Have you ever had a problem with your internet connection? I’m sure all of us do. Sometimes the insufficient bandwidth may inevitably lead in streaming videos that keep on buffering. 

In this era, we need at least 15 Mbps (megabytes per second) of fast internet connection speed for computers and devices to crawl through any day. But there might have been times where you suffered through a slow internet connection as well.



Don’t even think about saving money by cutting costs on internet speed; it’s like trying to save money by filling up gas for only half the tank. The car runs but not for long. Let me convince you of the benefits and things you can do by availing a fast internet connection.

What is Considered as a Fast Internet Connection? Why is it Important To Have a Fast Internet Connection Speed?

Internet speed can be quite trickier to decipher, but let me help you clarify, “What internet speed is good enough?” 

Is it fast or slow? Internet connection transfers thousands of bits per second (bps). Speeds that are kbps fall into the slower internet category so generally, Mbps is suited for our daily usage.


300Mbps or more is considered a fast internet connection, which is excellent for streaming videos and gaming. It is important to have high-speed internet because it’s extremely instrumental as it is capable of supporting multiple devices and users in one sitting.

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Does Mbps Provide Good Internet Speed? How Much is a Good Internet Speed For Streaming Games?

Mbps is perfect for streaming HD quality videos and movies, although you need at least 5 Mbps to stream them. 1000 Mbps is equal to 1 Gbps. The Mbps you will receive will be bigger if the transmission of packets from the web to your device is faster and quicker.

Good Internet Speed

To stream multiplayer video games online, you must have 6 Mbps at the minimum. If you’re running HD videos and video conferencing, more than 10Mbps is advisable. 

Cox internet is one of the fastest internet connection service providers where the download speed is as fast as 1 Gbps. You can enhance your experience by enjoying 300Mbps speed for streaming games, movies and to get many benefits.

7 Amazing Things To Do With a Fast Internet Connection. | The Best Ones

Here’s a taste of what you can do if you had 75 times faster internet connection:

1.Forget about waiting

With the high-speed internet connection, your PC will work as fast as you think or faster. You can research for your projects in a snap. Downloading songs and HD movies will be over in a few seconds as opposed to spending a good 10-20 minutes.

Get creative with cloud apps

Cloud apps are more robust and creative. You can complete your intense load of work and entertainment because there will be no issues of slow loading time.  No more taking forever for opening and navigating websites.

2. Work from home in a professional way

Your profession or line of work might be anything; a fast internet connection can improve your chances of success by helping you with video-conferencing.  High-Speed Internet will allow you to access multiple devices at one time too.

3. Online Course for personal growth

There are no hurdles in the immense educational opportunities that are available online. Some are even taught for free. Having a lightning speed internet which gives access to interactive software, social media channels, videos will be much more reasonable and bearable.

4. Gaming glitch-free

It doesn’t matter if you’re a long-time PC gamer or newcomer who started playing multiplayer video games recently, you need a fast internet connection to play without the annoying buffer problem.

Fast Internet is especially important for students. They are in constant search of online study resources or services that are ready to type my essays. That’s why speed matters. It determines how fast the student will be able to cope with the homework

5. Sensational HD  

You can stream live video and favorite movies in the highest possible HD quality. You’ll be able to watch beautiful and detailed images without packet loss and delays.

6. Store and retrieve data from the cloud

It will just take a fraction of a second to backup your data to the cloud. You can also access photos and videos very fast.

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How To Make an Internet Connection Faster if it is Slow? 3 Ways to Increase Internet Speed

If you learned to tweak a few things, you’ll be surprised to see how speed the internet could get in sending files, downloading, and uploading images to blogs. Here are some ways to raise the speed quite a lot-

  1. Change your internet modem, which is equipped with ADSL2+, so that you won’t have frequent internet dropouts randomly.
  2. Scan viruses in your computer, which may be the reason that it is sucking away resources leading to slow down the internet speed.
  3. Use a modem that can be slightly plugged into your computer rather than wireless Wi-Fi, which is often slower than the chord one.

Is 10Mbps Good Internet Speed? What Kinds of Internet Connections Are Available? Which is The Fast Internet Connection?

Yes, 10 Mbps is an excellent speed for a “superuser” who loves to surf the internet and stream videos and movies or downloading high definition ones. 

  1. Dial-Up: Cheap and slow; it usually connects after the computer dials a phone number.
  2. DSL: It stands for Digital subscriber Line, which is always ‘on.’ It uses a router to transport data, and the range offered is between 128K to 8 Mbps.
  3. Cable:  the internet connection is provided through cable modems and works over cable TV lines speed range from 512K to 20Mbps.
  4. Wireless: Wi-Fi uses radio-frequency for connection and to access fast internet connection. The speed ranges from 5Mbps to 20Mbps.
  5. Satellite: It accesses the internet through Earth’s orbit. The speed in the satellite ranges from 512K to 2.0 Mbps.
  6. Cellular: It provides a wireless internet connection that can be accessed through all cell phones. 3G and 4G speeds vary depending upon the service provider. Mobile speeds range from 100 Mbps, but we only get around 21 Mbps.

DSL is the fastest internet connection along with the cable modem service.

How To Test Your Current Internet Speed? Is it Good Enough?

Having a faster internet connection matters as we have jumped from an HD resolution to 4K now. To make sure that you’re getting what you paid for, taking one of the internet tests available from websites in the browser is good, one of them are and

Internet Speed

It will accurately show you your download speeds and you can also check whether it is below or above what you’ve subscribed to.

What Do People Think About Having a Fast Internet Connection Speed? According to Reviews And Research

Take a look at these screenshots to know what people think about having a super-fast connection to play games-

All in All

I would conclude as the faster the internet the better because the fast internet connection is never bad. You can stream endless applications, games, movies, and many things online, which would be almost impossible with a poor connection. 

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Which country has the fastest internet connection in the world?

South Korea has the fastest internet connection in the world at an average speed of 25 Mbps. The cheapest fiber internet is available in Romania at $26-$32 per month.

What are good download and upload speed?

Good download speed is considered at least 25 Mbps, whereas a good upload speed is around 3 Mbps. It depends on how you use your internet at home or office.

What is a good ping speed for gaming?

Any ping rate below 20ms is considered excellent for gaming. If it is more than 150 ms, it could get stuck and lag. 

Will internet speed increase in the future?

Yes, it will definitely increase in the future. 5G is already developing, and the possibilities of getting higher speed are evident.

Does a Wi-Fi booster increase internet speed?

Yes, a Wi-Fi signal booster can extend the Wi-Fi coverage by amplifying its existing signals. You will enjoy better speeds and great benefits.

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