Too many business owners try and reinvent the wheel. They spend thousands on overly complex sites that invariably end up having poor user experience, terrible designs, and even worse don’t actually have a business plan.

College incubators are filled with the next fashion site or the next news site, but what sites are actually profitable projects in the long term?

5 Types of Websites Entrepreneurs Are Making For Their Portfolio

We dig into five of the best options for budding entrepreneurs and what you need to do to make certain sites work for you.

  • Ebay/Marketplace Sites
  • Classified Ads Sites
  • Meme Sites
  • Forums
  • News Sites

Everyone wants to know how to create website like ebay, but few understand why ebay works. Ebay is the perfect reseller of secondhand items. It’s a giant pawnshop. If you want to establish a marketplace website, start by picking a niche that has reasonable sellers, avid buyers, and is something specialized enough that there isn’t already a good marketplace for them.

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Most marketplace websites fail because they don’t have a focus. Many try and be walmart or ebay and succeed at being neither because they neither are able to attract buyers nor sellers.  You can attract traffic via facebook marketplaces, marketing via forums, or info sites.  

Your ebay site needs to have lower fees, better customer service, or some other draw to help take market attention from bigger platforms.

Classified Ads sites such as Craigslist and Backpage come with their own problems. Paying to post is only worth it if your platform is used by a community. Starting with location-based communities can help foster natural growth and eventually lead to monetization opportunity via ads or banners and eventually paid priority posts.  

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Meme sites rely on pure traffic.  They make their money through ad revenue from banners that operate on CPM payout deals or from CPA ads that are suited towards gaming or other entertainment based offers.