Everyone dreams of getting such a position in the company to come to work with pleasure, to receive joy from life and, of course, a worthy financial reward. The work of your dream, is it fiction or reality? Of course, this is the reality. Everything depends on your desire and perseverance. Here are some tips for achieving this goal.

10 Tips How to Find a Job of Your Dream

  1. Clearly Imagine What Kind of Job You Are Looking For

Describe the criteria for the job of your dream. You have to realize what you want to do there, what are the prospects for your growth, your team, day schedule, remote job or at the office, salary, etc. Select at least 7 criteria that are important to you. It makes sense to look for the job of your dreams that you really want. Do not particularly look at your past experience. Decide for yourself whom you want to become in 10 years.

  1. Arrange the Criteria for the Job of Your Dream in Terms of Priorities

All 7 criteria are unlikely for 100%, so when there is a choice, it is important to understand what is more important for you.

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  1. Find 10-15 Vacancies Suitable for You

See what skills and experience you must have to get a job of your dreams.

  1. Make a Plan to Quickly Acquire New Skills

If you already have these skills, it is good. If not, elaborate the plan how to get them. In terms of professional skills, you can them work out in your free time with friends or by reading and studying to get at least a basic experience. Enroll in special courses. You need to know English and you can do it on the preply.com website. Languages open the door to success.

Acquire New Skills

In terms of developing personal qualities, such as leadership and responsibility, develop them at the current place of work. For example, if the goal is a development of organizational skills, you can organize anything from a volleyball competition to the original congratulation of an employee. It is important to train to organize people. This is a way to develop other qualities and skills.

  1. Write a Good CV

A perfect CV form is 30% of success. Writing a CV can take up to 2 weeks of preparation. It is advised to choose 20 CVs of your potential competitors on the Internet and study them. Read articles and essays how to write a perfect resume. Before sending out your resume, show it to friends to get their opinion. The resume should be beautiful and attract attention at a glance.

Also, you can have a basic resume, but it should be a bit amended according to every vacancy. Nothing superfluous to add, just mention exactly what the employer is looking for. It is good to use this terminology. Avoid errors and mistakes in your CV. Paragraphs should be even, fonts are readable, the main data is highlighted. An employer usually spends from 5 to 30 seconds for getting halfway down each CV. Therefore, it should be easy for him to see that you are good for his company.

  1. Work out the Job Search Plan

Schedule your actions on how you will look for a job, what will you do to provide a flow of invitations for interviews. Be ready to quickly reply to invitations for an interview. Make a plan for 2 months and adjust it every month. Job search is a work. You need to systematically allocate time for that.

  1. Preparations for the Interview

Be sure to practice pairing with someone who can play the role of an employer. You can have several job interviews a day. Be ready for an important interview for the vacancy of your dream in advance. You should know as much as possible about the company, including the company history, its mission, values, business field, key customers, etc. Practice how to answer the possible questions. It is useful to prepare 4-8 questions to the employer. Not only the company chooses, but you do as well.

  1. Mental Condition

The most important point at an interview is your internal status. You should have an emotional conviction that you are the best for this vacancy and you really want to get it. It is great to have eyes burning and to convince the employer that you will be good at work at the same time. This condition is trained during preparation for the interview. There are no ideal candidates, so do not worry that you are missing something. The main thing for the employer is your desire to work and the ability to learn, your personality and your good qualities, such as honesty, openness, and responsibility. This is important to demonstrate at the interview.


  1. How Much Do You Cost?

Clearly realize your desired income and do not be afraid to voice it with dignity, if you are asked about it.

  1. Switch on Your Imagination

Imagine yourself at a new job at least 5 minutes a day. Get a picture of the way how you are dressed, what and who surrounds you, and what are you doing there. It is also useful to visualize a successful interview before the interview itself. Look for a job out of a sense of prosperity, the desire to realize your highest potential, your dreams, and not out of the need to earn money. Good luck!