Finding new friends can be difficult once you’ve left college. Workplaces can offer a very limited opportunity to meet people. But that doesn’t mean you have to be a loner! 

There’s plenty of groups and societies out there that you can join. Integrate with others who share your interests, and mingle with a new social circle! Want to know more? Carry on reading below! 

4 Societies You Should Consider Joining

1. American Wine Society 

If you’re a wine lover, this one’s for you! American Wine Society is an appreciation group for every type of wine out there. They regularly meet up to discuss, taste and judge wines. 

Get discounts on your favorite wines. You could even enter a weekly competition and win great prizes! Most importantly, there’s a chance to connect with fellow wine lovers. The society brags 8000 members and counting. The society is most active in California and regularly hosts events in Los Angeles and Florida. 

2. Bellevue Gun Club

This indoor shooting range in Seattle is ideal for people who want to meet fellow firearm enthusiasts. The club provides 5-star shooting ranges and the support of NRA-certified officers. Both beginners and serious shooters are welcome! 

Bellevue Gun Club is formed of military veterans, police officers and regular citizens who appreciate their right to bear arms. 

The club has a very strict policy on all members having their gun licenses checked thoroughly. It’s to protect their members and the general public. So you can be sure that your fellow gun-bearers are safe to be around and befriend! 

If you see yourself as a gun enthusiast, head down and join them! The club prides itself on brotherhood and offering a safe environment for its members. 

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3. Austin Film Society

Cinephiles are encouraged at the Austin Film Society! The group is based around the passion, creation, and watching of movies. It’s aimed at people who create and edit films, but membership is open to anyone with a love for the screen. Texas filmmakers can be given special grants to fund their movies and creative ideas by society.

There are also film screenings where you can watch new releases. Attend one of their workshops and meet fellow cinema lovers. You may find someone else who is as passionate about your favorite films as you are!

4. Jazz Foundation of America

This society is all about preserving and appreciating the original sound of jazz. They provide public performances for an amateur to professional performers. Their society so far has created over 200 jobs for members and allowed them to reach 100,000 people via live music. 

The group offers support to musicians who are struggling to find jobs or hold down a place to live. They even give out emergency housing fund to jazz musicians who can’t pay their rent. The Jazz Foundation of America is all about togetherness and the appreciation of authentic jazz music. If you feel like getting involved, go ahead and join!


Final Few Words 

Now you know about a few major societies, what are you waiting for? Follow your passions and get involved with a new society today!