full enjoyment especially when you are traveling in a bus or a train. This feature of Pocket app attracts the user towards it and has been rated as one of the best apps for traveling purposes.

app you should have app you should have

Download this Pocket app on play store

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5. OVERDRIVE: – It is one of the apps which offers you all the features which a library offers by allowing you to borrow books by just sitting at your home.There is no problem of late fees as titles are returned automatically.

best library app library app

Download this Overdrive app on play store

6. AVG: – It is an antivirus app which protects your device from the virus and the worms. It is emerging as one of the best antivirus apps which keep your personal data and text messages safe with an app lock and picture vault. It helps you to scan other apps and games present in your android and kills all the virus found while scanning. It kills all the worms which slow down your device and allows you to hide your personal data in an encrypted vault. It scans the Wi-fi networks for encryption issues and makes you update about the weak passwords and threat and guards your device fro phishing attacks. You can download Avg free antivirus app from the play store or visit direct official website for the free antivirus for android app.

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7. LASTPASS: – Generally human beings face difficulties while setting the passwords in order to avoid an external threat. Well, now their problem will be solved using the Lastpass app which allows the user to set complex and unique passwords to protect their device from the external threat. This app is emerging as one of the best android security apps and has been liked by many users. The pricing structure allows you to create unique passwords.

best password app password app

Download this Lastpass app on play store

8. NORDVPN: – The antivirus companies have now come up with a new app which keeps your android free of malware. When you connects your phone to Wi-fi the chance of the threat to your phone is more which can be minimized by using this app. It lets you hide your IP address from the advertisers and access region-locked content.

best vpn app vpn app

Download this Nord VPN app on play store

9. COMIXOLOGY COMICS: – This app would be most liked by the children as it contains treasures of entertainment and excitement. The app features all the stories which are a great point of attraction for the children. The stories, with the wild animals talking and all the fights of the superheroes, fascinates the lovers. A person will be in his childhood days after reading the comics through this app.

best comic app comic app

Download this Comixology app on play store

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10. SONGKICK: – Gone were the days when people used to search for magazines in order to know about their upcoming gigs. But today they don’t have to search for magazines for their favorite gigs, they will get updated through Songkick app. Just you have to buy tickets and then enjoy your favorite shows.

best concert app concert app

Download this Songkick app play store



An intent is used to start new activities. When we want to navigate from one activity to another then android provides us an intent class.


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