The website is an everyday business and marketing tool nowadays. If the business owner or stakeholder wants to cover most of the target audience – the site is a must-have.

As well as usual offline marketing materials, websites have their call-to-action elements.

These elements help to guide users to the right action, for example, in a sales funnel. Extraordinary web design ideas help to increase the user’s engagement to the website interface; for its part, it increases the time that users spend on the website.


10 Extraordinary Web Design Ideas That Will Get Everyone Clicking

The website design should work well, following all business goals. Suppose it doesn’t cover it, or there is a tremendous bounce rate. In that case, the best decision is to review the design and add a couple of extraordinary design ideas. Usually, need such tuning after the stage, when the first user’s feedback and heat map are available.

 If you need web design services and would like to make web design more clickable, the next ten ideas are not bad.


Ten extra elements that help your customers/visitors click more:

  1. Bright colors for Buttons

If you would like to have more clicks on your buttons, they should catch the attention. The website design buttons are essential elements. If the button is small or doesn’t fit the size, the user can’t notice such a button. Colors for the buttons should be chosen following brand colors, style guide/brand bible, sphere, and needs of the target audience. Therefore, web design and development services start with an audience and market study.

Bright colors could confuse your clients and visitors. For example, suppose you have a bright color in your brand bible. In that case, it’s OK – good designers will use it correctly, but if you have a pink background, red buttons, and yellow text – this could be a little bit stressful.

And what about the switchers – it should be bright (please use color in the right amount) and provides you with understanding, that you can interact with.

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  1. Animations/ 3D

Usual animations or 3D could level up your business. If there are poorly made animations or they work badly on the responsive version – the bounce rate will be high. Animation for the call-to-action buttons helps to catch user attention in the first 1-2 seconds.

As for 3D or background video – this is a high-level content that will set you apart from competitors.

Animations are the multitasking tool – it could help on each stage of design. Animations could update your design, and it will be more attractive. Animations could highlight necessary elements and help your users to make sales; animations could be used as the element for updates, for example, if you already grab the first user’s feedback and would like to update the website.

  1. Qualitative content/pictures

Quality of content is the primary criterion, as poor content will debase your service and web design. Select the appropriate style and follow it while editing your pictures or looking for photos on photo stocks.

What’s more, unique content help to deal with searching platforms, increasing the visibility of a website in a web search engine.

  1. Video

If you have the opportunity to create your own Showreel – make it. Video is the speediest way to show your forces and critical talents.

Video on websites is the best tool that helps to increase conversion. As well as call to action, you could use video for any marketing tasks. Video could pay for itself in a week.

Video is also the best item to use for commercials and marketing. Simple 5-30 seconds video that you could use in online social networks, emails, or commercials will catch clients’ attention and show more information about your business more quickly.

5. Illustrations

Illustrations are a universal approach for each type of target audience.

There are a lot of absolutely different types of illustrations that can dilute the content. It helps to create a visual connection between website elements.

Illustrations are the best way to help your target audience understand your project and the main idea of your business better. Also, there are a couple of styles for each type of target audience that will work, especially for them.

But you should be careful with illustrations – the wrong style of illustrations could raise the dissonance of your users, Illustrations are aging faster than design, so you will need to update it earlier.

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  1. Headlines and Typography

Headlines are a real call-to-action.

If you like to make the accent on your website section, block, or any other part of your website – you should add a headline. If the user doesn’t understand what element is clickable one – he or she will click on the headline.

Typography elements could also be clickable ones- this is the low-cost clicking tool. If you would like to see an excellent example of typography- Swedish typography could help you with such a request.

  1. Numbers

People like numbers. Adding numbers to your web design will give remarkable results at the heat map and increase users’ time on the websites page. Web design services can create infographics, animations, line charts, or multi-axis charts.

  1. Social proof

Any social proof works well, especially for booking and e-commerce websites. There are many different types of social proof, that could be used as call-to-action, such as timer or availability of positions.

If you add a part of the additional information that could boost the trust, it will work for you and customers.

If you have a couple of reviews, you should post it, if you even have one of two. Reviews with photo work much better – always remember this moment.

  1. Security

A lot of users take care of the security side. It would be best if you thought about the GDPR. If you have a checkout or payment flow or your website, many users won’t buy your staff if they see problems on the security side.

For more than 50% of users’ security side is essential.

If you are the owner of e-commerce business or work with the clients directly, you and your team should care about the security side.

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  1. Right placement of call to action elements

If you would like to have more clicks and good conversion, all call to action elements should be placed in the right way and order. The overabundance of call-to-action items in the website design will confuse users, especially new ones. Call-to-action elements should be placed following the grid and layout – in this way, and it will work.

We hope this information will be useful and help you understand that you could use any element as a tool to have more clicks.