Nowadays all customers need answers instantly. Browsing the internet for queries and referring to FAQs has become a tedious task because they sound mechanical and robotic. Keeping all these in mind, launched in 2016, Ada is an AI-powered chatbot platform based in Toronto, Canada. Ada is a new technology that shows successful streaks in the future.

Ada will be the new face of customer service, leaving the live agents to do much greater work instead. She is user-friendly, highly customizable and knows how to keep the customers happy.

A complete review on Ada's chatbots for customer service

How does it work?

For example- let’s assume I asked Ada the following question-

Me: Ada what is the vibe at Alcatraz?

Ada: Here is what people say about the vibe of this place – wonderfully eerie, a little creepy, very mysterious and quite haunting.

This is how she responds. By serving as meaningful human support she is bound to amaze you in infinite ways. It literally transitions the conversations into a live agent.

Ada’s Overall Efficiency and Rating

The company has claimed that the chatbot can resolve customer queries and can automate 70% of their actions and answers. If you are interested and want to know if it’s right for you, just request a demo and wait for the representatives to call or ping you. 

Watch this video to know what Ada does on youtube.

Ada’s Capabilities

Ada is user-friendly for all businesses because there’s no coding required. Ada creates natural and more humane sounding responses and shortening the response time setting the live agents free to deal with more complicated issues.

She is able to depict any inaccuracies, misspelled words, missing words, you name it. The software lets you collect information from visitors and connects them with the right people in no time.

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It can assist you with opening a bank account, book tickets, check stock prices, apply for a loan, help with homework,  transfer money, pay bills, buy movie tickets, check football updates.

If the chatbot finds any inquiries or actions that are perplexing to handle, Ada can turn it over to live agents who are competitive enough to grasp it. Ada is fluent in Englis and she supports over 100 languages. 

Create separate chatbots between the different departments and see how they immaculately exchange and hands conversation off to each other. It aids you in storing customer information like name, email, gender, and more. It has a tendency to integrate with popular services and your business. 

While Ada is quite perceptive in nature the company’s consultants will be with you to give insights on the chatbot and how to leverage it effectively.

chat bot

You can even issue surveys to get live feedback on the business. It’s easy to create answers, add images, GIFs and links to give your brand a charismatic finish. Tracking key customer metrics such as CSAT and NPS is pretty easy.

The company also provides automated access to its ongoing education and knowledge through forums, webinars to help the clients get maximum about the product.

And the impressive thing is Ada can communicate with customers 24/7 answering their endless, monopolizing questions repetitively. Be it, the company’s website, a mobile app, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, and Twilio.

The integration for WhatsApp and Wechat is coming soon. We can communicate on the live web or from a mobile device too.

Administrative Platforms

Some businesses can customize Ada’s voice to suit younger, older, teenagers, specifically tailored to the target customer base. And we can control the user journey with answers, emoji, and daily training.

The chat functions are easy and quick to change allowing us to act fast. The platform is designed in such a way that it attracts the eyes and holds the attention of the user.

And another great tool is the analytics tool, in which we can monitor the usage of chatbot and see how well it resolves the customer’s queries and issues.

Organizations like Upwork, Telus, and AirAsia depend on it’s technology and the efficient automation team that supports all the way to ensure customer satisfaction and earns increased revenue.


Ada has not disclosed any pricing information online, you need to request a demo and wait for the representative to give you more details on the cost range. And of course, the cost will vary depending upon the size of the business and customer strategy.


Ada’s friendly features and versatility makes a great choice for businesses that want to really engage with their customers to provide them with ultimate satisfaction. Personally, my interaction with Ada is amazing and I think I can’t forget her.

However, Ada has only been around since 2016, so it’s hard to tell the success rate. But the tech companies who are familiar with the software has praised it in their articles and blogs. I hope this chatbot creates technological smoke with  Artificial intelligence attire soon.



Is Ada a better chatbot than its counterparts?

Yes, Ada is a technology with lots of promises in the future. Even the non-technical teams can handle it with the right training. And the company’s consultants will be with you to make you understand how it works.

Is Ada the easiest platform?

Yes, with its versatility and user- friendly interface Ada is the easiest and the most efficient software to work with. It exactly knows how to make customers happy with its personalized voice which does not sound robotic.

Can Ada speak Spanish?

Yes, Ada can speak fluent Spanish and excellent English to suit the customer’s needs. This software is the market leader in the Automated Customer Experience (ACX) and can support over 100 languages.

Is it costly to install Ada in our business?

The company doesn’t disclose the price of Ada on their website. We need to wait for the representatives to get in touch with us after requesting a demo. Most probably the cost of installing a chatbot may cost around $3000 – $5000 depending on the spectrum. Some companies may spend up to $50000 to meet their higher-end requirements.

Can Ada help me with simple tasks?

Yes, definitely Ada can help us with the most trivial to dynamic tasks in the world. She can help you with completing assignments, apply for a loan, get updates on football, check stock prices, suggesting calm places to visit, open a bank account and so on. She can be your best friend and you can count on her.