There’s no doubt the moment the dating world discovered the Internet was momentous. Anyone familiar with the convenience of browsing websites from the comfort of their own home suddenly had the ability to look through endless profiles. A bit like online shopping for prospective partners.

The beauty of entering an online chat room was you could instantly connect with kindred spirits. However, it is worth noting that, as with anything in life, there are drawbacks. Unlike face-to-face dating, it has been known for site users to post outdated photographs on their profiles or to stretch the truth in their descriptions. But for the most part, singles flourish on matchmaking sites.

6 proven ways to succeed with online dating

Just like regular dating, online dating also has its own set of rules to protect yourself from falling into any dangerous situation. Since the inception of online dating, there have been only bad stories. But with necessary precautions, one can avoid the bad and find the good. After doing some research and using the right kind of dating site or app, one might end up finding their life partner.

If you are new to this form of socializing, here are six proven ways of succeeding with online dating.

Profile photograph

There’s an old saying about first impressions being the most lasting and this is so true when it comes to dating online. Remember, unlike the traditional way of organizing dates – replying to lonely hearts adverts, or approaching potential partners in a social arena – this is far more of a competition. The attractive woman you are messaging might find your communication among scores of others in her in-tray. So you need to stand out from the crowd.


It should be sharply-focused, a natural-looking image that isn’t blurred. Avoid snaps where your eyes are shut, or you are surrounded by drinks on a night out. Never be tempted to show off your physique in a topless picture as this will telegraph one impression: you are shallow.

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Interesting profile

Keep your description loose and conversational. Nobody wants to read your life story, nor are you composing a CV. Don’t simply boast about your achievements. You will impress by keeping it informal and emphasizing your fun side. For maximum effect, ask a friend to proof-read in case there are glaring mistakes you have failed to notice.

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Be aware of fake profiles

Always be aware of the female who looks like a calendar model is undoubtedly nothing of the kind. If there is only one image on her profile, scant information in her description, and lots of mentions of how much she loves sex, you could well have stumbled on a sex worker. This is probably not the type of relationship you intended embarking on.

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Opening message

It’s important to tailor your opening messages to your love interest’s profile. Avoid gushy compliments and at the other end of the scale, don’t flirt excessively with shy individuals. For starters, try and find about the person more and ask them some questions that might seem relevant to both of you.

Sending messages can be effortless but if the other person holds on to the conversation, take it is a plus sign. Do not reveal your information all at once, hold some back. Although you are honest, do not leak out your whole life story and especially the dreams and goals.

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The transition from online to offline

Online communication is all about building a rapport. As you exchange messages it’s important to develop a sense of chemistry, and one way of expanding on this is by suggesting you step away from the dating site and begin using a more intimate form of communication, like WhatsApp or Facebook messenger. With the latter, you can also become familiar with their social circle, which is a step towards arranging a face-to-face hook up.

First date

When you get round to meeting, don’t choose somewhere where you won’t be facing each other, like a cinema. Bars are always good because drinks can ease the conversation. As you chat, listen attentively, respond to humor with hearty laughter. Pitch-in with anecdotes about previous dating experiences that ended badly. Be tactile occasionally. Date two will be on the cards long before the end of your night.

The first date demands activeness from both the sides as they say the first impression lasts forever. Before meeting someone new, it is essential for one to know that not all men are creeps, but we suggest you in going somewhere out rather than inviting for dinner.


Do’s & Don’ts

  • Go ahead and pay for the drink, do not offer or ask to pay. At any point, if they object, ask them to pay for the next round.
  • Share the experience you had with online dating sites – laugh out loud while checking out the weird conversations.
  • Once you meet your online date, take it as a second date and avoid asking tons of questions, start conversations as though you are speaking to your friend.
  • Do not reveal the number of people you have met through dating sites over a period of 1 year. Even if you share the number, keep it less than 5.