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5 Best Cellphone Accessories & Gadgets You Can Buy

Our Cellphones are become essential part of our life. Without them we can’t perform 80% of our daily life tasks. The smartphones are easy to carry in pocket and has taken place of big home gadgets. No matter, you need a calculator, alarm clock, diary, and everything in between, all of the things are now in our smartphones.

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The modern day smartphones include best hardware, software, and features. But still they lack some functionalities that can only be solved with accessories. For example, if your phone has no charging or headphone jack, how can you charge your phone or listen to music? The solution to this is wireless accessories. There are many other accessories that are useful in order to keep your phone functional. Among those wholesale cell phone accessories, we will discuss 5 in this article!

  • Portable Charger

Power bank is the second name of portable charger. It is the widely used accessory or gadget these days. It’s because no matter what mAH battery your smartphone has, it’s never enough. The portable chargers or power banks can store charging in them and can be plugged using USB cable into your phone to charge them. They can be used while traveling, going on picnic, camping, or on tour. They are pocket and budget friendly with USB connectors. There are some power bank brands that allow you directly charge with built-in AC plug.

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  • Car Mount

The second most important accessory is Car Mount. It is used if you want to navigate your smartphone in the car. There are different types of car mount including for dashboard, windshield, or car’s air vent. You need to check which type of car mount you want. The mount available in the market can support all type of devices including iOS and Android. You can buy them from any china wholesale  site for best price.

  • Selfie Stick

Taking photos is the main objective of traveling. As the social media is growing so does the sharing of daily life on them. While traveling, taking selfie without group can be done easily but for group photo there must be a tall person in your group or you need to buy a Selfie Stick. There are numerous selfie sticks available in the market that can save your memories in your smartphone. You can buy a simple one or with Bluetooth enabled. There are many sticks that can extend up to 29-inches or more depending on brand you are buying of. All of the selfie sticks are compact, portable, and easy to use during camping, tour, and traveling.

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  • Camera Lens

The last accessories is the most important to keep in bag while traveling. It is a camera lens that helps you take perfect shoots of your journey. It makes your traveling memorable that you can watch later and can show to your friends and family. Most smartphones in the market have great cameras but still they lack some functionalities. To deal with it, you must buy camera lens that suits your smartphone and needs. These camera lens can improve performance of your phone camera and can take high-quality photos that can’t be taken from smartphone. These are different types of lens available in the market including wide-angle, macro, and fish eye lenses. You need to get all in one lens or you buy the required one alone.


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