7 Reasons to Choose SEO Position as Your First Job in 2021

Whether you are still in college or have just graduated, there is one big decision you yet need to take that will play a huge role in your future life. This decision is about what to do for your first job.

There is no need to sugarcoat it – making this choice can be very challenging. Today, career opportunities are almost unlimited. Anyone can choose something to fit their knowledge, skills, and interests, which is a good thing. But, at the same time, such a wide range of options can be rather disorientating.


If you are currently looking for career ideas, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we are going to tell you about SEO – one of the most demanded and exciting professions to consider as your first job.


SEO Career: Top 7 Reasons to Go for It

We bet that many of you have heard at least a bit about search engine optimization (SEO) before. But, if you have never considered it as a potential career path, here are a few reasons that will make you change your mind:

Plenty of Job Opportunities

Today, many professional niches are over-saturated with specialists. The fierce competition can make it hard to land your first job. But not if you choose SEO as your starting point.

There is a high demand for specialists in this field, so the range of options is extremely wide. And, what’s even more important, there are plenty of opportunities for specialists of all levels. Thus, even if you are a beginner, you should be able to find yourself a job easily.

Combining Work and Studies

If you are a busy student, you are probably wondering if it is even possible to combine an SEO career and studying at college. The answer is yes!

First of all, there are plenty of great resources that help students keep up the high academic performance. Thus, whenever you lack time for doing homework, you can always come to a reliable writing service. Just google “write my essay on EssayPro” and get all your papers done on time. This way, you will be able to do your job, without giving up on your studies.

Besides, this position itself also lets you combine it with studying. Unlike a full-time office job that takes almost 100% of your time during workdays, a remote or freelance SEO position will give you more freedom to manage your schedule the way you want. And, as we already said, it allows you to work right from home, which means you save a great deal of time on transit.

No Need for Relevant Degree

Unlike many other professions, you don’t necessarily need to have a relevant college degree to become an SEO specialist.

To master this profession it’s enough to take a short-term course (either online or offline), which will save you a couple of years. In fact, you can get started even without attending any courses. SEO is such a big niche these days that there are plenty of high-quality materials on the web for you to study. And the best part of it is that many of these resources are free.

Pretty much anyone can master this job on their own. All you need is self-organization, dedication, and a strong desire to succeed.

Work from Anywhere

Of course, just like in any other profession, there is always a possibility to work at an office. However, this is one of those modern, 21st-century jobs that can be done remotely, meaning you can work from literally anywhere in the world.

The possibility to work from anywhere is a huge benefit. This way, you don’t have to be chained to a specific location. If you wish, you can even travel all over the world and still be able to make money no matter where you go.

Acquiring Valuable Skills

While building a career in SEO you can acquire a wide range of additional skills that are important in pretty much any other job and life in general. Namely, working with search engine optimization, you’ll also gain such vital skills as:

  • Analytical skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Adaptability
  • Social and communication skills

Apart from this, it is possible to acquire some programming and technical abilities too. The thing is that SEO specialists closely interact with developers and tech teams. Thus, chances are that you can learn a lot from them as well.

Continuous Learning

One more thing we love about SEO is that it is an ever-changing industry. As search engines’ algorithms change, so do the trends and rules of optimization. This means that this job will always keep you toned as there will be lots of new things to learn during your day-to-day work routine.

Now, we know that some of you might think ‘What’s so good about this?’. But, trust us, it is a big advantage. Thanks to the constantly changing nature of this industry, you can be sure that your job will never get boring and monotonous. Unlike many routine jobs, SEO will always give you some thrill and excitement of learning new things and overcoming new challenges.

Future Perspectives

Lastly, there is one more reason to engage in SEO as your first job – it opens up plenty of opportunities for your future! As you already know SEO is a highly-demanded skill. As more and more businesses go digital, they all crave high-quality optimization, which means that having this skill will benefit your future career.

If you do a career change in the future, there are plenty of paths you can take having solid search engine optimization skills. Just to give you a few examples, this skill will give you a competitive advantage in digital marketing, business consultant, content maker, blogger, and many other positions.

Moreover, even if you decide to run your own business, this skill will also come in handy. In the modern world, launching a successful startup always requires solid search engine optimization to get your business noticed, so knowing the basics will be a huge benefit.

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