Creativity and DIY are all the rage right now. Everyone is trying out a project, DIY YouTubers generate millions of views, and people are getting to be more creative and have fun being crafty. Right now, many people in the world are finding themselves having to stay home in order to curtail the spread of coronavirus. Even the most introverted cave-living homebody will tell you that having to be home for weeks on end would drive them crazy because you can get bored. Even with all the best Netflix shows and wonderful YouTube documentaries out there, you will eventually start feeling a little stir crazy. One solution to this problem is to diversify your activities and find other things to do. 

4 Great Materials for DIY Projects

For example, instead of watching TV all day, you could split your time with exercise, reading, surfing the web and of course, a DIY project or two. Did you know that you could make some really awesome stuff without spending a lot of money and that if you wanted you could invest in some machinery that would allow you to do a wide range of DIY projects? You can even turn your love of DIY into an online business. In this blog, we’re going to share how to build your list of DIY supplies and what you can do with them to keep boredom at bay. 


Glue Gun 

Glue guns are an extremely affordable gadget that can completely change your DIY life for the better. Hot glue adheres better, and its versatility makes it a must-have in any type of project. If you want to do macrame, for example, hot glue can hold the string in place. You can use it to stick wood together for display projects, and you can even use it for minor home repairs and fixes. 

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Imagine being able to print your own mugs, t-shirts, and even pillowcases? Well, you can do just that with a sublimation ink machine. This is such a great addition to your DIY collection because you can do so much with it. It can give you the chance to really flex your creativity and talent and even start to make really cool personalized items for you and for your loved ones. Once you have the machine, all you’ll need are all the great supplies and equipment that will give you creative freedom. Websites like Cosmos Ink sell great sublimation supplies  and you can get set up with some awesome items to get you started on your DIY journey. 

Yarn, Wool, and String 

Yarn is a humble item, but when it comes to its purpose in DIY projects, don’t underestimate it. Macrame is a category of DIY that has gained a lot of popularity and it’s because just about anyone can learn how to do it. Macrame can be used for small projects like wall hangings and flow pot holders, but also for larger projects like hanging chairs. If you learn the basic knots, you’re ready to go! Normal yarn can also be used for cool projects that are easy to do too, like wrapping crochet hoops with different colors of yarn for striking Scandi-inspired wall art. You will also have the freedom of different colors and textures which can suit your home even more. 

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Spray Paint 

Spray paint is one of those DIY items that give you a lot of bang for your buck. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. There is so much you can do with it, from transforming old ornaments and giving them a shinier new appearance, to create items that go with current trends and adding even transforming chair or table legs. You can buy just about any color, and if you buy primer as well, that means it will sit on whatever item you put it on better. 

DIY is one of the best ways to turn the increased downtime you’ll have at home into a productive period where your creativity expands. There are DIY items that suit any budget, and once you get started you can advance your DIY skill. Creativity is something we all have, and something that can help us get through the social distancing and lockdowns the world is currently facing. What’s also great is when you need some inspiration, all you need to do is look up projects on YouTube, follow the tutorials, put your own unique spin on it, and just like that you’ll have something beautiful and more meaningful because you made it yourself.