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Leap Motion Controller

Leap Motion – The Next Generation of Input Devices

LEAP MOTION   Tiny Device, Huge Possibilities The Leap Motion Controller lets you use your computer in a whole new way. Reach out and swipe, grab, pinch,...
Top causes of extreme fatigues

Top 12 causes for fatigue

Top 12 causes for fatigue Sometimes we  feel tired and kind of lazy even after having plenty of sleep. We usually believe that tiredness is due to...
outbreak of dog influenza & flues

All you need to know about the outbreak of dog influenza

  The breaking news about the stretch of the Canine influenza across several states is known to all. Scientists are trying to be watchful about...
How to encourage friends

How To Encourage A Friend

How to encourage a friend?  Have you ever noticed your friend feeling low, losing weight or trying to isolate themselves from the mass.Then these can...
All about ear wax & earbuds

Three Things You Should Know About Earwax

Before Using Earbud You Should Know About This Alert! Step back from the cotton buds. This is quiet dangerous as it wipes off the was...
Black hole again woken up

After 26 years of nap, black hole wakes up and spits up X-rays

Black Hole Woken Up And Start Consuming Everything   On June 15 it was an amazing eye gleaming observations made –the rip open of the black...