Working a small number of hours is desirable for so many of us and so many different reasons, we may have children to look after or other caring responsibilities. Or we may just not fancy working 40 hours every week and want to do different things with our time, and why not? If you can make it work, then make it work, it’s your life after all! Here are 5 ideas on how to make a living while working a small number of hours.

5 Jobs Where You Can Make A Living Working A Small Number Of Hours


This one is a risk, by its very nature, but the risk doesn’t necessarily need to be a blind gamble! If you choose to try and make your money through investing then it’s a skill if you do it properly, it’s not equivalent to sticking all your funds on red or black at the roulette table. If you can learn how to do it properly there is real money to be made this way, and there’s also a whole range of apps that can help the modern investor.

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Air BNB That Spare Room

If you have a spare room in your house, how often do you really use it? Sure, when you have someone visit then it’s a great extra to have in your property, but how often does this really happen? Not all the time if you are anything like me. So why not rent it out via Airbnb, how much you can make is really dependent on your property, where it is and how often you want to rent it out? The only real risk is any damage that renters may make, but Airbnb offers insurance against this as part of the deal which is pretty good.


Modeling is a great way of making money if you have the confidence to do it you can take on work when you need it and have a bit of time off whenever you like. There are various types of modeling from doing work for catalogs and product marketing or even live video feeds, you can set up easily with this somewhere like Is My Girl modeling.

Be An Expert

OK, maybe not everyone can do this, or can they? If you have academic expertise in something then this is very possible, you can work on getting more recognition, and if it goes considerably well you could end getting radio or TV work. But even if you do not have this professional expertise many people create a blog, vlog or website on a subject area then it can be a money-maker through advertising revenue, topics for these can include, parenting, hobbies, and anything else really.

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Write Or Design Online

Why not make money online through writing or designing as a freelancer? The beauty of this type of venture is that it can be done from anywhere, and if your lifestyle allows it then you could feasibly travel the world and make your money as you go, all you’d need are a laptop and finding a WiFi signal now and then.