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6 Ways to Go About Upgrading Your Study Laptop

It’s been a while now since students have moved over to studying from laptops instead of books. Most educational systems have also boosted their facilities to accommodate students to learn from their digital devices. Accordingly, much of the study material in books is now available digitally, on multiple resources.

In these modern times, a student’s study laptop has become an anchor (and ship) for them to excel. But technology has also been exponentially advancing. This means that most innovative technologies can quickly become outdated to make way for more powerful machines. However, with the proper research and methods, one can still use their existing laptops to continue producing their desired output levels. This is possible because most brands allow their users to upgrade their devices from time to time.

Keeping the battle for the best laptops aside, students should always be undeterred about completing all of their assignments and work on time. Thankfully, there are also several innovations in the digital world enabling students to excel with their college work. And, the best part is that these platforms can deliver results despite the type of laptop or technology one might possess. All one needs to do is type something as simple as “I need help with my homework” or “complete my work.” And, voila! A professional will help with their intended tasks.

In no particular order, here are 6 ways to go about upgrading your study laptop.

1. Upgrade The RAM (Random Access Memory)

All types of electronic systems with computing abilities come with a certain level of RAM capacity. RAM basically allows systems to fulfill all of their short-term functions smoothly. It is a part of a computer’s storage mechanism that stores files that are in use while the system is running.

A laptop with lower levels of RAM, and too much data, can face hardships. Low RAM can cause a system to run much slower, with higher chances of it crashing. But the good news is that most systems can have their RAM capacities upgraded. Students should check their systems, their configuration and approach a credible store accordingly. A good amount of RAM in their study laptops can improve their output’s overall quality and turnaround time.

2. Increase The Overall Storage (Hard Drive) Capacity

Hard disks or hard drives serve a variety of purposes within computer or laptop systems. Unlike RAM, it is the primary storage facility of every system. This means that its primary function is to store heaps of data for long-term usage. Older systems contain standard hard drives, but modern ones come with SSD (Solid State Drives) hard drives. SSD hard drives are more efficient and enable quicker storage with more extraordinary computing powers.

An upgraded hard drive enables a system to boot faster and decrease load times for all programs. One needs first to determine if their hard drive uses an IDE or SATA connection. However, much of these technical aspects can be avoided if a student approaches a store dedicated to computers. Because most individuals do not like to lose their existing data, it can be easily copied from an old drive to a new one. This would give them the capacity to pick up where they left off, only with increased capabilities and storage space.

3. Get A New Graphics Card

College students interested in designing, gaming, and video editing enjoy and need systems with greater graphic capacities. Although it is usually simple to change a graphic card, the hard part is selecting an appropriate one.

Here’s how one should approach changing their graphics card – 

  • Check if your motherboard can accommodate the card
  • Check your system’s power supply capacity and if it can hold the card’s power requirements
  • Check for the card’s credibility, support system, and warranty
  • Check your system’s resolution and refresh rate
  • Ask the supplier or store to check for any other issues regarding overall compatibility
  • And finally, consider your budget and exact needs to select the most suitable card

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4. Get A New Sound Card

Students from all backgrounds use their study laptops for various purposes. One of the most common uses of a computer is for entertainment. Many enjoy listening to music and watching movies or TV shows while studying or working. All of these experiences and more are amplified in value with good quality sound. And a good card can enable a system to provide high qualities of audio efficiency.

To get started, one needs to check their system capacity to accommodate a better-quality sound card. This is because, along with the hardware, a system also needs to install and run the respective sound card software. One can quickly check for compatibility with a systems expert. A good sound card facilitates higher resolutions of audio input and output along with multi-channel surround sound. This can elevate one’s listening experiences to newer heights.

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5. Install A Good Antivirus or Security Software

Data privacy and security are of paramount importance in today’s digital age of data and information. Computer systems are connected with several other (open) networks. These networks can often invite various types of threats. One can also invite viruses into their systems by clicking foreign links, downloading from random websites, and connecting public WI-Fi networks. Thus, no matter the type of system one has, it is always essential to keep it safe and secure. 

Here are some tips for selecting a good security software – 

  • Thoroughly check their customer service and support systems;
  • Go for software that’s easy to install, understand, and use;
  • Check for overall performance compatibility with your system type;
  • Check for all-inclusive protection along with bundled tools;
  • Check overall credibility and customer reviews;
  • Consider your cost against overall reliability and use.

6. Declutter Your System

Study laptops are often home to various forms of data. And, because one uses their system regularly, overall data also gradually rises in volume. As discussed, large quantities of data can clog systems resulting in slower computing abilities and speeds. Thus, as fun and resourceful more data can be, one should always keep their internal systems compact, free, and light.

Here are some valuable tips for decluttering your laptop for increased efficiency – 

  • Organize all of your files into relevant folders and drives;
  • Keep your system storage drive free of personal data;
  • Use affordable cloud systems to store your data;
  • Regularly clear your internal cache and cookies;
  • Safely or permanently delete files from the recycle bin;
  • Use streaming services for music, movies, TV shows, etc.;
  • Keep your desktop screen minimal and organized.

To Conclude

It makes no sense to determine the laptop quality just by its brand. Instead, one should check for its overall ease in accessibility, usability, and capacity to deliver the desired output. Laptops also form a personal part of a student’s life during college. One could easily say that it contains all of their quirks and other personality traits.

And, because new laptops can get rather expensive, one should always consider upgrading or fixing their existing device. This would help keep one of their dearest valuables close for longer. Without many realizing it, this also provides a psychological boost to keep on producing the best outputs.

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