Our house is our home principally, but it is also a valuable asset, often the most expensive one we will ever own. So it makes sense that as well as setting it up to live in and be as comfortable as we possibly can that we will also be looking to realize as much value as possible in it as an asset. So here are 5 top tips to make your house more valuable if you should be of the mind to sell on at some point. 

5 Top Tips to Make Your House More Valuable

Build an Extension

This one in some ways is obvious. A house with a larger number of bedrooms is inevitably going to be of more value than an equivalent property with less. The question is that is the extra value that will be added to the house eclipse the cost of constructing the new extension. The good news is that the answer is almost always yes. The key is to make sure you have done your research on this, get a few quotes to compare prices and see if there is any issues with groundwork, etc. that may drive the price up. Then check the property prices in your area, this site gives you examples of what similar properties have sold for recently in your area.


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Remodel the Kitchen

The kitchen is surprisingly one of the most important rooms to be on top of to get a top valuation on the property. But why is this? Well, kitchens are only remodeled, at best, once in a decade or so. The result of this being that they can easily be assessed as to how out of date they are. Get new cabinets and worktops and even the flooring can be an easy and cost-effective thing to replace.

Make Sure the Garden is Properly Landscaped

After the kitchen, the garden is also an important area to make sure you take care of. It would be a good idea to consider how the garden is set up? You can consider simply tidying up and making the current garden more presentable, trim the plants, mow the lawn, etc. Or you could add new features such as these fountain ideas for the home.

Keep on Top of Maintenance

One sure way of devaluing your property is to neglect the maintenance. If you don’t repair the roof you could get wood rot. If you let the window or door frames get too old this can also cause property damage. Other things that may come up when a potential buyer looks are things like heaters or boilers which can be costly to replace if they are about to go.

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We have talked about many big and expensive ways to make your property more valuable, but one easy, and inexpensive, way of doing this is to redecorate. This doesn’t mean a big job even a new coat of paint can really brighten up the look of a room. This can make the place much more appealing.