Did you ever wonder how much time people spend on social media? Some of you might spend a few hours and some of you might spend hardly an hour. But yet you use it at some time in a day. Social media has brought the world under its control. Anyone around anywhere can know about anything without being physically present at that place. 

Apart from enabling us to converse with each other, social media also serves as a platform for learning new things and sharing one’s experience. YouTube is one such platform where people create channels to share anything and everything that is infotainment. Youtubers can buy YouTube likes to get more YouTube views as well regardless of what channel you have. 


There are many channels for various purposes such as tutorials, vlogs, reactions, movies, music, dance, drama, and more. 

YouTube’s versatility and audience engagement 

The term globalization has many roles in the present scenario. When we talk about social media, there are a plethora of platforms such as YouTube, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, and much more. 


Youtube is a versatile platform where you can showcase your talents, ideas, thoughts, and inventions. Popularity is a complimentary reward you gain with that. The number of likes, subscriptions, comments do play a huge part in how people take it and respond to it.

YouTube channels can be a source of income if you have millions of likes and subscriptions. This might be difficult but it is completely achievable   If you are looking for ways to get more YouTube views, you can buy YouTube views and subscribers. In the following section, we have put down 7 tricks that will assist you with building a loyal YouTube audience.

Tactics you should implement right away for acquiring a massive YouTube audience

Engage with your Audience

Yes, the audience plays an important role in expanding your YouTube channel. If they are not able to connect with you, then how can you lure in more YouTube views on your videos? Since it is a social media platform, there should be interaction between the YouTuber and their audience. 

This kind of connection can be built through responding to comments, and answering their queries. In a nutshell, everything you do to connect with them will have a positive impact on your audience. You should keep a tab on the likes and dislikes you get on the videos you post as well. These might give you a better idea regarding what content your audience prefers.  

From that, you can know your audiences’ interests and dislikes. This will refine your video quality and content and enable you to build a loyal YouTube audience. 

Promote brands

Here comes the role of virtual appealing. Connect with brands and promote them on your videos organically. This way, the followers and loyal customer base of that particular brand will watch your videos and if they like them, they will surely subscribe to your channel. This is an excellent method for luring in more YouTube views with minimum efforts and investment. 

Moreover, this will make your channel stand out from other channels. If this strategy works, you will be more likely to lure in thousands of views within hours and instantly get famous. However, ensure that your content is relevant to the brand you are promoting on your channel. Make it look natural, like you actually like the brand and use their products regularly. 

Do not cross the line

The main advantage individuals have while using social media platforms is that they can be themselves. What is the best part when it comes to being a YouTuber? People watch your vlogs for who you are and the content you like. You can be as entertaining and unique as you are, letting your cheerful, crazy personality come in the limelight. 

However, always make sure you don’t cross the line between entertaining and irritating. Always ensure you aren’t going overboard to what you had originally planned. If your viewers and subscribers will find you irritating or find your videos annoying, they will unsubscribe your channel and even dislike your videos. It is quite difficult to get subscribers once you have lost interest. 

Solve confusions and kese  misunderstandings

Since social media is a sensitive platform, tiny parts of carelessness can cause a lot of damage. This is where comments come into play. Some people with wrong intentions or those who are willing to defame you can twist your words or outline your intentions otherwise. In such instances, you should always clarify and put your side of the story forward. 

Go through your comments section regularly and clarify any misunderstandings by replying to those comments. 

Increase the frequency of your uploads

If you take longer gaps in uploading videos, then that can result in fewer views. The first thumb rule of every YouTuber is to be consistent with their videos. You need to bring out content regularly and upload videos. If you are a vlogger, this will be easy for you. Since bloggers tend to vlog every aspect of their daily lives, you shouldn’t have troubles uploading regular vlogs. 

However, if you are a gamer or your channel outlines any other niche videos, you should try to upload videos as much as you can to lure in more YouTube views and subscribers.  

Final thoughts 

If you are looking for ways to expand your YouTube audience, implement the tips we’ve outlined above for you. It won’t be of any help if you just implement these tips once and then stop because you aren’t getting the results you are looking forward to. 

Have patience, and implement those tactics constantly and the results you will get gradually will be worth your efforts and time.