No matter whether most spider species are harmless to humans, no one likes to share a home with this eight-legged creature. Wondering how to get rid of this eight-legged ceiling creature? Our guide helps you to get your home spider-free. 

A Guide to Control the Spider  Invasion

If you feel your home is invaded by the spiders, you need to determine what type of spider invasion you are facing. You may overlook this important step, but without identifying the species of the spiders, you may not be able to take the right steps. So look at the types of common spiders that can invade your place and even can be harmful to your health. 


Types of Spider that are Common in Your Area

  • Cellar Spiders 

They are the common spiders of this area and also known for its long-legs. Cellar spiders are brown in color and have small bodies with long legs. They have almost five to six times long legs as compared to their body. They are indoor and love to hang out in garages, on ceilings, and even in basements. Moreover, this species of spiders is not dangerous for human health like redbacks and hobos. 

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  • Wolf Spiders

This type of spiders don’t make their webs and are known as hunter spiders. They are agile and strong with very good sight. They have defined lines that run from the middle of their eyes to their lower body and are brown in color. And they have lighter patches underside the abdomen. 

  • Black Widow 

Black widow spiders have two species that are found in Toronto. And widow spiders are considered the only dangerous ones in this area. They prefer a dry and warm environment to make their webs. 

  • Yellow Garden Spider 

This kind of spider is extremely common throughout the area. Yellow garden spiders like to live in an open area, tall plants, and shrubs. They are ready to prey garden pests and make their webs where female spiders spend most of their time. Like their name, they have a yellow patched body with a black base. 


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How to Control Spider Invasion 

Like many other pests, spiders are not always welcome to your home, and to get rid of them can be a little hard too. So if you are facing the invasion of spiders, our guide surely helps you overcome them. 

Hire a pest control service: it is always a better decision to hire a pest control service to get your place pests free. Pest exterminators help to eliminate spiders in all possible ways. They know well where they enter and block all the possible ways that invite them inside. 

Regular Cleaning: One best way to keep spiders out is to clean your place regularly. When you leave your home dirty and untidy, it increases the chances for the spiders to find the places to hide. Regular vacuuming helps your place to get rid of unwanted webs. 

Use Plastic Storage Containers: Most of us use cardboard storage containers to store different things, and spiders love to hide into them. Replace cardboard boxes with plastic boxes to reduce the threat of spider invasion.