So you’re officially a senior citizen now? I bet it’s fun, sitting around every day doing nothing but eating, play slots on your phone and going back to bed. Doesn’t sound like much of a life to me, but who am I to judge, right?

I mean I haven’t even lived half your age yet, but here I am trying to talk about stuff I know nothing about!.

It seems like this day’s everyone is onto you, and you’re being watched in case you injure yourself, or forget to put on your pants, or forget to take your medication or just wander off and never come back home, by self-proclaimed caretakers, who hired them anyway?. 


7 Exercises To Do After Age 50

Treating you like you’re some child who cannot take care of themselves,

Boy, does it drive you nuts?


Since you feel you’re still young, deep down, I have here a few exercises you can do on your own to improve your general health and prove to everyone you still got the handle on life. Apparently, you’re over 50 now, your body has gotten all fragile and delicate that overdoing anything could have fatal consequences. You’re facing a tough sentence of heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and the possibility of a stroke or heart attack if you do not take necessary precautions to reduce the risks of getting any of those.

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7 Exercises Ideal For You


Take yoga classes, since your body does not allow you to lift your favorite heavyweights, yoga is relatively easy, and anyone can do it. Yoga will help you stretch those tight muscles and slow the process of aging.

It requires minimum effort, and it will help you be at peace with your body through engaging exercise and meditation for your peace of mind.


Taking strolls down the park may not seem as much, but you burn lots of calories in the process. Just take a lazy stroll for like four times a week, that should be good enough for your health


If you prefer marathons, take jogs every morning for a mere 10 minutes. Be easy on yourself though; your ligaments can not take too much strain.


If you’re a naturalist, this is the least you can do to give back you the environment. Gardening is not too heavy so you can do it in the morning and evenings when it’s less hot.

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Another option for the lovers of nature and those who are fond of the outdoors. Take a walk down your favorite trail and explore your territory, just be adventurous.


Take Zumba or just ordinary dancing classes if you can’t take the Zumba heat. Dancing is really good for your heart because the adrenaline makes it work twice as much and the excess fat is broken down into energy.


You don’t necessarily have to be a Lance Armstrong fan to love cycling, it comes naturally when you’re young, or it’ll dawn on you as you grow older. Take your bike down to the grocery store instead of your car or cab.