Lead generation tools are indispensable for any successful marketer. They make the lead generation process easier, save your time and keep contact lists in order. The market of B2B lead generation tools is vast and includes paid and free solutions.

7 of the Best B2B Lead Generation Tools for 2021

Let’s consider which online lead generation tools are still relevant in 2021.



It’s an automated platform where you can engage your audience with useful webinars. You can hold an online webinar with live chat and discussions or add a recording.

The platform contains many features necessary for creating your perfect webinar: templates, polls, registration/thank you pages, welcome messages, and more. Besides, it includes analytics which allows you to track registration rate, attendance rate, engagement rate, etc.


WatcherMe B2B lead tracker is a new tool among lead generation tools for websites. It captures leads right from your website and provides you with their contact information. The best dream of every marketer, isn’t it?


According to, with the help of this lead tracker, you can identify the companies which visited your website, check their visiting history, see detailed company data and receive reports right on your email.

It significantly saves the time of your sales department and makes it easier to send personalized offers to your warm leads.



Landing page builder which doesn’t require coding skills. A good landing page is essential for lead generation activity. It has to capture the visitor’s attention and provoke the desire to make a purchase. That’s why it is important to create eye-catching designs and place descriptions conveniently for reading.

You can do it all, using over 100 templates in a drag-and-drop editor.

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Linkedin Sales Navigator

Powerful paid LinkedIn tool for professionals which helps with leads targeting you are searching for. The functionality also includes CRM integration, accounts recommendation, inMail messages, alerts, reports, and more.

You can see the statistics of your account views in the last 90 days.


It’s a free question & answer forum where you can find the threads relevant to your theme. Answer people’s questions, add yours, include links to your website in the answers you leave. It increases the SEO rate of your website for search engines and overall traffic.

Note, that you are not allowed to leave the links in your first several comments right after registration. Moderators may consider it as spam. Participate in some discussions for the start, leave your questions, upvote answers you like.

Write useful articles connected with your product and refer to your content in answers. Don’t forget to add credentials to your account to prove your value for other participants.


Automation platform, which includes email marketing, CRM, support and, sales tools. Makes it easier to handle all your marketing processes. You can set up alerts when the lead does a required action – leaves his contacts on your website, answers the letter, or requests a demo.

Build newsletters, funnels, and triggered emails to keep in touch with your leads. Besides, do it in a multi-channel way with live chats, automated chatbots, and follow up with Facebook Ads.


One of the useful tools to help lead generation which finds B2B email addresses for you. It works as a Chrome extension on both websites and Linkedin pages. You can search contacts by domain or lead name, or just launch the extension on the Linkedin profile of your lead.

As for the limits – you can use 150 free checks per month.

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B2B lead generation tools significantly simplify the process of lead attraction and management. Combine several tools, find the most convenient for you and save your time while your leads list becomes longer.

Replenish your lead generation toolkit with brand new lead trackers and chrome extensions to make your marketing processes work for you.