2017 carries with it a promise of amazing things to come. New Year, New Life.  You have the chance to pen down a new chapter in your book of life. Each day comes with a bevy of opportunities; the challenge is to spot out exactly what you want to attain. You need to be clear about your life purpose and goals to identify the right opportunity that will fulfill you. We often start out green and full of good intentions, but in the course of time, the fire dims and we return to routine. For this to materialize this New Year, here are a couple of options to get you started.

Scuba Diving

The sea is a thing of wonder and beauty. It is a space of the earth that has captured the attention of every other adventure seeking soul throughout the course of history. There’s no better way to kick off the new year than by discovering all that lies beneath the ocean. Scuba diving is a fascinating activity that offers you lasting memories of being one with nature. There are several dive centers where you can let your adventure freak flag fly high. I would champion you go for one that has certified teachers.


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Yoga Teacher Training

This Indian invention will allow your body and mind to be conceived as a unit. Through the breathing techniques (pranayama) and the yogic postures (asanas), your body will harness a lot of energy by getting rid of the muscular tension and stimulating your cells. The Yoga teacher training will let you in on so many other secrets that your body is in desperate need of. You have my word that even if you don’t teach yoga, you will not regret the experience.



What if you lent a helping hand to someone in need this year? This is one of the most fulfilling experiences, just ask folks in the Peace Corps how at peace they are with their choices. The list of what to volunteer for is endless. If you are a literary nut, you can choose to teach English abroad while for the environmental enthusiast you can link up with marine conservation groups and diving.


Summer Camp

The place where many a child’s fondest summer memories and friendships came to be. A time of Kumbaya and lakeside swims, of budding romances and poorly made macramé bracelets.  Now envision it with all the archery lessons, barbecues, field days and bonfire minus the roll calls, single-sex bunks, and curfew. Yeap there’s such a thing as adults-only sleep away camps where you get to kick back old school without forfeiting you are hard earned grown-up freedom.

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This is an act of paragliding where you are propelled by a motor assembly plus a propeller. You can take off from a flat surface by foot or by using a cart with wheels (trike). The paraglider used can be the same as the one for non-propelled flying, although currently there are models specially adapted to this modality.

Enjoy a high adventure flying the skies this year!