11 Reasons To Study Marketing In 2021

Have you ever found yourself intrigued by an advert? It might have not been anything out of the ordinary, but it played with your emotions and got you in tune with the advertised product. How do you think that was achieved? 

Everything needs marketing in today’s business world. Digitalization alone could equip anyone with a marketing degree a spot in one of the best positions as a public relations specialist, corporate communication director, director of email marketing, content marketing director, and many more. All of those positions have salaries that range above 100k. 

If this does not compel you to study marketing, then the following reasons should.

Marketing Is an International Career


Marketing is a very old concept. And it is unlikely it’s going to disappear any time soon. All companies from a pizza delivery service to a paper writer need the services of a professional marketer. Indeed there may be the same position in different companies that may not have the same exact workflow. But it’s nothing a good marketer cannot learn and adapt to. For instance, things like demographics might change if one changes locations.


You Have a Multitude of Careers in Marketing to Specialize In

We mentioned some of the positions you can qualify for with a marketing certificate, but that is not all. You can also become a director of digital marketing, a product marketer, a brand marketer, a demand generation manager, and a market research specialist to mention a few. Each of these positions is vital and requires a unique skill set.


It Is a Flexible Career Path

The flexibility in studying marketing is unmatched. This fluidity comes from the sheer number of specializations you can choose from, the working hours, as well as study times. Today you can choose to be a freelance marketer or work on a contract basis – either works. The conditions of your working environments also differ in that you can work from the home, office, or even on the go. Sure, one may be forced to work overtime on some projects, but that is simply inevitable when it comes to creative work.


Marketers Are Always in Demand

Qualified marketing specialists will always be in demand on the job market. When studying marketing you practically ensure reliable employment. But becoming a marketing guru is not all you’ll have to do. After you get to the top, you will still need to keep sharpening your skills to stay relevant.

Marketing Trains You to Read People

The core principle of studying marketing is learning how to deal with people. And this skill can translate into your day-to-day life extremely well. It’s these kinds of soft skills that will help you out even outside of work. So honing a standard marketer’s skill set can be even more beneficial than you can imagine.

Learning Marketing Can Be Supplementary 

Marketing is not really an overly complicated subject. At least if you only study it on a basic level. You can easily take it as a supplementary course to add to your portfolio of skills. Just imagine how attractive a CV would look with both marketing and engineering? Any employer who sees this will be intrigued at the very least.

Studying Marketing Opens Your Mind

Marketing has numerous applications to it. You can work on brand development, sales, advertisement, events, etc. This sort of diversity can really make you flex your mind. A marketing job will never fail to provide you with a challenge. This will make you open-minded and accepting of things in your life. It will also teach you to come up with a creative solution to any problem you may face throughout your life.

You Can Eventually Be Your Own Boss

After studying marketing and gathering enough experience in the field, one can finally stop working for other people and start working for themselves. It’s every marketer’s dream to open up a digital marketing consultancy company of their own. And if you work hard enough – it may very well become reality.

Marketing Is a Fun Industry 

There are few industries that allow you to make full use of your creativity quite as much as marketing does? And those that do can be very hard to get into. That said, if someone enjoys being given space to exercise their creativity in creating magnificent and alluring content – marketing is the industry they should definitely have a closer look at.

The Payslip Is Very Attractive

Earlier, we mentioned that one lucrative thing that makes studying marketing worthwhile is the fat paycheck. That is actually dependent on the position you fill in a company. Of course, a senior marketer earns more than a junior marketer. But it is still dependent on your role in a company and the size of projects you partake in. So you have to get ambitious if you want to make it into the big league. The bigger the project – the better the pay.

Marketing Courses Are Readily Available 

Last but not least, there are plenty of marketing courses available to everyone. You’ll be able to get busy studying it regardless of your experience or background. You will have no problem finding a course that fits your creative, professional, and financial needs. And if you manage to find the right kind of platform, you can even get a certificate proving your qualification at the end of your studies. 

Take Away

Studying marketing is not only worthwhile, but it also offers you all the benefits mentioned above. So are you sold yet? You should be since once you get your papers in order, you become a valuable asset that every company will do their best to get a hold of. 

But take note: 

A good marketer is more than just a degree. You have to be smart and constantly gain more experience and skills to make yourself indispensable. That is the only way you will make it in this industry. So study up and become the best version of yourself you can be.

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