A welcoming front office with friendly staff sets the tone for the entire educational establishment. And a welcoming office that also enhances and assists with school security is essential. Bolster the establishment’s efficiency and security with these key tips. 

6 Tips to Improve Efficiency and Security in the School Office


  1. Use Apps to Connect with the School Community

Apps are available to easily tailor and send messages to the whole school community or groups within it. Since most people use their mobile phones every day, sending notifications via smartphones makes sense. It also enhances security since messages can be specifically tailored to individuals or certain groups such as staff or parents. Being able to notify the entire school in the event of an emergency also helps deal with security issues and provides peace of mind. 

  1. Invest in High-Quality Equipment

It may make sense in the short term to spend less on office equipment but cutting corners on essentials will make the school less efficient in the long run. Invest in high-quality printers that will be able to cope with demand, as well as high-quality copiers and computer systems.

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  1. Print Your Own IDs

ID cards are essential for being able to identify visitors and it is more efficient to print these IDs in the office, with the help of a custom ID card printer. Visitors can type in their own credentials which will be added to the card. This cuts down on the risk of human error as well as saves time for office staff. Using visitor ID cards also enables the office to keep a copy of visitors’ information so that they will always know who is in the building.

  1. Implement Key Card Door Security

Ensure that access is controlled into and within the school by using key cards or contactless cards. Staff and students will gain access to parts of the building based on their credentials and the information recorded in the key pass. This information can be easily updated remotely. Key cards also provide information on the movements of students and teachers and can be used to generate reports on attendance. This feature increases both security and efficiency within the entire school.

  1. Handle School Payments Electronically

Minimize the need for parents and students to give cash to the office by using an electronic form of payment. This makes it easier for staff to handle budgets, and also reduces the risk of money going missing. It saves office staff time having to process cash. And it saves parents time and stress managing multiple cash payments to schools. 


  1. Enable Cashless Vending

Make it easier for students and staff to pay for lunches and snacks by managing a cashless vending system using smart cards. Money can be loaded onto cards to pay for food in the canteen and can also be used for vending machines. Parents can additionally get reports on how money has been spent within the school by their children.