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7 Amazing Things You Can Do With A Fast Internet Connection (Updated)

How irritating does it get when you are trying to stream a football match and the web page starts buffering? The frustration is real. Slow internet in this fast-paced life is like a curse. Where everything is moving with a speed of 2x. Your internet lag can be the reason for you to get fired, lose a game, or miss the coolest goal in football history.

It all comes down to the speed of the internet. In this era of 5G internet, the world seems to be a small place. You might wonder “What can I do with fast internet?” There are a lot of things that can be done with fast internet speed. Let’s look at the way by which we can unleash the power of the high-speed internet. 


How to upgrade the speed of the internet?

To upgrade the speed of the internet you will need to do a few things. Here’s a guide on how to upgrade the speed of the internet.

Upgrade the hardware: Upgrading the router which supports the latest bandwidth is crucial in order to achieve high-speed data. Using outdated devices that don’t align with the ongoing bandwidth may cause disrupted connectivity with slow internet.

Using a wired connection: Wired connections are the most stable when it comes to internet speed. There are various ethernet cables in the market like Cat fibers, Optic cables, coaxial cables, and twisted cables. Finding out the one that suffices all your needs and using that with your wifi might increase the internet speed.

In a video by PowerCert Animation Videos, the differences between all the above-mentioned cables are mentioned. 

Upgrade your internet plan: Slow internet might be caused by to internet plan that doesn’t include high-speed data. In order to maximize a fast internet connection, ensure that you have an internet plan that provides high-speed data. 

Manage your devices and cut off all the devices that are not in use anymore: Doing this will enable the influx of high-speed data as too many device connections can cause device jams, perhaps slow internet speed. Always remember to update your password after every month so that no unwanted device remains connected to your WiFi network.

Placement of the modem/ WiFi: Placing the device at such a location that the internet is available in every corner of that building is important. Ignoring this might cause slow internet/ no internet in some places.

How to check internet speed?

There are various sites to check your internet speed available on the internet. All you gotta do is visit these sites and they will detect the speed of your internet.

  1. Google’s speed test: https://fiber.google.com/speedtest/
  2. Ookla’s speed test: https://www.speedtest.net/
  3. Fast test: https://fast.com/
  4. Speed of me: https://speedof.me/
  5. Test my net: https://testmy.net/

What are the top 5 things that we can do with high internet access?

Here are the top 5 things you can do with high internet access. 

  1. Streaming HD and 4K videos: High-speed internet allows you to stream high-quality videos. Additionally, you can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, etc streaming sites without any buffering. Streaming in HD with fast speed provides you a seamless and immersive experience. This is one of the best examples of entertainment possibilities with high-speed internet.
  2. Online Gaming: High internet speed also enables you to play online games. Slow internet speed can cause a lot of pings and thus ruin the gaming experience. High-resolution games like Valorant, Battlefield, Resident Evil, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Grand Theft Auto, The Witcher, etc need a high and stable internet speed to be played. 
  3. Video conference and WiFi calling: With a lot of hybrid working and the constant need to connect via video conference, brings in the need for high-speed internet. Slow internet may cause lagging of the video call. High-speed internet can be used for remote work and video conferencing. The same goes for WiFi calling. Slow internet speed causes lagged voice exchange. High-speed data thus is advantageous here.
  4. Downloading and uploading of larger-sized files: In order to download and upload files larger than the size of 50GB or above can be considered as large files. The high speed of the internet enables the smooth and fast transfer of larger files. 
  5. Online shopping: Images of the item, its price as well and its customer reviews are all crucial while online shopping. High-speed internet is crucial while making online payments. High-speed internet allows a smooth flow without any hindrance.

These were some of the best productive things that can be achieved through high-speed internet.


How to boost productivity with high-speed internet?

High-speed internet can also be used to boost productivity among individuals. From office workers to scholars to homemakers, high-speed internet connections can be advantageous. Here are some of the ways by which you can make the fullest use of high-speed internet.

  1. Seamless video calling and file transfer: The Internet has made this world a smaller place. Connectivity is just a click away. Instead of traveling thousands of miles for a 30 mins long meeting, you can now connect to anyone, sitting in any corner of the world via video calling. This encourages connectivity and boosts productivity.
  2. Educational video streaming: The students can make the fullest use of high-speed internet by streaming educational videos regarding any topic that gets difficult for them to understand. 
  3. Software Updates: Some updates are huge and perhaps take a lot of time to get updated. High-speed internet ensures fast installation of updates. This saves time and keeps the technology up to date.
  4. DIY and self-help videos: Homemakers can learn a lot of skills that can help them establish small businesses. DIY and self-help videos can help people develop new skills. These can help boost productivity.
  5. Data backup and Recovery: The lump of data can be backed up using high-speed data. This will ensure the safekeeping of data on the cloud storage. These stored data can be recovered if any loss of the device takes place.


The Internet itself is a strong weapon and the high-speed Internet is indeed the strongest. One should use this weapon responsibly. Instead of just wasting the GBs here and there, high-speed internet can be used in a constructive way to watch videos, stream HD movies, download data, upload large files and carry out educational works. 


  • What does high-speed internet do?

High-speed data provides faster data transfer, thus a fast surfing and streaming experience.

  • Can turning the router off and then turning it on again help?

It might help when you already have a high-speed data plan. However, it might work if you have a low-speed data plan or ethernet issue.

  • Can I stream YouTube videos using high-speed data?

Yes, you can stream 4K videos as well as 1080p videos on YouTube using high-speed internet.

  • Can I play high-resolution games with high-speed internet?

High-speed internet does not cause ping and gives a smooth experience to the players.

  • How do I check if the internet I am using is high-speed or not?

You can go to some sites that are mentioned in the article and check the speed of your internet connectivity.

  • Can I listen to high-quality music if I use high-speed internet?

High-speed internet can help you stream high-quality music without any buffering.

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