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11 Amazing Computer Tricks which you should know in 2021

Do you remember how you started with learning how to use a computer? You must have started it right from the basics such as typing and later turned to the advanced version of usage. But computer knowledge is not static; you need to upgrade your knowledge as the technology advances. Every year, the inventors and scholars come up with a new version or a new update, and it becomes your job and responsibility to learn it. 

Amazing Computer Tricks

However, we don’t think you should take it as a tedious task to do. Instead, you should learn computers as fun. You can skip the word ‘knowledge’ and call the computer skills ‘tricks.’ You will be surprised that you already know a ton of tricks, and that’s why you call yourself a tech-savvy person. But if you do not know how to insert emojis using a keyboard or other shortcuts, we are afraid you shouldn’t be calling yourself a technologically fluent person. 

Here we are again to provide you with a boost of amazing computer tricks or plain knowledge that you can use in everyday usage of computers. Let us start. 

Know why your computer is being slow and unsteady.

If you have noticed that your computer apps are behaving erratically and have slowed down your computer, it is the start to use this trick. It is simple! No, you do not have to stare at those complex graphs and charts entailing your resource usage. You should look for something that you change and act upon and not just ogle. 

Our trick tells you to study the CPU usage and figure out the differences between good and bad RAM consumption patterns. Then, you can check for the system monitors on the platform you use and identify the root cause. Instead of studying the charts and blaming your usage patterns, it is essential to identify the high RAM usage and fix it up

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Use keyboard shortcuts like a pro.

Are you thinking right now – If I am supposed to be a keyboard pro, then why do we have mouse and touch options? We don’t tell you to turn back time and return to the previous century. But we strongly believe that keyboard shortcuts make efficient use of your computer all the time. You can take your computer usage to the next level with a simple tool called the keyboard. 

If you are aware of the keyboard shortcuts used while typing in an MS Office program, you need to do more. Your favorite platforms, such as Gmail and Facebook, have keyboard shortcuts, enabling you to utilize these tools more effectively. As you learn these tricks, you can operate all the tools, including text boxes, with rapid speed and efficiency. Check out any keyboard manual; the latest one has all the shortcuts. However, don’t expect yourself to be savvy in a day; it will take some sweet time. 

Use night mode when it is not sunny outside.

Do you know that continuous computer usage is tampering with your eye health? Yeah, it is. But you cannot just stop using your device for a while. Sometimes, you need to burn that midnight oil to work on a critical project or research some information. In such cases, turn on the night mode of your device and let your eyes relax as you work. Windows and Mac have their own operating systems, but you can even download the latest version of F.lux. Incorporate the same on your mobile phones; we are stating this even if we promised to talk about computers in this post. 

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Use cloud when you want a backup.

In life, having a backup is essential, and for you, it could be your loved one or parents. And when it comes to computers, your favorite backup option could be the cloud system. Local backup is alright, but you need a strong service such as Google Drive and Dropbox to do all the storage work. These cloud platforms are immensely important and influential and are used by worldwide users. If an external hard drive is your go-to storage option, we appreciate it, but the cloud offers seamless storage and convenience. Just try it one, and you will never go back to the previous ones you used. 

Schedule computer maintenance tasks in an automated manner.

Gone are the days when you had to remind yourself or set reminders to get your device checked for viruses and other maintenance tasks. With Make use of the Windows built-in Task Scheduler, you can carry out any maintenance tasks, including alarm facilities. Mac users, too, have suitable options such as Tasks till Dawn. Simply knowing it won’t help; you will have to set up the systems in line. 

Use VLC for your subtitle requirements.

It is so irritating to watch a video if the subtitles go wary and out of control, and you simply can do nothing. Yes, you can do something with the help of a VLC player. For syncing the subtitles, press the commands H or G, and to move the video forward or backward, use J or K. This is a popular technique amongst all the tech-nerdy guys, but if you are a regular video viewer, you must be aware of this trick. Download the VLC player and use these commands today for a smooth experience. 

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Learn how to crack passwords.

No, we aren’t telling you to learn this valuable skill to access other people’s systems and devices. We suggest you learn a password-cracking mechanism to protect yourself, your device, and your confidential information. No one has the right to access it, and self-defense is critical by learning skills. When you think from the unethical point of view of a hacker, you can learn several ways how your device is at risk and protect it from the same. Learning how to crack Wi-Fi passwords and tools such as encryption help you shield your device from all the possible threats in the cyber world. 

You can undo several things apart from typed words.

We often think that we can undo typing, but you can undo other small tasks such as moving a file or un-deleting it. Yes, that is certainly possible with Ctrl + Z. It is the key to remember and apply when you accidentally do something unpleasant with a file. If you change your mind suddenly and want to redo it, you can use another pair of magical keys, Ctrl + Z. So, changing your mind is okay when it comes to computer usage. 

Finally, make use of the command line.

Ever seen in movies how a pro uses command lines to access devices or track people? Then, you can start using it for simple purposes. You can check out any command-line tutorial on the internet and acquaint yourself with the basics initially.  Whether you are a Linux user, or OS X, or a Windows one, you can find something incredible for command lines. Also, over-expecting will not help; you cannot be a pro like shown in movies. Use it for simple tasks, and you will sink into the process. 

Know and use VPN.

For all those who do not know what is VPN, here is the full form – Virtual Private Networks. These have become a popular trend. VPN in an encrypted way to connect your device to the World Wide Web and use the internet. Though it could be challenging to use it initially, it can later become a part of your computer security. It improves online security and privacy and accesses specific restricted content. You can protect your home Wi-Fi with a VPN. Even while streaming online services or working at a café, you can protect your passwords and online networks with a strong VPN. 

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Protect your router’s privacy.

When someone is trying to access or is already on your router, you need to know. It is a privacy concern, but tools such as Wireless Network Watcher help you to identify these issues. Alternatively, you can log on to your router and check which devices are logged in, and confirm with the same. If you find something suspicious, you know what to do. But users don’t use this trick-cum-strategy and lose their router’s privacy orbit. 

In a nutshell, you can find hundreds of new computer tricks coming up every year, but we found the above 20 valuable and relatable. 

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