Mobile surveys have boomed exponentially over the last 5 to 10 years. Today, everyone has “gone mobile,” and surveys have gone mobile too since only by mirroring your target groups’ communication preferences can you capture the maximum number of relevant survey subjects into your research data.

For those engaged in mobile data collection through Android-based surveys, outfitting yourself with all the key apps to make your surveying time faster, more accurate, and more enjoyable is a must.

5 Tools For Android-based Survey Takers

Here are 5 top tools for Android that will empower your survey-taking endeavors and get you better results:

1. Absolute Best Survey Software

The core app you need, of course, is a top of market data collection software for Android tablets or smartphones. Dooblo Software, for example, lets you customize your survey formatting, exercise continual quality control over incoming data, and effortlessly organize, process, and convert raw data into informative, usable information.

Additionally, look for software that helps you manage employees who may be working under you. GPS tracking, viewable interviewer routes, and password protection are key. But also be sure your software will work well when offline, in case of interviewers wander out of range of a signal, and that data stored offline will be immediately uploaded once you connect again.


2. Extra Password Security

To better guard access to your devices and your data, especially if multiple people will be using the same device and software for surveying, consider adding a password manager app like LastPass. LastPass ensures login credentials are saved in a secure way, plus it can generate “super strong” passwords to use on your account(s). A “master password” can be set up to control multiple accounts, and the app works across all platforms and on your desktop as surely as your mobile devices.


3. Mobile Keyboard Apps

Typing information on the go into an android phone or tablet tends to be a bit challenging as compared to using a regular keyboard and desktop. There are small, plug-in keyboards you could carry with you, but that adds extra bulk and complexity as you move from place to place.

SwiftKey is a great solution: it’s an app that lets you use your mobile device’s buttons much like a regular keyboard. It can save you time, especially with it’s smart auto-fill (predictive engine), gesture typing, and separate numbers row. Gboard is also good, but most agree SwiftKey is the best app in this space.

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4. Extra Storage Space

Google Drive is probably your best bet for free and generous cloud-based storage – you get 15 GB free as soon as you sign up. You can also add more for a small fee later if need be. You’re sure to have plenty of files to store as a surveyor, but the great thing is that you get a bundle of valuable Android apps free with Google Drive.

Google Photos

For example, you get Google Photos, which you can use to take and store pictures and videos of those surveyed. Keep is a great note-taking app you get free. And, of course, Google Documents, Sheets, and Slides are useful for collaboration, number-crunching, and preparing presentations based on your gathered data.

5. Podcasting Apps

A podcast can do wonders for spreading announcements, training seminars, and other instructionals in a convenient and enjoyable way. Pocket Casts is probably your top Android app for making and downloading your own podcasts.

Pocket Casts works well on all Android devices, and you can choose between video and audio-only podcasts. It’s exceptionally easy to use, and we doubt you’ll ever need another podcast app after you try this one.

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To make your CAPI and CASI interviews, data collection, and data employment processes as streamlined as possible and to keep your survey taking as enjoyable as possible, use Dooblo and these other 4 apps. The difference will be unmistakable.