The business, project and technology advantages of Scrum are compelling. It’s a flexible mechanism for managing projects, breaking a project into bite-size chunks and consistently delivering value throughout the lifecycle of the project. If you regularly work in project teams or are routinely involved in projects whose requirements are constantly changing, improving your skills, knowledge, and expertise in project management is a no-brainer. 

6 Reasons Why a Scrum Master Certification is Good for You

There are a number of ways you can do that. One is through trial and error. This approach could, however, prove costly to the business and detrimental to your career. Another option is to do your own private reading online. This too has significant limitations. It is especially hard to get the time to do. The third option is to sign up for a formal training that culminates in a Scrum Master certification. Certification as a path to mastery has several advantages. We look at the main ones below.

  • Scrum Needs Your Full Attention

Like all successful work and management philosophies, agile is based on a fairly simple set of concepts. Scrum is agile’s most popular implementation framework. 

Although both the agile philosophy and the Scrum framework are comprised of easy-to-understand principles, it takes training and regular practice to fully grasp the principles and know where and how to apply them. Scrum Master certification programs provide an environment where you can deepen your knowledge of Scrum by learning from the experts.

  • Roles are at the Core of Scrum

A successful Scrum Team must have clearly defined responsibilities and roles. These are key to running the project efficiently and effectively. Within the team, the Scrum Master is the fulcrum around whom everything revolves. There can be no successful Scrum Team without a successful Scrum Master. The Master supports the team and creates the environment necessary for the smooth working of Scrum processes. 

Becoming an effective Scrum Master is hinged on your mastery of both your role and your understanding of the rest of the team’s responsibilities. A Scrum Master certification provides the fastest path to attaining this level of knowledge.

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  • Build Your Confidence

It’s alright to acquire the knowledge and experience needed to be a Scrum Master through experience alone. But you will always have some degree of doubt over whether you truly know everything there is to know about the role. This lack of confidence can be a significant impediment to your ability to execute as a Scrum Master. 

A Scrum certification via intensive training, workshops, feedback, and guidance gives you the certainty and confidence boost you need to take charge of the role when duty calls.

  • Enhance Project Management

When it comes to project management, the more principles, frameworks, and techniques you know, the more tools you have at your disposal to make each project you handle a success. If you already have substantial experience and certification on other project management methods, acquiring a Scrum Master certification would enhance your knowledge. 

Remember that many principles of project management are shared across different frameworks. So you can always use the knowledge, ideas, processes, and concepts gained through Scrum certification to improve any other project management techniques you apply.

  • Certification Raises Credibility

If you don’t have a Scrum Master certification, it will probably take weeks or months of observing you in action for someone to believe that you actually know what you are talking about. On the other hand, possessing a certification opens doors for you from the get-go and gives you instant credibility during project management deliberations. 

Employers, clients, and colleagues will recognize your capacity to correctly implement the Scrum framework. You’ll also have depth and breadth to work with different sizes and types of projects.

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  • Scrum Will Be Around for a While

How long has the waterfall model of software development been around? Decades at least. Its longevity is evidence of how effective it was in driving project success. Agile is about two decades old though it has really come to the fore over the last decade or so. The reason agile and Scrum have gained traction so broadly and so quickly is that project teams have realized their ability to deliver projects more efficiently. 

While there’s no way of predicting whether a new framework will overshadow Scrum in the short to medium-term, you can be certain that many project teams will be using Scrum well into the foreseeable future. Therefore, obtaining a Scrum Master certification places you in good stead to be a success now and in the future.

Certification is always a good career move and Scrum Master certification is no exception.