4 Interesting Accounts You Should Be Following On Social Media

Every business man or woman worth his or her salt knows how valuable social media is these days. Newspapers and gossip by the water cooler are no longer the only places to get your knowledge and information from. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook make everything much more immediately accessible. Having a personal and business presence in these places is valuable, but so is following the right people and organizations. With this mind, here are four interesting accounts you should be following on social media.

On Twitter….

Mark Dubowitz

As the Executive Director of The Foundation For Defense of Democracies (FBB), Mark Dubowitz is the man in the know. The FDD aims to support the defence of democratic societies under assault by terrorism. It was founded after 9/11, and remained a strong, nonpartisan organization today. Mark tweets relevant news, columns, and debates, as well as sharing his own viewpoints and most recent articles.


Follow him at @MarkDubowitz


On Twitter….

Barack Obama

Whether you are pro-Obama or not, as long as he is still in office as President, his Twitter feed is the place to go for current affairs. Granted, a lot of the posts are about things he has done that day or that week. But there is also a fair share of pertinent news articles and pieces on current affairs.


Follow him at @BarackObama

barack obama twitter account


On Twitter….

Ted Talks

Ted Talks have taken the world by storm. Quite literally, of course. It is no longer just the USA that the talks happen in. The organization invite the world’s most fascinating, knowledgeable and worthy people to do a talk. It can be on anything, from the own personal experience in life to a politically-minded speech. Their Twitter account is the very best place to find out about all of their most recent talks. You can watch the videos, and you can also find out about upcoming events and chances to get involved yourself.

Follow them at


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On Facebook….

Buzzfeed US

Over to Facebook for this one. Buzzfeed is certainly not the most highbrow news organization in the world. However, they are fantastic for a bit of light relief. This may be especially appreciated if the miserable news across the rest of the world is getting you down. You’ll find polls, quizzes, funny articles, and pictures. However, Buzzfeed is also getting stronger with its news coverage and opinion pieces. If you’re in the UK, Buzzfeed UK is the Facebook page for you.

Find them at Buzzfeed


Are you a business looking to get more engaged with social media? Most companies are now on Facebook and Twitter, being that they’re ‘the big two’. If you have lots of images, you may also have made your way over to Pinterest and Instagram. But are you on Snapchat yet? A relatively new phenomenon, you can find full guides to using Snapchat for business online. It’s a fantastic way to connect with a younger audience in a way that is relatable for them. And, because Snapchat belongs on their phones, you get to put your information right into their hands. Literally!