A Tea Originated from China by the leaves of “Camellia sinensis” commonly known as “Green tea” is now spread all over the world. It is available in various varieties depending on Horticulture, natural conditions, harvesting time and production. The process of making green tea is called Steeping. It is made from less refined and un-oxidized leaves, so it contains many anti-oxidants and nourishment elements. So Today we going to discuss ten healthiest Benefits of Green Tea, which, can help you to live healthily.

healthy benefits of drinking green tea

There are several amazing benefits of drinking Green Tea. Let us enumerate the tested perks of Drinking Green Tea


1) Green tea arouses Physical performance

Green tea improves metabolism of the body which burns fat. It holds an excellent control on fatty acids released from fat tissues. It strengthens the level of fat oxidation through which body turns food into calories. It speeds up the metabolism and refreshes body which finally results in better physical performance.

2) Green tea reduces the possibility of cancer

An unusual growth of body cells is one of the reasons for cancer. The unusual growth of body cells is due to increased number of oxidants in the body which speeds the growth of cancer, and we all know that Green tea is rich in powerful antioxidants hence it is possible to reduce the risk of cancer by drinking Green tea.
It is scientifically proven fact that Green tea reduces the risk of cancer and. Therefore, it is used with various herbs as a medicine to prevent the body from this breathtaking disease.

reasons why you should drink green tea


3) Green tea makes us smarter and improves the functionality of Brain

Green tea also contains caffeine in it which keeps body active for a longer period. Caffeine is an important catalyst of Green tea. It creates response without any anxious effects related to the overdose of caffeine. It stops inhibitory neurotransmitter called as Adenosine. Hence, it improves the viscosity of neurons resulting in a better performance of the Brain. It improves reaction time and memory of the brain. Green tea also contains amino acids to enhance and boost the anti-anxiety effect.

4) Green tea improves endurance and reduces the risk of Death

It has been proved that the consumers of green tea had the lower risk of heart diseases which develops and ensures the longevity of the human body. It reduces the risk of heart attacks and over strokes. By drinking green tea the size of arteries increases which reduces the blood pressure and finally results into fewer strokes on the heart and prevent heart attacks.

5) Green tea takes good care of our Oral Health

While eating food bacteria enters in our mouth causing cavities and we know that regular intake of sugar enhances the cavities this is because bacteria use sugar to increase cavities. Green tea reduces the acid and bacteria in the mouth as it is anti-bacterial. It also reduces gum diseases as the antioxidants present in green tea are anti-inflammatory. As written above, green tea reduces the risk of cancer which covers oral cancer too. Also, it generates good smell in the mouth.

6) Green tea cuts down type II diabetes

At the time when body not able to to produce insulin than the level of blood sugar starts increasing simultaneously. Many people across the world are affected by this disease and it is uncontrollable. Green tea improves the sensitivity of insulin in the body and reduces the blood sugar level. It may not be immediate, but it will surely be helpful in the long run.

7) Green tea prevents Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases

When the neurons of the brain start degenerating, and the brain starts slowing down, then the catechin compounds of green tea create protective effects of the brain and improves the functionality of the brain. It helps aged people in remembering many things. It Prevents the loss of memory and maintains them active.

8) Green tea is ambrosia for the youth

Every aspect of green tea improves and endures the body and indeed every youngster in the present world wants to look good and stay fit. Green tea is the tonic for the youth which protects their body from many diseases and makes them healthy. It improves the functionality of brain, and hence the personality of the person improves drastically.

9) Green tea reduces anxiety and helps in relaxation

People who suffer from chronic anxiety like those who drink too much alcohol and bear, Green tea cures all of that. Green tea is a complete pack of I-theanine, which helps in reducing anxiety and helps us in relaxation. Green tea soothes us and reduces laziness in the body. It keeps us fresh and fruitful.

X advantages of green tea

10) Green tea controls Cholesterol

Although cholesterol is an essential biomolecule for the normal functions of the body, if the level of cholesterol rises from its average level than it silently increases the risk of heart attacks and other certain risks. It puts our heart in danger. Green tea controls the level of cholesterol in the body and protects the body from its harmful effect.

The traditional medicines made in India and China have various herbs which include green tea as its major ingredient. Doctors use green tea as Diuretic and stimulant to improve health. Green tea is available in the form of capsules and dried leafs.

Intake 2 to 3 cups of green tea on the daily basis will help people to maintain a healthy life. Green tea acts as herb and perhaps it is possible that it may generate side effect too if mixed with another herb. So it is better to take herbs under the supervision of knowledgeable practitioners.
It helps to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle on the daily basis. Also, it increases charm and keeps the body fresh and active.