Do you dream to become a social media sensation and substantially increase your client list ASAP? Well, in our highly digitalized and turbulent era using marketing digital tactics & tools is an affordable and highly effective way to achieve the most ambitious business goals. With a new world agenda and global lockdowns, clients do not just opt to go online for a product or service. Sometimes this is the only way of purchasing and consumption. That’s why you need an experienced and trustworthy digital partner that helps your business to find a new audience and grow.

How to find a true “digital nomad”?

First of all, what is a digital marketing agency? This is a think tank that can positively impact your branding on the Internet to grow your brand awareness as well as generate more leads and revenue. Why hire a digital marketing agency? Because this will be a reliable partner to manage a number of your online marketing needs with the right strategy and implementation. It usually offers such services:

  •       SEO;
  •       Social media marketing;
  •       PPC marketing;
  •       Content marketing;
  •       Video marketing;
  •       Email marketing;
  •       Online PR.

If you aren’t well aware of some technical issues, a true digital nomad partner should explain to you all the details to understand everything going on with the marketing digital campaign.

Read our 5 tips for quickly navigating the populous world of digital marketing agencies and choose the right one.

  1. Understand your needs & motives

Start from understanding the needs of your business, project, or personal brand. Take into consideration such important issues as a catchy but simple navigation website, search engine optimization, social media, and graphic design, advertising, etc. Make up a clear vision of how you want your business to grow. Finalizing your priorities will help build a productive dialog with a future partner.

  1. Identify your budget

Understanding budget is the second step in the process of selection. Just figure out what you are willing to spend for your objectives. Keep in mind that a real marketing professional can work with any sound budget explaining what can be done for this amount. Negotiate and finalize what is expected from each other. Our advice is not to look for the cheapest agency. Try to find a balance between cost, quality, and range of services. Sometimes it’s better to ask experts what budget is optimal for your business needs.  

  1. Opt for a long-term relationship

You must understand that an online digital promo takes time. You can’t just pay for marketing services and wait for a quick result. It is a rather complicated process and only the comprehensive approach can help. That’s why it’s very important to look for a long-term and strategic partnership with a proven digital marketing agency like ModisDesign. In the future you will have a lot of activities together: developing marketing strategies, meetings, reports, etc and the process of communication should be comfortable and beneficial for both sides.

  1. Ensure you shortlist candidates carefully

When beginning your search for the best digital marketing agency partner, you should definitely know where to look for a prospective candidate. Bring out your investigation talent – no less, no more! Before starting your search, keep in mind these options:

Round-up articles by authority websites in which they rank and list the best digital marketing agencies

  •       “Word of mouth”: recommendation from industry opinion leaders, business partners, colleges, thematic conferences speakers.
  •       Articles, blogs, and posts in professional online space.
  1. Study the agency’s portfolio

First of all, focus on the experience in your very niche. Opt for a partner with successful experience in your field. Does the agency have a relevant portfolio with impressive case studies and expertise? Assess several projects for the clients like you in terms of success, the right strategy, and positive outcomes. Ask for gaps and missteps to avoid them in your cooperation. Talk to their current or former clients if possible. Opt for a partner with successful experience in your field and a high reputation. 

When the selection process is over you will cooperate with a team of professionals that not just listens and asks questions but invests time and efforts in understanding what your brand is and what it stands for. Last but not least is the so-called “Beer test” from old school American bosses. Ask yourself if you want to drink the beer with these people. It’s not only important that they are good professionals with an impressive record. Would you really like to work with them? After all, this is the most important issue.